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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Woah, over a MONTH!!! You must be going through some serious fish shop withdraw ;) I could be wrong, but I thought that swordtails ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 12-15-2012, 12:59 PM   #81
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Woah, over a MONTH!!! You must be going through some serious fish shop withdraw ;)

I could be wrong, but I thought that swordtails and platy would breed together, no problem? Never kept the swords, though - so I could be wrong. I've read that they do tend to be a smidge more aggressive than the Platy - but again, never kept them.

I don't know about her 'eggs' I'd think that they're either fertilized and growing from a previous mating, but she isn't ready or comfortable enough to drop them yet, or perhaps she's decided to terminate the batch. I don't know if it would be harmful for her, though? From your PM your tank has experienced some flux that *might* make her a bit uncomfortable, so perhaps she's just waiting for the right time?

Hope you figure it out, though - good luck with them all!!!
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Old 12-15-2012, 07:27 PM   #82
Sylverclaws's Avatar
She was in the tank that didn't have the flux. lol And no, the platy male showed no interest in her either. However, they can indeed interbreed. I've even seen some white mickey mouse swordtails and other mickey mouse swordtails thay looked a little of the mix.

Anywho, I took in some fish, they gave me two dollars per fish. I thought that was awesome. And I was telling grandma about it and said "If I had a bigger tank, I could raise more than two babies at a time and become rich. LOL She said, and I quote: "Shut up!! Christmas is almost here, so just shut up." This is what she says when she has a plan to get someone something they've been talking about, or already has. xD She should be a little more...what's the word...she gives it away by telling people not to talk about something she already has, or is going to get for them. Heh. Lucky for me too. When I went to the shop I was telling her I was looking into a male swordtail, but they didn't have any. I ended up with a female so Chelsea could have a buddy. She's darn happy about her too, they instantly buddied up. I wasn't expecting that. ^^; She's a painted swordtail to Chelsea's Red Neon, they look nothing alike and instantly just partied. Problem is, on our way out some girl came in with some absolutely gorgeous swordtails, two of which were males. I told the lady I already had my purchase, and didn't want a fish, no matter how pretty, without watching it for a while and making sure it didn't LOOK sick. I musta told her no three times. When we got home, that big male was in the bag. I was kinda miffed because I had gotten some newbies already, and now I had one too many fish! >/ Not only that, but my betta, who has been so good and sweet I actually forgot he was a betta...he decided he hated the big bright red male. @-@; I gave him a rather large pitcher with a few plants and heater. He's stuck, he almost killed him in about a second. ^^; Thankfully he just got a nick out of one fin and was knocked down. This swordtail is about twice, maybe even three times, the sizze of the betta though, and he got knocked down like a bowling pin. He's fine though, I was worried. I can't believe I forgot! He's never had a problem with my mollies or my platies, or anyone for that matter. Nothing serious, he did slap Chelsea, the Glutton as I call her, for stealing food from his mouth. He didn't do any damage, he just got mad. lol

Well, anyways, I wanted to give him to my mother, but her husband doesn't want him, and grandma got mad at me when she found out. x.x She said I'm not allowed to give him away, keep him in the pitcher(it's a big glass one that hold about a gallon and a half, not anywhere near good enough, but better than a cup or bowl), and SHE is getting him a five gallon tank herself, and then he's going to be hers so I don't give him away for killing fish. xD

Well, now that that is all settled and everyone is happy and currently sleeping...I can't wait until Christmas for the first time in years. Usually I just like to hang with family and enjoy myself, don't really care much about presents. I don't ask, they give if they feel like it(I can rarely afford gifts and so do not ask! I enjoy family time more anyways), but this time I know what I'm getting, even if it may be late, and I'm just about drooling over thoughts of awesomeness and big third tank I get to plant up and make pretty and raise babies in their own tank again. :3 Yeah, I'm excited. lol
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Old 12-16-2012, 09:51 AM   #83
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What IS it with people giving you fish?! You must have some kind of magical powers that hypnotize everyone into giving you aquatic creatures or something ;) Glad to hear that your little Sword is happier now, though. She must have been lonely, you wouldn't think she'd be, with all of those Platy around, but. . . fish are very interesting creatures, neh?

I think it's FANTASTIC that your G-mom is going to get a tank to properly keep that Betta. Poor thing has been through so much, and deserves his own space. Of course I'm sure you'll be in charge of tank maintenance, lol, but still - you'd have gotten him his own tank too, if you could afford to! YAY!

