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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I never did find anything on the -worm- critter. I think it was a mosquito larvae. I think this because I got mobbed by ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 10-25-2012, 06:07 PM   #61
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I never did find anything on the -worm- critter. I think it was a mosquito larvae. I think this because I got mobbed by two female mosquitos today when I dumped some water into the sink. I haven't found anymore. I hear they make good fish food as is and wont hurt them. lol At least that's what I hear.

I've changed things up a bit too. I gave away a lot of older juveniles today, I moved all the babies I have to the big tank too, the new ones will be in the breeder for the first two weeks or so, as usual, and then put in with the adults to grow until they get their new homes. I've made the "Nursery" into a platy tank. Well, three platy and a swordtail...speaking of my swordtail, I thought she was a Pineapple, but apparently she's a neon, I think a Red Neon to be exact, but she may be a blue. They look very similar to me, but I did find a red female almost identical to her. Also, the one I found that looked just like her, she has this very dark spot in her belly I initially thought was babies, and then I heard they were eggs...But the more I look into it, the more I find it sounds like pregnancy, not eggs. =) So I am expecting babies from her eventually. lol

I also gave away my two balloon mollies. I REALLY didn't want to give Romeo away to the shop, even though I know they take good care of them and adopt those out fast(Fish brought in go for free, they aren't sold, especially if they may be mixes), but my cousins canceled their visit and I probably wont see them for another month. And I needed the space for the juveniles I am keeping and they need more room. =) So there's now three less fish in there, about fifteen less if you count the juveniles I gave away. They're just as dirty as the adults...I think they may even go more often! x.x So now I'm down to the two males I want and five females(I can't tell with the three juvies yet, but if any ome out male, they'll go to new homes as well).

So like I was saying, I gave away a lot of fish today and made perfect amount of room for everyone. ^_^ I still have some babies to raise of course! But I've been dying to have a platy tank again. So I now have my two female blue MM's in the other tank with my swordtail, and I got a male Red Tiger Platy to complete the set. Three girls and a boy if I count the swordtail, and I know they can interbreed, so I thought she would be happier with them instead of the mollies. This male was very interested in breeding with the girls at the shop, so maybe he will will my platy and everyone will be happy. lol I was going to get the female with him, but I thought since the swordtail female would probably be happy with them, I'll do that instead and make another space in my tank. I think I'm set. x) Now I just have to keep myself back from buying more fish. xD So help me, it's hard to resist! Hopefully this one final new addition before having a QT tank wont bite me in the butt.

You know, I have been asking about female dwarf gourami at the shops, they say they get them in only very rarely...I initially thought that meant because people got them whenever they came in to breed them, but the lady there told me they don't get them often because people -don't- get many breeding projects and the females just sit in the tanks forever. =( That's very sad. But I suppose it's responsible! If you don't want babies, why get girls? A lot of people buy both and then just let the kids get killed, which really makes no sense to me. Why breed them if you don't want them? Males are prettier and do well in bachelor groups most of the time.

I've also renamed my Gourami. I call him Capone. He doesn't mess with anyone unless they mess with him, but he kinda goes slowly around the tank and looks at whoever is looking at him. Like when I sit there and watch, he'll slide over real slow and then stop to look at me. You can see his eyes move, he watches you. But he's got to be the sweetest fish in my tank, tough as he looks! My grandma loves that. I'm playing the game "Shadow Hearts: From the new world" So that helped me out with the name as they have Al Capone in there. xD He just looks like a mob boss, but he doesn't act the part unless he needs to.

