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40 breeder acrylic aquarium?

Is there such a thing as a 40 gal breeder aquarium in acrylic? I want the dimensions because it is going to be a planted tank. Another question, do all acrylic tanks come without lids? The tanks I saw online had attached lids. Wouldn't that make it nearly impossible to work with plants? Should I be looking at glass tanks? Thanks. Bee
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The short answer is yes, you can get an acrylic tank in that size (I've had one).

Issues: Acrylic tanks are more expensive, I can buy a 40B at Petco for $40 during their periodic $1/gallon tank sale. Acrylic is much lighter weight, but scratches easily.
Quality concerns: Be careful who you buy an acrylic tank from. I bought an acrylic tank from Glasscages.com and the seams leaked after only 2 years. The seams also had tons of air bubbles the day it arrived and the acrylic used was less thick than I expected (lots of bowing in only 2 years). Waste of $250+.

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*560 gallons (2120 liters) in 5 tanks -> you do the math.
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i've heard lots of negative reviews of glasscages.com

any tanks that don't last, (including from day one), sounds like the companies first answer is "we do not cover any warranty on tanks not using our stands" ... one person who was doing such a thing, when his tank failed they refused to answer his calls on the matter.

i was first impressed with them, they do custom tanks, ... from a different forum, pages upon pages of people unsatisfied with their products quality control and their lack of responsibility on the matter isn't doing them any good at all.
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Acrylic tanks are awesome, but they are very, very, very, very expensive. And the lids and accessories for them are very...expensive too. That being said, a quality acrylic tank with nice hood and good lights is a very impressive sight, so official and proffessional-looking.
If money is no object, then acrylic is nicer in my humble opinion. But for the same cost one can get a glass tank and setup more than twice the size.
You might even get a larger costum glass tank made to order if you really want the hieght dimension of a 40 breeder. Maybe for less cost than a 40 gal acrylic tank.
Good luck!

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where i am at, ... custom glass from a local(ish) glass manufacturer (not distributer, but the manufacturing plant)

10mm sheets, 4'x2'x18" (90 gallons) (shallow instead of the typical 90 gallon tank)

about $350

in canada we tend not to get upset about being ripped off (that's how i look at it, i don't like being ripped off like this though)

in the US the cost is about 1/2 that

a regular 90 gallon aquarium - $300 (canadian site)

from thefind.com (i think it's US only), prices seem to start at 250 and up


as far as price compare, custom order for glass is slightly more than a standard 90 gallon tank.
i have seen a US site (in california) i could get the glass for about 1/2 the cost, but shipping would move it to over $500, ... not so good.


but that's all glass,

it emphasizes the cost of glass

acrylic is one site (prices may be outdated as they're not a seller themselves) ... listed about $750-$1300 (i'm going to guess US prices and distributors)


so that's 3x to 5x the cost going by acrylic.

if you need acrylic, go for it.
if you're after the looks, ... your choice

if you are rich, by all means :)

just know what you're getting into


not saying go 90 gallons instead of the 40 gallon breeder you're after
it's the bit of research i did looking into prices myself ...

in the end, i'll summarize it this way

glass DIY vs. finished tank, ... (shipping aside) DIY is ... lets say about 1/2 the cost in the states, (and slightly more than a completed tank in canada)

glass finished vs acrylic finished ... acrylic is over 3x the cost.

just know what your budget is and decide if it's worth it ... some fish it's worth it as they are known for breaking glass tanks (same with some shrimp - mantis shrimp) but ... know what you're doing and why.
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Years ago ( late 80's) I used to help a guy who owned a nieghborhood-style pet shop and made custom tanks. He could usualy make and sell the custom glass tanks for only a little more than equal volume pre made tanks. I know times have changed a lot since then. There are no more nieghborhood petshops, just multiple petcomarts.
350.00 for glass ! Wow!

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yup, in Canada $350 for glass, ... and a company in the California could provide the same glass for $170
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