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My fish with TB...

I just finished putting to sleep 2 honey gourami, 7 threadfin rainbowfish and 1 female betta. I've also lost 5 other threadfins due to TB this week. I slowly added clove oil to the bucket they were in, and when they were unconscious, I added vodka until there was no more gill movement.

My tank looks empty without them, and they were lovely fish. I'm sure sad to no longer have them.
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That's so sad! I really liked those fish. Fish TB is scary stuff.

Are you going to get more of the same fish, or something different?

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I've been pondering turning the big tank into a river tank, so I kinda gotta take this as a sign I think. I'm gonna avoid rainbows for a while, I'm kinda freaked by how prone to TB they are. Thank god my $70 fish is a pleco, and seems unaffected by all this.

Yeah, TB is tricky. Luckily some good friends at my LFS convinced me that euthanasia was the correct option. One girl even offered to come over and do it, which wasn't necessary, but sure was appreciated. Alas, it comes with the territory of owning so many fish. Something is bound to come up. I'm gonna concentrate on my soon-to-be-gotten mudskippers for now and breeding the fish I already have.
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oh that's awful.
sorry for your losses. :(
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