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Clay pot as a "hiding" spot for Pleco?

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Clay pot as a "hiding" spot for Pleco?
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Originally Posted by Tigris View Post
Unfortunately you've had a bad experience with a LFS but the ones around are very well kept and I know the owners and they all have real passion for fish keeping. Your research says PVC isn't safe well my says it is and I've had personal experience with using that, especially with sensitive fish.

You honestly can't say PVC is bad considering you can go into our DIY forum and see how many times people use it in the aquarium and in the plumbing. You can even google aquairum decorations and a vast majority uses PVC. Therefore PVC is not harmful to fish.
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How many of those DIY plumbing projects were permitted with the local town and followed up with a building inspection? Many states (although not all) don't permit PVC for water supply lines for the reason noted by the other poster, and some don't permit it for drain lines either. It comes down to risk tolerance for use in an aquarium.
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