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For a 75 Gallon Tank

This is a discussion on For a 75 Gallon Tank within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> on my 110g one of my filters is an ehiem ecco 2236 and I love it. I use 2 HOBs just due to the ...

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on my 110g one of my filters is an ehiem ecco 2236 and I love it. I use 2 HOBs just due to the messy nature of the fish, but that 2236 would be great for any normally stocked 75g. I want to say i paid around 140 locally for it.
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Originally Posted by Kelso View Post
Well, you guys have proven to be a reliable source for me more than once. I most likely will go with an Eheim...and Angel...nobody shops like I do. My friends get annoyed with how I shop. I don't pay full price for anything. ;)
I am very sure you won't regret the choice. And to add what rsn48 said, any eheims I ever had made 0 sounds (unless I broke something cleaning); that for me right there is reason enough to always go with them, I could not STAND having a noisy filter running 24/7...after all I do fish keeping for relaxing reasons too
And when you break something - You can always get the parts and don't get the "oh we upgrade this model parts are no longer available" Just how the saying goes what you get is what you pay for and the non headache, quiet and reliance is well worth the extra few $ to me.

I'm glad you'll shop around; dummies like me would ASSUME the online-store price are the same or the store would MATCH its own online price but NOP they don't I just learned and I'm sorry but for half price, you bet ya i'll order online.

Also another note, some of the models come with integrated heaters if you care for that, look for it; I'm just not exactly sure which one's (would have to research myself) but it would be neat to not have the extra "thing" in the tank.
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If you want to save money, go with the Eheim 2217. I bought mine from a store on ebay. It was around 20% off from most other stores. I called the store directly since I don't have an ebay account. They were willing to sell it to me directly. I use thios one on my 55gal. I posted pics recently if you'd like to see how the plants do with it.
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