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Auto fish Feeder

This is a discussion on Auto fish Feeder within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> So I just got an auto fish feeder for when I go on vacation (a 2 week trip is the one I'm worried about ...

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Auto fish Feeder

So I just got an auto fish feeder for when I go on vacation (a 2 week trip is the one I'm worried about but that won't be for months)...


It got good reviews, but unless I'm missing something, I'm putting the pellet food in there and when it turns around even on the smallest food opening all the food comes out... has anybody used this or any other auto feeders for their bettas?

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is it battery operated or electric?
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From what I know, anything under $40 for an auto-feeder is junk. Can you send it back and get a better one? Better than coming home to dead fish.
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I hated to necro this old thread, but the problem here sounds like he was trying to feed only ONE Betta. No auto feeder is going to feed ONE Betta-sized fish. Or even 2 or 3 probably. It is just impossible to design one to reliably drop that small of a portion. Unless I had a well-stocked tank I would not consider going automatic. The risk of over-feeding a fish or 2 (unless they are big ones) with ANY automatic feeder is near 100%.

Based on the info he gave there was probably nothing wrong with the feeder. I just didn't want anyone doing research to find this and get the wrong idea.


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