And. . . OOOOH!!! I just KNEW she was plotting something tank-related for Christmas. I'm SUPER excited to see just what she comes up with! *crosses fingers for a 125g* HEY! We can dream, neh???
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Old 12-16-2012, 10:56 AM   #84
Sylverclaws's Avatar
Gahaha, I would give just about anything for a 125 gallon tank. But no, I've been asking for a 50-55 gallon forever and constantly explaining why I need the bigger type of tank, not a smaller one to mix and match again. lol I think I got through, but I doubt anything bigger will ever happen because of space and floor strength. lol
I wanted to move to the basement because of this, and because it's cooler in the summer and I hate heat, but it's noisey down there with all the appliances and pipes, my uncle lives down there and he's not anywhere near quiet, and the hardwood floors above, it's a bit cramped feeling as well, there's also spiders...>>; I don't mind spiders, but my room has never had an issue with it on the top floor, the occasional one pops in and my cat kills it, or I catch and release. Haha, I would love a giant tank over a hundred gallons though, I really would. I could have a full group of all the livebearers I like. xD And proper groups of them, and even one of those common plecos that get huge...I fell inlove with a..I'm not sure if I remember the name properly, but it was something like a bushy something pleco. It looked like a butterfly, or like it had feathery wings. He was so neat. It was bushy something. xD I dunno how big they get, I just like how he looked and was content to stand and admire, but it didn't cross my mind that someday I may be able to get one. Research first though!

As for people that keep giving me fish, I think I need to stop being so vocal about them. It's just so hard not to talk about my fish, or other fish, and share knowledge. But people hear that and think "Oh hey, she's a good caretaker, let's dump 'em on her" I even do this at petshops. I felt bad yesterday because I finally had enough seeing bettas in cruddy conditions and kinda sandblasted this whom I see often and like to talk with. I told him I was sorry and HE has no say, I just couldn't not say anything anymore. There was a gorgeous betta there that was pale blue with white fins...what was left of his fins. They were just about rotted off. And another that was eating his tail, I let the guy have it. He said he was understanding and agrees with me it should be considered illegal to sell them if they can't keep them properly. ^^; Poor guy though. I just blew a fuse. I didn't yell, I just went on a mad rant. Bah. Someone needs to do this, several someones need to, at the proper people.

And my betta actually seems happy in his giant glass picher(Pitcher?). lol Comes to eat and everything, swims about all happily as normal. Good for him. I have a feeling he misses being in the community tank though. He actually grouped together with everyone and hung out, he'd swim over to the group just to be with them and hang out there. That was surprising, but he really did seem to enjoy it, and when he's in a place alone, he just seems kinda bummed...still eats and investigates his new place, but he still seems lonely. lol It was that giant red swordtail that set him off, and not just on him. He started going for everyone, I had to move him. =(

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Old 12-16-2012, 11:40 AM   #85
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You might be talking about a Bristlenose Pleco - I've also heard them called Bushynoses? If so, you CAN keep those in your 30 gallon tank, they only get to be about 4-5 inches if I'm remembering correctly :) Either way, I know you've been after a 55 for ages, I REALLY hope you get it!

Poor betta! I hope he gets used to being on his own. . . Speaking of Bettas, I like your new avatar, but I KNOW your fish isn't purple. . .did you get a new Betta?
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Old 12-16-2012, 12:18 PM   #86
Sylverclaws's Avatar
Nope, I making a move for betta and other fish, and I liked that purple one. I have no idea who it belongs to, I found it on google when I heard someone else talking about their purple betta. lol I don't have a place hardly for my current rescued betta, so getting another one would be a disaster. If anyone gives me one, I will hunt them down and stomp on their face and then sell their teeth to the toothfairy for a betta tank. =)

The move I am making, I have made posts in several places on yahoo, facebook and even sent a few to the news tips line. I am TIRED of seeing fish treated like trash, betta in cups, sick animals being sold, and all around poor care for fish in general for a profit. I think betta get it the worst. I am hoping many people will join in on it, and I am really hoping that the news will air my tip. It's high time this was taken care of. Animal cruelty is illegal here. A dog kept in his own filth and a tiny space would get the owner in deeeep kimshi. I think fish should be treated the same, so I am trying to make my voice heard for them. I hope many will join, it's a huge deal. =) It's got to be heard, I hope it gets big instead of being ignored. If you have a facebook, post it out there and see if it gets shared and heard! =) Or anywhere else that it may be heard, passed on, and possibly make a difference for the animals we love.

