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Exclamation Emergency, heater broke

Hi guys, I'm fairly new to this so bear with me.
I was doing my weekly water change when I smelt burning and heard hissing, My water heater has cracked right across. Immediately I switched the power off and removed it but now what can I do, the earliest I can buy a new one is tomorrow if i can get my mum to get it and fit it whilst Im at work. but this is 9-10hrs away.
Its a 29gal tank, kept at around 24'C, 7 weeks old.
Stock includes:
neon tetras
BN Pleco
Kuhli Loach
Dwarf Rainbow Fish
Cherry Barbs
Bamboo Shrimp
Cherry Shrimp
Ghost shrimp
unknown snails

I've already switched on the radiator next to it and closed the windows in the room to try and keep temperature up.
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Just keep the room at the ideal temperature for the fish. No worries.

Sounds you have a LOT of fish in such a small and relatively new tank... I could be wrong.

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^^ genius

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Yeah... what Red said.

In the future, make sure you unplug your heater during water changes. It likely cracked because it was heating dry due to the lower water level.
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Yer I think that's wat broke it, Id never heard of that before and it wasnt in my fish keeping book :(, anyway fish are fine, it just happened to be the hottest 2 days of the year so far and the temp is fine, its actually gone up to 25-26'c lol
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Well don't feel bad Cluskey I did that a couple of weeks ago. During a WC I forgot to unplug my heater and it broke oops. I was lucky enough to have a backup though. Live and learn everyone makes mistakes sooner then later as long as you learn from them and don't repeat the same mistakes over and over its okay :)
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cracking heaters are common like that... The glass up top is super heated and expanding where the bottom touching the water is contracting from lower temps. Also happens if you leave a dry heater heating and dunk it into the tank, the change in temps will crack your heater as well.
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When you get your new heater put it angeled or horizontal near the bottom of the tank. Heat rises and the circulation from your filter will equalize the temps. Just in case you forget to unplug... and then turn it back on. There are two steps to remember.

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Originally Posted by Jakiebabie View Post
When you get your new heater put it angeled or horizontal near the bottom of the tank. Heat rises and the circulation from your filter will equalize the temps. Just in case you forget to unplug... and then turn it back on. There are two steps to remember.
This is a good idea, but make sure your heater is submersible. There are still some that are not.
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I don't quite agree with the top becoming super heated. Any heater I have ever had has all the heating elements in the bottom half. Its simply the whole thing over heats. Its most damaging IMO to submersible heaters because they are water proof and have air sealed in them. The over heat increases the air pressure in the heater, with the plastic cased ones they make these days it is easy for them to crack.

TBH I like non-submersibles. Not much can kill one of those heaters. Over heating them has much less risk then any submersible. Its also easy to take apart non-submersibles and they are very very cheap. The one non-submersible I have looks just like it did more then 3 years ago. All my submersibles either die around 18 months old or have so much condensation built up inside I am amazed they have been working that way for years. I'm on my 4th submersible heater in my 55 gallon right now. Got fed up and bought one with a 5 year warranty.

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