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what are best fish to breed and sell?

I would like to start breeding fish... but I want to make sure that it's a species that the LFS would be interesting in buying. Not neccesarily to make a profit, just to make sure I can find a home for them. I keep freshwater... my fave fish are various catfishes and danios. Thanks! (I also like inverts... have fiddlers and shrimp)
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This will depend on the Law of Supply and Demand in your area. Ask around your local fish stores what fish are commonly demanded and sold.

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Julidochromis sp., angelfish, most african cichlids, and some live bearers are always good sellers. But like Lupin says check with your lfs's to see what they can move on a regular basis. Some fish are prolific breeders, while others are not. The newly found Celestial Pearl Danio is a very easy fish to breed and is not as demanding as some species.
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I would have to agree with the other two, I would talk with my LFS and find out which ones are the ones they want. Once I get them I could sell Cherry Red Shrimp for $3.00 each as my LFS sells them for $9.75 each. Danios would be another one they would want. BN plecos are a good one also and a good breeder could sell them all over the country, especially albinos.

Angels, Rams, ciclids, bichir, and any other exotic species that can be bred (I don;t know if all of them can be) would be a good choice.

Just remember to ask you LFS what size they want. My LFS will not take them under adult size so for me to raise them to sell I have to have more tanks which makes it really unfeasible.
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around here it's usually guppies that are out of stock.. lol.. that and saltwater fish..
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cherry shrimp are a good one. they don't need a big tank and breed well on their own. whenever i get too many, i just take them to my lfs and get a few bucks for them.
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