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White Cloud Mountain Minnow

I have a new 20 gallon set up. I have a 2+ year old White CLoud remaining from my previous tank and have since added two more White Clouds and a red-tailed shark.

Does anyone know how often White clouds will lay eggs? When I got my new White Clouds I had purchased three and one died by the next day. A second looked to be dying as it was swimming funny and having to work extra hard to get down from the top of the tank, so I assumed this was a diseased bunch. It turned out the second has a deformed tailfin.

I thought the third had dropsy at first because it was so fat and seem to have a really hard time getting further down than the top of the tank and this went on for a couple days. When I finally decided freezer way the way to go as to not get anyone else infected, I went to the tank and the silly thing was skinny again...Over the next week the fish had gotten a little plump a couple of times but then would go back to normal size again. Well two weeks later the bugger is fat as I don't know what again.

I set the new tank up on 12/29 2006 and changed the water for the first time last night and afterwards I sat on a small stool and checked everyone out. To my surprise I have three babies. At first I thought it was just a reflection because I saw a little blue sparkle dart and then disappear. All you can see is the little eyes refelcting blue.

I just added a couple of plants last week and the tempature is set at 75. Should she be laying eggs this often?
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you probably have been over feeding them as there bellies will grow big when they eat. They will shrink back when they poop
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ya just wait till they let loose and they'll lose the gut.
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White Cloud

Update to my original post. Bertha (I have named big momma) has layed eggs again. Now what? Does any one know if this is normal to lay so closely together??

Also since I wasnt expecting frye any suggestions on how to get the the existing little buggers into a breeding net. I'm thinking small cup since I can't catch in a net without hurting them.
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