Well, hopefully my next news (Aside from news on babies), will be that I finally got my QT tank. LOL And maybe my bigger tank too. I'm keeping an eye out for a bigger otherwords, I'm in the market, but I may end up having to wait for my aunt first.
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Old 10-30-2012, 04:57 AM   #62
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Woot! BLUE

My Blue Mickey Mouse Platy is giving birth! I noticed she looked a little laborey earlier, but then she seemed to go out of it, usually when they do that they wait for another day or so. But I noticed my Kuhli's kept whipping something up, I went to suck it out thinking it was a piece of food I missed...It was a little baby! :3 I didn't find anymore, but she's still in labor, so I moved her in the big breeding net and put a divider in there for her. She was sick a little while ago(She had what I thought was her intestines came out or something, but they went back in when I moved her to QT, and it may have been a stuck baby I am thinking now)...So I've turned off the lights and covered the tank up. I'd LOVE to film it, but since she was sick, I want to make sure she has as little stress as possible. The net I have her in is pretty big, even with a plant and divider in it, so she should be ok for a few hours. Hopefully she wont stop her labor from the move, even though it wasn't -really- a move since I just kinda scooped her up in the breeder to begin with and kept it in the same tank. The second reason I moved her into the net was because my swordtail female and my other female blue platy were picking on her.

Well, I have one baby so far, wish me luck! Wish her luck too, I'm worried about her since she wasn't well before going into labor to begin with and the baby is fairly small. I would love more blue platies. n.n
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Old 10-31-2012, 12:20 AM   #63
Sylverclaws's Avatar I'm confused. Haha. I have one baby I thought was from my blue platy because she seemed laborey. I put her in the net up this morning and there were no more babies in there with her, but there was a little red baby just outside the net. I haven't been able to catch it though, and don't even know if it survived the adults. ><
Is it possible for my Neon Red Swordtail to have given birth without showing any signs of labor at all? I mean she's been swimming around normally with everyone else, going for the food, and isn't very big, though obviously she's got the black gravid spot...I thought she was only a week or two into pregnancy since she's just a little bit plumper than an unpregnant fish. All three females still look pregnant, and aside from the one I THOUGHT was giving birth, are acting normal...Well, this is what I get for having so many pregnant girls, eh? LOL Hopefully I will find that baby, just because it was red doesn't mean one of my blue platies didn't breed with a red male of some-sort, they ARE mickey mouse Platy afterall, and the most common Mickies I've seen were red or orange...

And no, there are no holes in the net, and I keep it about half an inch out of the water at the top so my cories don't jump into it(I had that happen before). I checked it thoroughly for holes, not even a pull anywhere. x.x Maybe they're all popping out a few here and there to lessen...the pressure, I don't know! xD I found some blue platy babies over a week ago or so, didn't know what they were for sure, but now I'm sure they are infact blue platy. They have a lovely light blue shade to them, are more square than mollies or swordtail, and have a slightly higher, rounder dorsal fin. =o So maybe one was carrying more than one batch at a time. I know mollies can do that, can platy also do that?

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Old 10-31-2012, 01:05 PM   #64
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LOL! You and your babies!!! To the best of my knowledge, ALL live-bearers can carry more than one brood at a time, it also is very common for them to 'pop out' one or three babies here an there, every few days or so, instead of dropping the whole brood at once. I've given up on trying to figure out WHY livebearers do what they do - such silly fishies! Good luck with your new fry!
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Old 11-02-2012, 04:46 AM   #65
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Oh hey, another birthday surprise for me: I went to feed my mollies in the big tank and saw some really small babies skittering about that shouldn't be loose in there, look like newborns. I think they're from my Marble molly, wouldn't that be something? I was hoping she'd have babies, she was looking really plump for a while and isn't today, she got really skinny overnight. Some are white and spotty, the others are black and spotty.
I also found some more that looked like my Blue Platy babies, but they're really interesting looking. So now I'm wondering if there were some other fishes eggs on my driftwood or something, they have kinda butterfly-like fins and remind me of those long-finned butterfly tetras, or a long-finned Danio. I think that's what they're called, not sure. I saw some in the shop that looked similar. I certainly didn't buy any though. lol They look like they have wings but they're kinda bluey like the other babies I have in my net, these are smaller and I haven't had my blue platies in there for over a week.

What are those tetras that look like they have wings? One wing for the dorsal fin and another on the tummy that kinda remind me of a giant fly wing. I can't remember what they're called...I guess I have to wait and see. It's almost impossible to tell which babies are whose when they're new. Especially when they look nothing like any fish you already have.

