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api ammonia test q

This is a discussion on api ammonia test q within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> all the other bottles give an imediate result the ammo soulution needs ages to do anything i left all the samples for an hour ...

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all the other bottles give an imediate result the ammo soulution needs ages to do anything i left all the samples for an hour its only the ammo that takes so long to show..but it takes seconds to show a result when i test very stagnant water which i did to make sure the tests were working i checked the dates its brand new
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Well the one thing I do remember from college chemistry is to follow the instructions. If you did everything right then there has to be something wrong with the chemicals.

I actually hate the saying but "Go By The Book!" If the test says results in 1 minutes,5 minutes or whatever, do it and trust the results. The longer you let a test sit the crazier the things that can show up will be. Don't try to out think the test results. If you are not getting a reading, get a new test. I would bet there are at least a couple people out there that have gotten bogus or "dead" tests that were brand new.

Remember there are also a hundred things that can effect test results and give false readings. Anything that has been used to "lock" up ammonia can give a false. Anything used to remove or neutralize any chemical can give a false reading.

The best thing to do is to test your water, then take a sample into the LFS and have them test it for you the same day. This will verify any results you may be getting and tell you if the test kit is good or bad.

Oh and make sure to thoroughly clean those test tubes with seriously hot water once in a while. Deposits can be invisible and will also cause results to be skewed if you don't mark your tubes and use the exact same one every time for the same test.
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Maybe consider getting a $6 Seachem Ammonia Alert sensor to use temporarily? If ammonia is a big concern, this is a nice cheap way to always monitor it without worrying about test results for the time being...

I've used both. My monitors have always been right (although there is a slight trigger when using a fair amount of Prime during a large water change, but very temporary.) I never believe them, and then I do the liquid test, and low and behold, the sensor's always right.
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my lfc come up nill ammonia and i use no ammo lock type chenicals
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