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Unhappy RIP Johnny

Johnny was my male Swordtail. He was one of my 4 first fish. He lived in my care for over 5 months. He died from (what I think is) a parasitic infestation..

The Story of Johnny,
When I first got him he lived in a 10g tank with a betta, a female Swordtail, and a corydoras. A month later the betta moved out. A week after, a Lemon Tetra moved in. The Tetra actually intraduced the parasites, even though he died a week after I got him. I got 2 more Lemons to replace the one I had. About a month later, Johnny and Aruaques (the female sword) had a fry (that they didn't eat). It is still alive today (the fry is). A female corydoras moved in. She lived for a long time until our week long "vacation" (more like work trip) to Georgia. When I arrived home, Michelle (the female Corydoras) was dead. Later, Auarques died from (unknown at the time) a parasite infection. Johnny and one of the Tetras caught the parasite from Aruaques (who origanally got it from my first LT that died). Aruaques was put down. Certain threads were started about this entitled "should I put my swordtail down today" and "dying swordtail". TFK was extremely helpful in those diffecult times. Thanks for your support. Johnny and the LT that had parasites were treated, and treated, and treated. The only thing (I think) I hadn't treated them for was parasites. The Tetras were treated today, but Johnny, my Swordtail, was too far gone. He had a bent back and he was trying to stuff himself in an empty shell (RIP Davy Jones the Snail!). He was put down humanly.

That is the Life of Johnny. He died at 6:56am (with help)(humanly). I made many references to Johnny posting to issues and stories on TFK.

Johnny has passed, but he is no longer in his long lasting pain. Thanks for being here when I need you TFK! Thanks!

small fry,

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R>I>P johnny.....

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R.I.P Saphire You'll always be in my heart

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sorry for you loss
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I'm sorry to hear that Johnny is gone

RIP Johnny. You were loved.

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I'm so sorry about Johnny.
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SO sorry to hear about Johnny. I bet he was a great swordtail.

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