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Then you are saying that I should leave them in the community tank or when they will hatch i should move them?
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wait until they hatch if you to. Either way it might work. Removing the fry is a lot ore successful.

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What you should do is get a 10 gallon tank unless you already have a QT tank that is not in use that would be suitable for the spawning my angels just had there 3rd spawn so I found alot of stuff that works out very well the parents are very very good parents they know what to do, So once your angels are in the 10 gallon tank [this is before the female spawns] make sure theres at-least a slate in there so she has something to spawn on.. once she has laid her eggs leave the lights on or a light on in the room [i left the tank light on] for a week or longer..untill there wigglers atleast [i tried it with shutting the light off at night and on in the morning for there 3rd spawn she ate 98% of the eggs that way , when I left the light on the 2nd spawn for the whole week not 1 single egg was aten.] then you can remove the parents, some people do leave them in a little longer just to see them interact with the babys by suckin them in and spittin them where they want them its pretty cute. But once they are wigglers you dont need mom and dad anymore then you just wait till you got free swimmers there will big a big cloud in one spot of your tank and you can use many types of food I learned my fry would only eat live baby brine shrimp so i been hatching that every 1 1/2 - 2days and feeding them that so I would recommend hatching some before they start free swimming which is usally 9-11day sometimes sooner, keep your tank tidy and clean in about 3-4 weeks you should move them into a bigger tank 20-30gallon would be nice and continue the feeding 3-4 times a day an cleaning any dead babys any left over food and of course your filter sponge.. you will need a sponge filter I bought a few offline an there you go thats basiclly the full explanation on how i got a great success with my babys you can see my whole story pics and vids on my post. I noticed it sucks trying to raise the eggs into fish without mom and dad but if you move the eggs the first day from the parents will spawn usally 10-14 days when i kept the mom n dad with the eggs for like 14 days it took her 24 days to spawn! so im waiting for her 4th spawn since the 3rd spawn didnt turn out so well because i wasn't doing the same technique so for the 4th its back to what i did at first :) good luck with your next spawn if you have any questions you can always message or anything :).

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Remove the structure where the eggs are laid into another contair. Add metylene blue to the water to prevent fungus (not sure of how much). Put an air stone into the container so that the bubbles GENTLY wash over the eggs. this simulates fanning. Us a rubbermaid container with a sponge filter and heater to grow out the fry. Feed often and keep the water CLEAN.

Best of luck!

By the way, how big were your angels when they first spawned?
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how do I measure them?
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Originally Posted by migdem View Post

how do I measure them?
I'd like to know the approximate size from their mouth to the base of their tale.
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