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Originally Posted by Boise1024 View Post
Being able to buy a new filter or not is not an option to you right now. A malfunctionning motor will not be able to filter water effectively, and you turning it off each night will slowly but surely kill all the beneficial bacteria in there. You simply will lose all of your fish and need to start over if you can't replace the filter.

I would look for some cheap filter at walmart or such for the time being, some can be had for like 20-30$ depending on the size of your aquarium. And even if you can get the problem resolved with marineland, it's always good to have a backup filter.

Also, you may know other aquarists or friends that have a spare filter, or that had aquariums they don't use anymore.

When you do get another filter, just transfer the filter media from your broken filter so you have some bacteria in there.
I already knew all of this. I am doing the best I can with what I am given. If I could afford a $20 filter right now I would. But as is, I am literally buying food with dimes and quarters. Plus, my tank is a 40 gallon long, so a $20 filter would work much worse than the one I have now. And if you read the intro, you would know that the filter is still running and filtering (just loudly). If I knew anyone with a spare filter, I sure as hell wouldn't be having this problem. My only option is Marineland at this point, praying I can finally get in contact with them. I would appreciate that if you comment, that you read the responses and conclusions that were ahead of your own.
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An Aquaclear 50 is on sale at Petsmart for $31.19 right now and it is a better filter than what you currently have. You can get it for a couple dollars less on Amazon (they always price match/undercut brick and mortar stores), but you would have to wait for shipping which would take awhile unless you have Amazon Prime. I'm sure that's cheaper than replacing all of your fish...

You are asking for help, but I'm afraid there is nothing anyone here can do for you. Your choices are to leave the loud filter on all night, or have your fish die.

You can't turn the filter off at night and expect it to catch up during the day, it dosen't work that way.

Your only other long shot options are to see if a local fish store has a loaner filter you could use. They may ask for a deposit or they may charge a rental fee. They probably wouldn't let you leave without one or the other unless you are a regular customer they know and trust to return it. The second option is finding a friend that can house your fish (or again, possibly a local fish store) until you get your issue with the old filter resolved.

Marineland, even once they 'process' your request you are looking at a couple weeks before you get a replacement. They'll probably want you to ship them the broken unit (at which point you'll have no filter at all) and once they receive it, they'll send you a new one. That all takes time... even longer if you rely on e-mail with a business. You need to call, if your cell phone isn't working use a friends phone.

Daily water changes...

When you do switch out the filter, keep the media in the tank to keep it wet, hopefully you won't have to cycle the tank all over again.
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Originally Posted by HaleyM View Post
Hey, I am new here :) And my current issue is with my Marineland Biofilter Penguin 200. I have had it set up for less than three weeks and I am already having problems. Last night it started very loud grinding noises, so loud they woke me up! I had to unplug it and hope my fish would be ok. When I woke up, I cleaned the filter really, well, making sure to clean the impeller in case it was something simple like sand. It is still making the horrible grinding noise and I am getting very frustrated. Especially since it is so new, and I paid over $50 for it. I really should not be having these issues so early. I have been in the saltwater/freshwater hobby since I was 8, and professionally for at least 5 years now. I have tried every trick in the book to fix this thing, and nothing has worked. Does anyone know what went wrong? My tank is a 40 long freshwater, with only four fish in it. It does not have a large bio load at all! I have problems with Marinelands before, but I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt. I have no idea what to do now, and I don't have the money to buy a nice new filter (i will get a cheap back-up and save for a nicer one)! But when I do, I would love to hear some good brands I should stick with!!! I really do not want any more marine land products! Anyone have any suggestions?
I see the store went out of business. Good luck on contacting them. During the heater recall I was never able to get in touch with them over my broken heater and ended up just going to petsmart and having them give me in store credit. I purchased it from them but had no receipt. I wish you luck. It would be nice if they recalled the product.

I recommend the aguaclear 50. Mine has been good to me for the almost 2 years I've had it. Quite too.

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