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Yay babies! + questions


So I bought a dalmatian lyretail molly about a week and a half ago, specifically because she was really pretty and looked pretty pregnant.

She ended up giving birth approximately 24 hours ago, it's 330 AM and she had them at some point between 10 pm and noon. There's about 27/28 and I was able to wrangle them into a breeder cup. I've read to feed them a few times a day, so I've been trying to crush up flake food as fine as possible and I fed them twice today.

The last time I had baby mollies was when I got them as babies from my previous job at PetSmart, and all 8 of them eventually died. I'm just wondering what I need to know to keep as many as possible alive. The tank they're in right now has their mom, a 2 1/2 - 3 inch clown loach, and a 4 inch albino rainbow shark. Is it best to leave them in a breeder cup, or should I give them the whole tank to themselves for now? And if the latter, should I do anything about the filter? I'm afraid they could get sucked up or something, it's a Penguin Power Filter 150B, the tank is 25ish gallons.

I also have another tank of the same size, with a male molly, a mickey mouse platy, and a powder-blue gourami, a 55 gallon with two balas and a dinosaur bichir, and a 4 gallon biOrb with a few guppies. I'd be satisfied with even just half surviving, I don't think they'd have too much of a problem spreading out into the other tanks.

I'm alsocurious to know if they'd be save with a clown loach and rainbow shark, I just don't want to cram them into that breeder cup.

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i would leave them in the breeders cup.....do i attach to the side of the inside of the aquarium so they have fresh water flowing through it??

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if you rally want to get away from the breeder cup and dont have another tank you can set up (with water and stone from the 1st) then a divider could be your answer.. you could make one from plastic canvas which is really cheep or buy one at your LFS..

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i would take one of the biocubes and completly empty it and put them in there, likely if you do that most of them will live, with the intake on the filter get a sponge and put it on the end of the intake, you will have to cut it.

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Originally Posted by teddyzaper View Post
i would take one of the biocubes and completly empty it and put them in there, likely if you do that most of them will live, with the intake on the filter get a sponge and put it on the end of the intake, you will have to cut it.
It's actually a BiOrb, which is a lot different. :) But I just remembered when I first got it and had baby guppies that a lot of them would get stuck in the filter on the bottom, because of a little slit they could slip through. I bought it defective so that might have been part of it.

Are there any other tips or tricks I should know? I remember when I had my first set of molly babies reading that it was best to feed them 3 meals a day, so that's what I've been doing, being careful not to overfeed. So far only one casualty.
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Can I not edit posts? :( Anyway, here are two kinda crappy camera phone pictures I took.

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