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Eheim external filters, which one?

My tank is a 65 litre approx so am looking for a smallish external filter.
I've narrowed it down to a couple of models, the ecco pro 2032 (130) or the ecco 2231, both look very similar but I haven't a clue on the differences between them.

I have an ancient Fluval 2 at the mo and am thinking about getting a bigger tank - plus our lasses guppies are getting themselves caught behind the filter (not good), hence why I've decided to get an external (amongst other reasons)

Had a look at Fluval ones (105?) and a few other similar ones but prefer the look etc. of the Eheim.

Any opinions appreciated :)
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I recently got an Ecco 2232 (I think) for my 27gal cube.....and they are amazing. The Ecco line gives you everything you need (vinyl tubing, shutoff valves, inlet outlet pipe, etc) I highly recommend this filter, but you can't run a spray bar on this model. I don't know what the pro offers, but you will be pleased no matter what.

BTW Don't run it with the carbon pad. If you do you need to change it in two weeks instead or 4-6months

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I would not use a canister filter on such a small tank. I think you should consider an AquaClear HOB or a sponge filter.

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Oh, it's 65 LITERS..... I just did the conversion on that and it's 17 gal. I would agree with AbbeysDad, the tank is too small for any Eheim canister filter. The flow will be to great. However, if you had your heart set on a canister filter, I would look at the Fluval 104. I don't know to much about it, but it looks like it would work on a tank of your size.
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Thanks but not struck on a HOB as it'd have to hang off the side which means my hood wouldn't fit and for internals I'd stick with a Fluval, a U2 maybe. I'm looking at getting a larger tank sometime anyway (3 foot probably) and the externals I'm looking at say from 60 litre to 130 litre so would be ideal to transfer over. Going to wait for a while now as a load of bills have just come in.. :( give me time to have a good look round for info whist my next payday comes.
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17gallons? Ah, that'd be US Gallons lol I got 14 just over (imp).
Hmm, maybe I should just persevere with the internal one I have plus the UGF (for what good it does - though the kids like the bubbles) until I get a bigger setup.
Great forum btw, and a good bunch of folks from what I've read so far :)
Thanks for the advice.
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Just received a nice email from Eheim after I sent them a query..
Thank you very much for your inquiry by email. The ecco filter 2231 is one of the oldest ecco filters – the first generation of these filters were the ecco 2231, ecco 2233 and the biggest ecco 2235.

The new ecco pro 2032 has a pre filter included and an overworked handle. Also the impeller is overworked.

The performance of the older ecco filter 2231 is lower than and the performance of the new ecco pro 2032.

Ecco 2231: pump performance 300 l/h, delivery head 1,0m

Ecco pro 2032: pump performance 500 l/h, delivery head 1,4m

I hope that this information is helpful for you.

If you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Yours faithfully

i.A. Cornelia Veith


*EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG

*Plochinger Strasse 54

*D-73779 Deizisau

On that basis I'll wait till I get a bigger tank as the newer ones have a higher flow rate for the similar base model.
Thanks all for the feedback and advice, it's stopped me rushing into things :)
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