As for the pleco, it wasn't a bristlenose. I think it was a long-finned bushy nose pleco. Maybe the difference is the fins? lol

This here is what I saw, except the one I looked at wasn't albino:

Yeah, I sure have a big enough tank, but I don't have the room. I am over-stocked and feel like a dip myself for allowing it. I should have spoken up sooner, and been more FOOT IS DOWN on the subject. I do not want my fish to suffer. That's why I was giving away some of my favorites that I love, they deserve better homes. =) When I get my bigger tank, it'll be just them, and maybe a new pleco or two. The smaller ones of course. ^_^ I intend to raise happy, healthy fish for people who want to give them good homes. If I profit from it, yay. If I don't, oh well, they got a good home, and I KNOW I raised a happy fish and that is my payment. =)

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Old 12-21-2012, 10:59 AM   #87
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Well, if I don't have anymore unbelievably stupid setbacks that are far too coincidental for my tastes...I'll have my 55 gallon tank by this afternoon. :3 So long as my dog doesn't break his other leg, and my ferret doesn't get shut in another door, and my cat doesn't fall off the house, and my something doesn't something again. x.x LOL That's kinda been my month. xD Except the cat one.
Ever have those days where everything that could possibly go wrong and thensome does? Well, that seemed to happen to me all month. I went to purchase a bigger tank a while back and somewhow my dog busts up his leg and needs a $3500 surgury soon as I seal the deal. Then the other night I found a nice tank and went for it, was literally in the middle of making the call when my uncle slammed the back door on my ferret. He didn't see her of course, but yeah. Another setback. Thankfully she's ok. x.x But we decided to pocket and drop everything incase she wasn't. It's one of those moments I just want to make sailors blush with my very talented vocabulary.

Ah well, I do indeed have baby news, which is better than the yuck I've gotten lately. LOL I am starting to think it's funny. =p I'm not sure if I've mentioned yet, but I got a baby swordtail. The other one I got from my sick tank unfortunately died, along with most of my mystery babies, I have only one left. =( I ended up missing a tank change for the week because I had the flu, and we had an ammonia spike. v.v; Well, I got that taken care of, and I do have three healthy babies. Well, two are babies, the other is a month-month and a half old dalmation lyretail baby. It's so cute. Got a little black candleflame for a tail. That's what it reminds me of anyways, I assume since he's already covered in spots, he will probably continue to get darker and darker, maybe he'll end up like my other Dalmation male, the one I called The Resident Peacock. He also unfortunatly died and I miss him. I also lost a creamsicle lyretail and a long-finned bushy-nose pleco at the same time due to a filter malfunction Lucky month, eh? I get a little bit of good luck for one single day, and then I seem to get absolutely slammed with bad luck for the month. xD

Well, maybe things will happy up once I have my 55 gallon set up and running. And then with my luck, the thing will shatter on it's own for no reason. =p Yeah, I'm morbid today. I'll put up a happier update later on, I am sure. ^_~
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Old 12-22-2012, 03:22 PM   #88
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Yeah, it was a bad day at the Claws house yesterday. lol But today is looking up. I got my tank this morning. It's a really beautiful tank! Needs a wipe-down and then I can set it up. The guy selling it had me on the phone for about two hours talking about our awesome fish we had or have. lol He ended up losing his gumption to have fish when his Bumblebee Cichlid decided to kill all his other cichlids, so he sold his tank. He was actually very unhappy about it, but he was glad to know I know at least some about what I'm doing, love my fish like he did and that I'll take good care of it. The only thing wrong with it is the stand has half the door missing, but that's not a big concern, the rest is in great condition. ;D I can't wait to get it set up and going. Even though I intend to move most of my water over there instead of doing a full cycle, I'm thinking I'll do a bit of a cycle anyways. lol Got that proper testing kit, so this will make things a lot less hairy. :3 I can't wait to get photos of it up for you either! My fish are going to love that thing. And it came none too soon either. My Dalmation Molly is getting ready to pop, and I'd love to have her in her own little place for it. Whenever she has those labor pains, my other fish kinda group around her and she doesn't like it.
Well, even if I add in my platy and swordtails, I think it'll be considered a bit under-stocked. Which is fine with me. xD I have a place to raise the kids safely, and room if I decide to keep one or two of them. :3 I'm so happy, one of the best presents I've ever gotten that I didn't buy for myself. lol

