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White Skirt Tetra Matchmaking. How Do You Breed??

So, I have a pair of White Skirt Tetras, from what I've seen and heard, they are a male and female. The tank is a 10 gallon that is shared with 3 platys. The tank has a filter, heater, and stays at about 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

The decor consists of gravel substrate, fake plants, and 2 cave-like decorations. So what are some other things that should be added to the tank to encourage breeding? I've only ever had experience with livebearers, So, any tips/ advice for breeding and fry care?
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You'd need a bigger tank and more white skirts. With just 2 it will almost certainly never happen. Tetras are schooling fish and need to be in groups (6+) to be happy.
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Aww, no luck then. Barbie and Ken shall never have children XP Better stick to livebearers then, I guess. There will probably be more platy fry again within a couple weeks.... good thing I got the backup tank.
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