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Z. danios breeding help

I have had 12 zebra danios for a little over a year in a 20 gal tank and I want to see if I can breed them. I have read a few threads and aparrently they are easy to breed and they probably have been breeding. I wanted to know what needs to happen to see some hatch and grow up even if its just a few. I put a sponge over the HOB filter intake two weeks ago. The tank is densely planted with rooted and floating plants and I keep the co2 at 30ppm as well as use fertilizer and a 65 watt light. This tank also contains red cherry shrimp and malasian trumpet snails. I feed them mostly on small pellets and flake, good brands like Ocean Nutrition or OSI but I also give them frozen brine shrimp or blood worms once in a while. So what is preventing these fish form making any offspring. Do I need to condition the adults or supply fry food like microworms or brine shrimp nauplii.
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There could be many reasons for them not spawning. First, what is the ratio of male/female in the tank? The next thing I can think of is the snails eating the eggs as fast as they are scattered. How dense are the plants? What type of plants? Can you post a photo of the tank?

Dawn Moneyhan
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It happens that there are 6 males and 6 females. I dont think I can get rid of the snails but I can make them scarce for a while. the plants grow very dence and are all intertangled throuout the tank. I cant do a picture right now. some of the plants I know off hand are red cryptocorine wenditi, cryptocorine spirals, elodea, corkscrew val., anuba batari, rotella, tiger lotus, amazon sword, and java moss.
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I think bettababy is right about the snails eating the eggs, probably the cherry shrimp are feasting too, if there are any eggs. I understand that for danios to breed, they want a long shallow tank, with simulated rain and fairly warm temps. Haven't tried it yet, but didn't sound too difficult.

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okay, well I cant/don't want to remove the RCS, I heard that they are egg friendly. But I will work on the snail population, too many of those anyway. I didn't think the snails would eat the eggs but if they do I can see how that would make it impossible. I think the eggs are safe from the adults because they stay out of the java moss, but will the adults eat a free swimming fry?
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Usually yes, the adults will eat the fry if they can get to them.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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