Honestly, I don't know which I am more excited to see. This tank set up and going, or those babies. xD Mom sure is a pretty fish. Sure, I like the ones that have so many spots you can't even see them all, but I also like those that barely have any. She's got quite a few, but she's mostly a pretty snow white color. On one side she has only a couple spots, on her other side she has about a dozen. She's a nice little fish. x)
Now that I've gotten some good luck, pray it doesn't come back to bite me. Haha. -knocks on wood-

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Old 12-25-2012, 07:26 PM   #89
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Ah, I was hoping for soem Holiday Babies, but I guess she's just not ready to pop yet! Honestly it worries me when they get so big but don't drop any babies. This usually means they're re-absorbing them and I never get any. x.x Well, whatever is best for ma, I always say. It'd be a real bummer if that happened though, so I'm hoping she'll have some nice healthy kids still. She isn't really getting much bigger, just staying about the same size. lol But then again...she did get bigger since I got her, it's just been the last week or so that she hasn't changed much, if any.

Heh, once the holidays are done, I'll be setting up my new 55 gallon tank. We're kinda having arguements and disagreements about where to put it. x.x I absolutely do NOT want to move to the'd only be slightly more comfortable in the summer, but complete mysery at all other times. Honestly I think it'll be fine on the second floor considering the amount of heavy things they have in their room with no problem. GIANT cabinets, several of them, giant TV, giant BED, giant everything really, and two of those cabinets weigh no less than 200 pounds, maybe even more than that. And one of the clothing dressers has a five by six foot mirror on it that can't be light. All of these basically in the same area of the room as well...would this be a good arguing point? I don't wanna be in the moldy old basement where there are billions of spiders and other bugs. ;_; It'd be equivalent to sleeping on the ground in the rain forest! Orkin just makes you feel better by laying traps and whatnot, but I keep seeing spiders here and there, I know they exist, and they're none too small either...I've found spiders down there that would make tarantulas soil themselves.

Well anyways, now that I got THAT out of my xD Made myself laugh. I'm sure we'll get that taken care of. I had hoped to have it all done by now! But we had a White Christmas and a lot of cold since we bought the tank, my uncle just left it in the garage to be cold. I'm actually afraid it might crack or weaken because of that, not to mention going from freezing tempuratures, sub-zero at one point, to the 72 degree house. lol I'll be sure to get photos up for you guys once everything is done though, I'm sure it'll be fine if we let it get used to the house before actually doing anything with it.
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Old 12-28-2012, 04:18 AM   #90
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Finally, after a little more than four months I can honestly say....SHE FINALLY HAD KIDS! My Creamsicle Lyretail molly finally decided to fertilize her eggs and have some gorgeous babies. I THOUGHT she was tricking me again, she has this tendoncy to over-eat every chance she gets. She steals everyone else's food if she can, and when I drop in stuff for my cories, even in the dark with a covered tank, she gets it. And she's no small fish as is! She's about three and a half, maybe four inches long, and she's always had some good girth. lol The last few weeks I had noticed a dark spot in her, but again, blew it off as my little bossy girl eating too much.
Well I got a heck of a shock this morning! I turn on the lights and they were -everywhere- I didn't know what to do. x.x I musta fumbled around my room for five minutes before I realized I couldn't move all the adults out, so finding the net was only going to help me a little...and got my trusty turkey baster. :3 Well, in my defence, I did just wake up and it was two am. lol It's 3:23am now, and I still haven't caught them all! I don't think I will either. There's a lot more hiding places now, and they're pretty darn good at it. Unfortunately I know that many of them were eaten...I'd say she musta had between fifty and eighty kids! I think I only managed to catch about thirty though, I can see dozens more in there that I can't get to without mushing them. ^^;

They really are a nice mix of babies too. Most of them are black and gold, this tells me she did indeed still have some sperm saved from either my black sailfin, who I had hoped she would have kids with at the start of this waiting game, or from my dalmation lyretail male with the blue tail I called Comet, who recently passed away. Either way, they are and probably will stay gorgeous. And best news yet: I got my 55 gallon tank, so I have room to raise at least several of these babies. =) I do see some white on a couple of them, but most are solid black and gold. Most likely she had a thing with all the boys I've had in there over the last five months or so. ^^; I also had a silver lyretail in there five months ago, and another black molly, but she hated everyone but my black sailfin and Comet the Dalmation. But who knows! I'm just so happy about this, what pretty babies and sooo many! And here I was just complaining that I had only gotten six or seven babies in the last month or so. =O I was so used to having babies all over the place I was getting lonely. ^_^

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