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R.I.P. Gabriel & Andrea (my breeding pair of angelfish)

I sas this section and I figured, why not? I did like them alot.

I bought two 6-8 week old angels in 2007 that turned into a breeding pair about 6 months later. They laid eggs in my 55 gallon and I evacuated the entire tank just for them. As they bred, I grew attached to them and I even named them (the only fish I ever did name by the way), Gabriel and Andrea. They laid many eggs and I'd keep giving their baby angels who'd survive to fishstores for store credit or money.

Early this year they both got ill. I treated them with medicine but Andrea ended up dying. I came in, she was not floating, she was laying at the very bottom on my tank on her back all covered in white. I did end up saving Gabe and he healed up but afterward he wasn't the same. I'd try giving him some company but he'd chase them all away and that chasing was the only time he was really active anymore. I put a pleco in their for algae but he'd nip the pleco ruthlessly, he just wanted to be alone. Finally a couple months ago he died too. I think he missed his mate if that's possible.

R.I.P. to my favorite fish ever, the only fish I liked enough to name, my breeding pair of spotted angels, Gabriel and Andrea.

P.S. I have photos of them on my digital cam from a long time ago, I will do my best to get them online as soon as I can to post in this thread.
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What a sad story. Looking forward to seeing pics of them.

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Sorry to hear about your angels. Isn't that funny how angel pairs do seem to miss their mate when one dies? I had 2 angelfish together for about 6-7 years. They never laid eggs so i don't know what sex they were...they may have been 2 males that got along...I don't know. Anyway, my orange one passed and my marble really seemed lonely after it was gone. A couple months later the marble passed. No sign of illness or anything...just found him dead one morning. So sad.

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I'm so sorry about Gabriel and Andrea. RIP Gabriel and Andrea.
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that really is sad
sorry for your loss.
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Thanks you all. It is sad and they do seem to genuinely miss their mate.

Sorry for the hold up on the pics.

I am getting new fish to add to my 55 gallon this weekend, probably tomorrow, and when I do I'm taking shots with my cam right away to add on this site and I'm thinking I'll just wait to add Gabe and Andrea's photos when I do that. It'll all be on the same cam.
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can i be cheeky and ask a favour.
if you make a thread in the photo section and i miss it,would you send me a PM
so i can have a look.
thank you. :)
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Gabe reminds me of Walt Kowalski from Gran Torino, sad movie and sad fish story. Sorry about your fish.

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Originally Posted by willow View Post
can i be cheeky and ask a favour.
if you make a thread in the photo section and i miss it,would you send me a PM
so i can have a look.
thank you. :)
Will do! No problem.

I'll have pics early tomorrow of my new arrivals which are 6 lemon tetras and 7 cories (4 new and small, 3 from my 29 gal).

Apologise for the further delay, I'll have pics of my new fish and my fallen angels tomorrow.
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Andrea in front, Gabe to her right:

Full shot of Gabriel:

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