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Anyone else having trouble with Coralife T5 lights?

About 5 weeks ago I bought al Coralife dual T5 lighting system, and 2 weeks later one of the lights burnt out. So I replaced it, now the other light has burnt out! What the heck!! I thought these lights are suppose to last around a year or more, I'am going to try a different make of bulb but just not sure what kind yet?
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Hi- in the past almost 3 years of using the T5s, I too have had issue with these bulbs burning out far too early. Now I always keep 2 extra on hand, for when it happens again. Good luck.

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I think the longest I've had one stay working for is about 8 months, usually changing tubes every 2-3 months.
I changed to Red Sea Max T5 Atnic bulbs and had no problems since,, they are a bit more expensive though.

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Use non-aquarium bulbs. Just any HO T5 that is 6500K or whatever you want. They are often 1/2 the cost or less then the 'aquarium' ones and work just the same.

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