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agent13 & pro exotics

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agent13 & pro exotics
Old 10-23-2013, 01:22 PM   #1
agent13 & pro exotics

Hello Agent13:
that was some interesting post you made about Pro Exotics infrared gun you use. I am not questioning your knowledge or expertise you have in the operation of your temp gun. did you go outside and measure the temp of ambient air? of course not because you won’t get a reading because infrared temp guns only measure conductive thermal energy. when you measure the temp of your aquarium you are measuring the conductive thermal energy of the surface of the glass not the temp of the water. Since water is a liquid it can only support convective thermal energy, when you are making all of those knowledgeable adjustments to the pro exotics you are engaging a mathematical guess conversion of convection thermal energy to conductive thermal energy. this mathematical guess is not identical and only sometime equal to the exact convective thermal energy.

Your pro exotics sounds like a very neat toy and not very expensive less than 50 bucks. It will measure anything very accurately when it is a solid object but a liquid it is no better than the results of putting my hand on the tank’s glass surface and thinking that feels like 78 degrees.

this point you make .....”Now a super brief explanation about such things - a flat black colored surface that you want to read will have an emissivity of 1.0 and the average setting most infrared thermometers are set to .95 because most common organic and well basically the things you normally would read have that emissivity. Water is at .93 and can have it's surface temp taken at such- and that my friends is why it's good to have adjustable emissivity on your infrared temp gun. Not all surfaces are created equal and are at the .95 your average IR guns are set to. Pop, actually that would cool if it could take the temp of your stuff under the water surface but they can't and then I'd probably end up trying to use it to see if my steaks were medium rare if it could penetrate stuff like that “ confuses me and i don’t get what you are saying are you saying you like steaks cook to medium rare?

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Well dern it! I was typing a reply and power just went out! No internet, and better yet 9 fish tanks and 3 reptiles without lights, heat, or filters! Fun. So yea, I'll shorten my answer completely. Yes it can read surface of water when used properly. While the conversion may be a "guess" as you call it .. It is correct and able to be checked and calibrated . Even health inspectors use them to test boiling water and other liquid surfaces( which can be highly inaccurate if the right technique is not used along with the right IR thermometer. Well anyway this wasn't meant to be a debate.. Just meant to help someone who had the same heater as one of mine ( that's currently without power) that happened to notice the sane thing I did.. The heater isn't broken it's the way the temp is read that doesn't work. However fish keeping doesn't need to be so specific or complicated.

And yes, I do like my steaks medium rare

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