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Condensation trays

This is a discussion on Condensation trays within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hi all, As a newcomer to the forum but not to fishkeeping, I wish to ask fellow members something I probably should know, but ...

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Condensation trays

Hi all,
As a newcomer to the forum but not to fishkeeping, I wish to ask fellow members something I probably should know, but never really gave much thought before!
What is the effect on light falling upon the plants when passing through plastic or perspex, or even glass condensation trays? I am starting up a new tank with older type light starter units, the sort with just plastic cups to fit the tube pins into. I wish to use a perspex condensation tray, both to minimise evaporation, and to reduce condensation upon the electrical connections, also as it is firmer to handle.
I've read somewhere about the effects of various rays of sunlight being prevented from passing through glass and the like, so am wondering if the tray would affect the lights quality, and therefore its affect on the plants may not be as effective as without a tray.
Can any members through any light on the subject (excuse the pun)
Silent World
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I've never given this much thought. But almost all planted tanks have condensation trays to protect lighting from humidity and evaporation. I can't answer the question regarding the effectiveness of lights to the plants without the condensation trays though.
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Part of it will depend on how thick the tray is, texture of tray, quality of light to start with, and how high the light sits from the plants.

Yes, it is true that plastics and glass will deflect some rays of light needed for certain plants to thrive. This is the reason many planted tanks are done open top. It IS possible to grow live plants with a plastic or glass cover, or in your case, the tray, but it will be a matter of figuring out what rays are blocked, how you can make up for it, and which plants need those specific rays the least. I will have to do some research to help answser those questions, so please, give me some time, I am very very busy on this end for the next few weeks.
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condensation trays

Thanks Blue, and Dawn. Look forward to receiving further info on the subject.
Silent World
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