Well, today is my birthday, so it was a nice surprise with all the not good I've gotten so far. I got up horribly sick last night at about 11pm and haven't been able to get back to sleep. It's after three thirty AM and I'm dead tired. c.c; My grandma got me three African Dwarf Frogs, one male and we think two girls. lol I was telling her about Chesh's sick frog and reminiscing about the frogs I used to have, so she went and got me some for my birthday without telling me. I think it was more for her though, she LOVES frogs, but at least she picked something compatible this time that wont get bad genes in my tank like the Balloon mollies, cute as they are. ^^; She also bought me one of those expensive API Master Freshwater Test kits, guess she heard me complaining about the test strips being sucky.

Well, I'm set, I like the little froggies. I fed them soon after they settled in and now they come see me whenever I'm near the tank, I could get used to this, even though I'm more used to frogs you can hold. Can't hold these guys, but boy are they fun to watch! Problem was, it was a random surprise so I had to clean up the tank in a hurry. x.x Wanted to make sure any salt I had in there was gone, although I only put a small sprinkle in there because of an ick scare, but my kuhli's and loaches don't like it, but frogs absolutely can't handle it. Ahh! @_@;
I used to have an African Clawed frog named Mister Bubbles in Elementary school, also can't hold those(But he was the coolest thing ever, had him for three years and then one day he mysteriously vanished and we never found him!), and some Green Tree Frogs when I was a little older, which you can handle. They sing pretty too. =p I really do miss them, frogs are some of the best little critters.
Now I just wish someone would get me the Final Fantasy VIII Game since my copy fried and I'm set for life. ;D Oh yeah, and a homemade cherry pie, maybe a pumpkin pie too...I usually go out to my favorite restaurant and get ribs and fries, but since I can't keep anything down, I don't think it's a good idea. Same with the pies. v.v;

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Old 11-02-2012, 10:46 AM   #66
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Happy Birthday!!! And Congratulations on the new little froggy friends! ADF can handle a bit of salt in their water if they have to, similar to the loaches. . . of course you want to avoid it, but if it's necessary, it's okay! I hope they do well for you! ADF are soooooooo sweet!!! Are you thinking of Black Skirt or Black Widow Tetra (they come in white, too!) It's the only thing I can think of. Wow, that would be amazing if fertilized eggs survived the transfer and hatched in your home!!! You'll have to keep us updated on how these tiny guys grow - and what they are!
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Old 11-02-2012, 11:26 AM   #67
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No, they look quite a bit different than the black skirt tetra. Their fins look like wings on a giant fly. lol I guess we have to wait and see. They're quite a bit longer and more narrow shaped than my other babies are. I'm wondering if it's some kind of fish that needed brackish water to hatch in. Because of the ich from my platy(All of my adults are spot free now, just a few babies got it, though most have lost their spots too), I've added a lot more salt than I normally would to keep the mollies happy. I've been slowly turning it into fully brackish water. lol Didn't want to just DUMP it in and shock them, so over the last week I've been adding a good bit. The mollies are sure loving it. xD

As for my frogs and the salt...I heard they couldn't handle ANY salt because it dehydrates them. =o I didn't want to test it regardless. Heh. Oh yes, are African Clawed Frogs and the African Dwarfs the same kind of frog? o-o I may be mistaken in the frog I had. It was a fully aquatic frog, as fully aquatic as they get like the dwarves anyways(Still need air but don't need land), but he was huge and didn't have spots. About the same color though, but he was about...oh, if I remember correctly he was about five inches across...and now that I think about it, I think "He'' was actually a "She." lol I think I got him when I was five and had him until I was almost nine. x.x So I don't remember his type...I remember him perfectly though.

Let me tell you, I've fallen inlove with these guys! They are cute and funny. I put some shrimp and blood worms in there for them, the big male sat there infront of the small pile and stared...and stared...and then CHOMPED real fast and kicked himself in the face to knock off the stuff he didn't want. LOL It floated off and one of the smaller ones I think is a female snatched it up and fled with it. They come look at you when you're near the tank unless noise was made.

