zebra danio breeding
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zebra danio breeding

This is a discussion on zebra danio breeding within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> i got 3 new ones yesterday when will they breed i heard they are one of the easiest egg laying fish so does any ...

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zebra danio breeding

i got 3 new ones yesterday when will they breed i heard they are one of the easiest egg laying fish so does any one have any advice for me and what should i do i was going to put them in my 5 g tan k but they said no because they breed quit often so i put them in my 10 g tank
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Hi Brian, firstly do you know the sex of your danios? Males tend to be more slender with a brown tint to their bodies while females have more of a blue colouring and have much deeper bodies.

I've found danios to be prolific breeders, but they do eat their own eggs and fry given half a chance. Many people will keep marbles at the bottom of their tanks when breeding which will give the eggs somewhere to fall and remain safe until they hatch.

The fry when they first hatch are very small indeed, and I never actually realised I had fry the first time until I did a waterchange and noticed the bucket of dirty tank water was full of very tiny fry!

If you are interested in breeding I would advise you to get a grow out tank to remove some of the fry to.
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i got a 5 gallon tank and a 2.5 g tank i can move into and i think i got a male female because her belly is bigger than the others and a maybe a male also i like these fish i hope the femlae looks bigger since i got her and i had her for bout a week now her belly has gotten bigger i fees s them a mixter of freeze dried blood worms baby brine shrimp and regular flakes
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