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Choosing lighting for Black Ghost Knife fish

My old black ghost knife recently died and he was the only one in my 37 gallon aquarium. I have now restocked the tank with a couple of live plants, a tiny black ghost knife, 4 zebra danios, one giant danio, and 3 glass catfish.

The danios seem just as active with the light on or off, but the rest of the fish seem to prefer the light off. Would lunar lighting be good? Is it possible to achieve that effect with a fluorescent bulb? What would be good lighting that will make the fish attractive, the plants grow, and that's dim enough that the shy fish are active?

Right now I'm using an 80-watt AquaGlo fluorescent bulb.
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Welcome to TFK!

I'm assuming that 80-watt bulb is a compact fluorescent? What sort of plants do you have?

BGK's do better with lower lighting levels. You might also want to look into moon light LED's. You could get a timer so that the moon lights are on for an hour or two in the morning before the main tank lights come on, then for another hour or two at night after the main lights go out. This would give you an opportunity to observe the BGK while it is active. If there's no easy way to have more subdued lighting during the day with your current fixture, then you could look into getting some floating plants to reduce the overall light levels in the tank during the day.

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I guess it's a compact fluorescent. It's just a standard bulb from the pet store. I have looked into lunar lights and moonlight LED's but they are strange. Like I couldn't just install them in my current light fixture.

I have floating guppy grass in my tank. It grows very quickly and I'm hoping it will block some of the light. I'm not sure what the names of the two plants were that I bought. You may be able to identify them from the photo of my aquarium.
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You could get something like these:

You can install them in your hood next to the regular lighting fixture.

Is this the kind of bulb you have?

In a 37g tank you'd probably have the 24" bulbs, which are 20 watts. Does your fixture have four of these tubes? I'm just guessing because 80 watts of light seems awfully high over a 37g tank, especially for a regular "comes with the tank" sort of fixture. Plus, your tank doesn't look blindingly bright in your pictures. Whatever the case may be, I think the guppy grass will probably do well in terms of breaking up the light that hits the bottom of the tank. I've never had it myself but I've heard that it does grow pretty quickly.

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I ordered those lunar links from amazon. I figure if I don't like them I could just send them back. That is the bulb I have now, only the box it came in is blue. I don't know if that makes a difference. Maybe I read the wattage wrong? My light fixture only supports one bulb.
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You could get different spectrum bulbs from your LFS or local hardware store. What is the length of your bulb? 36 inches,48 inches? You could probably get another bulb with a lesser wattage.
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