Did you know they sing? UNDERWATER! I did not know they made noise! But watch this:

Oh yes, this isn't my video. lol It was in the list when I uploaded my frogs though. That's just so cool. Sounds kinda like a cicada underwater.

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Old 11-02-2012, 03:06 PM   #68
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*shrugs* I dunno... what kind of tetra looks like it has fly wings, lol! I'm SURE that once you figure out what you're talking about it'll be obvious - one of those things. . . can't wait to find out what you have swimming around in there!!!

There ARE two different types of African frogs that are commonly sold in pet stores - I've owned both. The easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the webbing on their 'hands' and 'feet'. African DWARF frogs have webbing between their fingers AND their toes, but African CLAWED frogs only have webbed feet. The requirements for these two is very different, so double check to make sure!

So happy your little male is singing! Isn't it the CUTEST THING!?!! It's hard to tell the genders apart until they reach sexual maturity at around 9 months old - in MY experience, they're usually mature by the time they reach the chain shops like PetSmart - your male certainly is if he's singing for a mate! Boy frogs are smaller and thinner than females, and have a small white or pinkish ‘pimple’ on their side, just behind their armpit. It’s called a post-axillary subdermal gland, and it's pretty obvious when you look for it. Female Dwarfs tend to be much larger on the whole - roly poly little things, and in my experience are very aggressive (compared to the males, lol) when it's feeding time. Their tails are longer, too. . . Salt is NOT recommended with these guys, no. If you ever need to treat for ich again, I'd suggest you remove the frogs from the tank while treatment is taking place. They aren't carriers for Ich, so that won't be a problem. HOWEVER, in some circumstances frogs can be treated for various illnesses with a light dose of salt - I just wanted to let you know to ease your mind JIC there was some salt still in the tank when you introduced them - they'll be fine :)

I, too, am a HUGE fan of ADF. They're such wonderful, adorable little creatures!
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Old 11-03-2012, 01:35 PM   #69
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That wasn't my video, it was someone elses. But I'm hoping mine will sing. I have two males for sure, and -possibly- three girls. I have to wait a little bit, they're too small. But two of the ones I think are female are still too small to tell, but they look plump. I now have five frogs. My brother misread my facebook saying I -want- frogs, so he got me two. And two beauties at that! They're older and fully formed, so it's easy to tell one is male and the nice very chubby one is female. lol Unfortunately this means I am over-stocked. @.@ I also need a new top to my aquarium, the door broke off on my ten gallon, so when we go get that new top, I'm gonna take back two Loaches and three Cories. That'll put me at five and five and give me some open room.

Man, those frogs my brother got me are gorgeous. He went to a good shop, the shops I go to are starting to fall quite a bit. I'm gonna try to find this store he goes to and go there. =) They may even buy my fry and fish. If not, well, they're still darn awesome at fish care! It's a place called Neptunes, and they're rumored to be pretty good, I just haven't found the shop until my brother told us where it is. :3 I was so excited about seeing those frogs though. LOL The highlight of my Birthday, because let me tell you...nothing went right yesterday and nothing has gone right today. My computer is trying to die, you may not see me for a while. x.x I FINALLY got it going, that made me feel better. lol
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Old 11-30-2012, 02:06 PM   #70
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My Creamsicle is pregnant again, or possibly even the first time since I've never been able to varify it for sure...but this time I can see a dark spot in her belly. lol

Also, I got a photo of one of those mystery babies, maybe someone can tell me what it is. =) He's got some big fins, so do all his siblings, compared to any of my other babies or adults. I have no idea what it is, but again my best guess is a blue blaty...but those fins just don't match up with that. I haven't seen platy come out like that...maybe they're hi-fin blues? Mom isn't though if they're hers.
Sorry, not a great photo, but it's the best I could get after days of trying. ^^;

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