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This is a discussion on Co2 within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hey again guys... I was wondering, what mechanism is needed for the Co2 to automatically turn off when the lights do? Because I know ...

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Hey again guys...

I was wondering, what mechanism is needed for the Co2 to automatically turn off when the lights do? Because I know without any electronic pieces on a Co2 system, it can't just turn off automatically unless there is no Co2 left in the tank.

I found a PH/orp monitor and control system on ebay, but I have no clue what ORP is supposed to mean, nor do I get what the sytem is supposed to do?
That's the link to the item...
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I am assuming you have pressurized CO2 injection. I have a full auto system, that means that I have a timer that i got at Home Depot that turns the CO2 and Lights when I want it too. You can just plug in the cord comming out of your regulator into a timer, and it should do the same thing.

I would recomend that you get a seystem that can moniter the ph levels though, because doing as i described abouve will just turn it on during the set times, but it wont go off if the PH drops deathly low!!!

My system, idk what it is called, tells me when the ph is above my set limit, and it turns CO2 on, if it is within the timers set time limit. When the PH droops so low, it turns off, and when the ph is above that min level, it turns on again!!! (This continues all day untill the timer turns off, then the CO2 regulator isnt getting any power, so no CO2 is produced)

SRY about the long post....... hope it helped!!!

AND SRY about spelling, did this kinda quickly, and didnt edit in time.... :(
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Umm it kind of explained it to me, but I was wondering, i haven't got the co2 system yet...
I know I must get a Co2 bottle, a regulator, a disffuser, a bubble counter, and co2 resistant tubing.
The Co2 bottle i'm getting for free off my friend, the rest of the system probably cost me around $80-$90

I've heard of solenoids, and ph timers and stuff. But I don't know what else I need besides the stuff I mentioned above for the Co2 system to shut off by itself?
Is the solenoid the electronic device that shuts off Co2 when the timer when plugged in?
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All u need is in what i think to be a great CO2 package on If you call them up, they will help you through every step. Ask for everything in their delux CO2 package, minus the tank. That comes with detailed instructions on how to set everything up, and what to do.
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Ok, so I think i've got a decent list of what I need:

- Co2 tank/cylinder
- Regulator valve
- Bubble counter
- Solenoid
- A few check valves
- Reactor
- Powerhead(connected to reactor)
- Co2 resistant tubing

If I have left anything out guys, can you just post it?

BTW, a PH controller is not on my list, until later when I get more cash hehe, hard to find when your only 17 without a job lol... But I always manage to pull it from somewhere
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That sounds good. has an awesome package for all of those on your list for a pretty good price. It does have a PH moniter though, but if you call them, I am sure you can edit your package a little. They are great and are will to work with you! :D

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