Canister Louder than Expected
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Canister Louder than Expected

This is a discussion on Canister Louder than Expected within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> The last few days my Eheim canister filter has gotten louder than normal. Nothing in the tank has changed at all, but I did ...

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Canister Louder than Expected
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Canister Louder than Expected

The last few days my Eheim canister filter has gotten louder than normal. Nothing in the tank has changed at all, but I did read that sometimes trapped air can cause the loud noise from the filter. I understand that there will be some noise, but this one is much louder than any before.

I have tried shaking the filter to try and move the bubbles, and that has worked for a matter of seconds before starting to make noise again.

There is nothing trapped in the impeller when I pulled it apart, but it still continues making the sound.

I believe there is still trapped air in the canister as when tilting and shaking the canister, the sound changes for a short period before returning to the original sound. Also, for a short period after shaking small air bubbles come from the spreader bar. However I do the same every few hours and air still comes out.

Am I missing something to do with priming the Canister? It is an Eheim 2213
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Old 10-01-2012, 08:13 AM   #2
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Hi Itsonlybarney. When you took the Impeller out did you have a good look at it? Is it missing one of its cross pieces? It will still spin with one missing, but will make some noise. Is the Impeller seated properly? Is the little rubber tip present (opposite end from the spinner blades) or has it become disconnected from them impeller post and when you insert the impeller you are missing the alignment hole? The rubber tip could be stuck down in the impeller housing space.
Yes they can get air in them... Mine is so old I don't have any kind of priming mechanism on it... don't even know what that would look like. For the record mine is over 15 years old now and runs like a dream. Yes I have to turn mine on it's side, shake it. Funny you were describing what I have to do.
Parts can be ordered when you need them if your LFS doesn't do repairs.
(you may already know this....but many new people read these threads... remember to rinse your media and fill the canister with de-chlorinated water so you don't kill all your good bacteria and cause a mini cycle in your tank.)
I almost never clean mine (fully planted tank) and would only open it to clear the tubes if the water flow was diminished in some way.
Hope this helps you find the source of the noise.
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It doesn't have a priming tool, I just use the suck on the end of the pipe method to create the siphon to fill the canister. I suspect air gets trapped when I rinse the media and place it back in the canister and that it slowly works its way to the top of the canister where it gets trapped because of the shape of the impeller inlet.

I know one way to solve the problem, that requires a redesign of the top of the canister to be conical towards the impeller rather than the flat design that it has.

Another forum suggested that air may be getting in through a cracked or broken seal, but I gave them all a good look and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.
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