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LOL i was think about just throwing it in my main tank still fishing lined to the rock

i have a dog named fish

30g long

55g -planted

125g 4ft long octagonal


10g hospital
-empty- :]
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I have mopani wood in my tanks and I love it. One piece did get some white fuzz on it after a few weeks to month of having it in there. I did soak it before but when I saw the white fuzz, I took it out, scrubbed it off, boiled it and put it back in. Nothing wrong with it, it is lovely wood. As far as tannins, they are no harm to the fish, it just makes the water a tea color and the fish are just as happy in there. Water changes will eventually clear the water anyway but if you hate it, boil it to get most of that color out.

I have noticed that some people really like the tannins in the water as it makes it look more natural riverscape looking.

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Originally Posted by Chris7 View Post
It is Mopani wood, I should have read a little more about it before buying it. I paid $25 for that damb piece of wood! But I still plan on putting it in my tank after I boil it for a few hours then soak it even longer in a bucket and hope that gets rid of most of the tannins!

If you can't return it, here's a suggestion. I got the white cottony stuff a couple weeks after having it in the tank also. I read that mystery snails (as they are called at petco/petsmart) will eat it, so sure enough, I put one in the tank, and it was all gone within days.

After reading Byron talk about his experiences with it, I did eventually take it out of my tank, because I too didn't want to take chances.

It's up to you. You heard from someone who has had no trouble, but be aware of the fungus. If you can keep a snail or boil/scrub it off each time, perhaps you'll be okay.


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