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to vac or not to vac.

I saved two parrot fish from a neighbors toilet. I put them in my take and they right away started moving gravel and redecorating my take the way THEY wanted it, uprooted plants you name it these darn fish have done it. This is stuff that was NEVER done in her tank. But I really did not want to see them die just because she is wanting to change the "look" of her tank.

Anyways make a long story short two weeks after they were put in my tank I had eggs, it has been several days since the eggs were layed (Sat 5, 08 ) and now they are all white. I have read that these fish are normally sterile and that the eggs will turn white over a couple of days and then the fish will eat them to get rid of them. This is not the case however. The eggs are all while, and they are still guarding them with their lives. They have taken over 3/4 of my 55 gallon tank and the other poor fish are only left to hang out in a small space most the time. Even the poor frog got uprooted out of his home under the driftwood. It is time for the tank to be cleaned out anyways. Should I go ahead and vac. the eggs and put all the gravel back in the holes or do I just let them be a while longer and see if they will eat the eggs?

Thank you anyone with info!
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White eggs is often a sign that they are not fertile. I know nothing about them being able to breed or not but if you see any kind of white fuzz on them then there are certainly dead and starting to rot. If you see that remove them immediately so they do not foul the water.

I couldn't find anything about them being sterile but will keep checking.
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Yea I have read alot about them and breeding. If you google "parrot fish breeding" you will get a lot of links, but I just didn't want to intrude since they have not been in my tank all that long. I don't want to stress them out alot if the eggs are fine being in there.

I will watch the eggs for white fuzzies, and vac as soon as that starts to apear. They are simply white right now. No fuzzy! I do not want bad water in my tank so if it causes stress on them getting the eggs out so my water doesn't turn bad then so be it!!

Thank you for the advice.
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