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RIP - My Rescued Angelfish Mother

I saved/adopted her from a house were she was being mistreated and living in a 10 gallon tank with way to many fish about a year ago.

She was sick with parasites and I went out and bought an arsenal of medications to battle it, and after a seriously long battle of getting reinfected then retreated over and over, was finally able to rid her of sickness and she stayed perfectly healthy and strong there after.

From here she was mixed in with my other group of angelfish and she decided to make a pair with one of my gold males and spawn!

The pair was not getting the breeding process correct and needed a lot of practice, and after months of trying with all my other pairs to get one that could self raise their spawn, so I raised their fry artificially.

But just recently I decided to give her and her mate another shot and they did it just this week correctly! My first pair to be able to raise their spawn in the free swimming stage, and she was spectacular at it.

Swimming amongst a school of about 500 fry looked beautiful to see what happens in nature happening in front of my eyes.

............but, the most horrifying event took place late last night.

Come home to find my female angelfish on the middle of my floor with my cat standing over her.

I will miss her so much and I will make it my last final effort in her memory to raise up all of these hundreds of offspring so that her life will live on in them to make tons of other people happy.


Last video of her taken yesterday with her offspring

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Aw thats horrible man, of course this would happen after they finally get it right.
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Originally Posted by zof View Post
Aw thats horrible man, of course this would happen after they finally get it right.
Im still extremely upset about it. I'm not sure what to do with the male now, he's parenting well alone. But i think this will be the point were I move from angelfish, as I don't really want to get another female to make a pair.

Probably bring him to the LFS today to make sure he doesn't eat the fry, then raise them up.
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Awwwww... that's so sad :(

I know how you feel tho. - a few weeks ago one of my favorite rainbow fish (a very large one at that) managed to fly out of the 1/2" opening in the tank hood. I noticed she wasn't in the tank when the lights came on at night and looked everywhere around the tank but could not find her!

I finally found her about 4 feet away from the tank under the couch. So she had to have flopped around for a while across the hardwood floor :(

Sorry that you had to deal with that too. It's pretty neat that you have her babies to raise.

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she was beautiful

220 gal tank
29 gal. pending

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:( RIP sweet Angelfish

10 gallon
4 juli cory

1 5 gallon empty tank
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Rest in peace. ): Congratulations on having the heart to rescue and try to care for her, though. It's very kind

You will always be my best friend, .
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