Canister Filters - Biological Media
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Canister Filters - Biological Media

This is a discussion on Canister Filters - Biological Media within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> I've been debating on building my own Canister Filter. I found an excellent DIY how to video. Very easy to follow. Now, this will ...

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Canister Filters - Biological Media
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Canister Filters - Biological Media

I've been debating on building my own Canister Filter. I found an excellent DIY how to video. Very easy to follow. Now, this will be for a 75 gallon that will have 4-5 fan tail goldies and 2-3 dojos. Which biological media would work best?

Does Biological media ever get replaced? How often? Should it be rinsed? How often?

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I once bought into the ceramic bio-media hype and I have used bio-max, matrix and de*nitrate. However, all said and done, I truly believe that regular open cell foam works every bit as good to provide a platform to culture beneficial bacteria.
I've also heard good things said about basic nylon pot scrubbers...believe it or not.
But this is one of those things you almost have to learn yourself.
So if you have money to burn, expensive bio-media's can work, or you can keep it simple.

At some point, any/all media can get slogged with organic sludge and/or bio-slime and may benefit from a good rinsing. There are many variables making almost every system different with respect to how often this is required. You pretty much have to play it by ear and adjust intervals as seems appropriate. Just don't rinse in chlorinated water lest you kill the beneficial bacteria. A sloshing around in drained tank water will do the job just fine.
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Right now I have an HOB with a sponge media inside it. I kept hearing the best filtration for goldies is canisters.
I also plan on planting this tank up really well, I'm sure the plants would love to do their own filtration.
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