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Why breed fish?

This is a discussion on Why breed fish? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I am sure that there are members that are hoping I read this since I do breed fish. What fish do I breed? Well, ...

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I am sure that there are members that are hoping I read this since I do breed fish.
What fish do I breed? Well, about 25 different species of cories, over 35 different species and color morphs of African cichlids(including Tanganyikans and Victorians as well as Malawian), 5 different types of angel fish, 11 different killies, about a dozen or so South Amereican cichlids, and various livebearers.
Why do I breed them? Maybe it's the challenge and the feeling of success. Maybe the reason happened last Thursday when I shipped $2700 worth of fish to various stores so that others could enjoy the hobby and I can buy more fish to breed and more tanks to breed them in.
I am very fortunate, in that, most of my breeding colonies are wild-caught or have members of the colony that are wild-caught. Most of my fry are F1. As far as inbreeding, do you think that fish do not inbreed in nature? The dominate male will almost always be the alpha.
I do not believe in hybridization. We would not have alot of some of the fish we see in our lfs's if it were not for someoned taking the time to do the job right, howerver. Ex. Veil angels, sailfin mollies, fancy guppies, ect.
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fish inbreed in nature if they have the chance, normally since they have so much space in the wild they swim away from there brothers and sisters from inbreeding. In the confines of a fry tank they dont really have much of a choice and when they grow up, they mate with the closest thing they can.
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Miscounted my African cichlids......there are 105 breeding colonies. A colony consists of 6 or more fish(1-2 males and 4-5 females depending upon he aggressiveness of the fish).
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