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AquaVista 500

does anyone here have one of these tanks? if so how do you like it, or do you know anybody with one? my wife wants one and im thinking it would look good in our room

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I've never had one of those, or seen one in real life; but I'm not a fan.

It may look nice, but I don't see it functioning well, but hey, I could be wrong.

It just seems a little disheartening having a tank so narrow, the fish have barely any swimming room. You are limited to only really small fish and not too many, as it is only 6.6 gallons.

How are you supposed to do water changes?
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Its only 11cm wide, not much turning room in there.
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Yeah I agree with Daz.

It may be suitable for some ghost shrimp, snails and such. Or maybe some minnows or small tetras like neons; however, even that is pushing it cause it's best to have ample swimming room for small, fast fish. I don't see much else happening in an aquarium like that...unless you want to drive your fish crazy!

If you actually did buy that aquarium...what would be your plans with it?
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I would say go for it if you like it. It would look quite good but personally I wouldn't put any fish in it because there's just not enoguh room for them to swim IMHO. A couple of snails however would be fine and would make a good "picture".
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