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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> And another update for you. lol My gold dust female seems to have recovered from whatever was going on and is acting completely normal. ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 10-09-2012, 10:24 AM   #51
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And another update for you. lol

My gold dust female seems to have recovered from whatever was going on and is acting completely normal. I wonder what it was.

Soon as this awesome thing happened, I had another bit of bad luck. =-= My silver Lyretail decided to rip my black sailfin apart. I don't think he's going to make it. He's not nearly as ripped up looking as my gold dust female was when she got beat up a while back, but he's acting way more injured and probably is. I made a help thread for him though and already took precautions to help him out. He took a huge chunk out of his belly and he can't swim right, he's hanging by a thread. I hope he pulls through, but I don't think he'll even last more than a few more hours. v.v; I have no idea what else to do to help him. I have him in the nursery where nobody will bother him, added some extra salt and a little pimafix to ward off infection should he survive.

Well, that's that. Today I am going to give my Silver male away, and see if my little cousin will take Romeo(The balloon male) and I will only have the Dalmation male in there. I had hoped to avoid male fighting by giving away the two males today as is, but I was a few hours too late. They haven't shown any aggression to eachother, but I was hoping to make it impossible by giving them away anyways. I only wanted the Black sailfin and dalmation male. T_T I actually cried. The black sailfin is trying to live, and I hope he will. But he can't even swim much now and just hangs in odd positions or thrashes here and there. =( How do mollies do such damage?! Until my last gold dust incident when I only had that one male, I didn't know they could do such a thing! And that was a male killing his girls. It didn't make sense for that one. This one does, and it's my fault for allowing it.

I am going to be asking for some Red Sailfin mollies(Or red dalmation sailfin if I can get my hands on them) for my birthday, I hope I can find some. That's next month. But right now, I am giving away my two boys, and three of the females with them. lol I'll have too much room then, but that's a good thing, right? X) I am hoping to replace three of them with the red sailfins, I have to order them in though, so I hope all goes well with them and the delivery, and I only get one male instead of three(I'm not sure if I can tell them that in the order, but if I can, I will)! Wish me luck, I totally need it, and it's going to be for my birthday, so I better get some for once. =p I am hoping to get that big tank too. ^_~ Regardless, aside from a red sailfin, no more boys! I only wanted two to begin with.

How many mollies could I have in a 55 gallon tank anyways? =o Would nine be too many for that? I could keep three in the twenty gallon with the Kuhli's if it is.

On a bit of a brighter, and confusing note: My Creamsicle has gotten a bit of her belly back and I can actually SEE the babies now. I wonder what happened there, maybe she had a blockage, god forbid. x.x She was pooping normally though, but she thinned down A LOT one night, never did find any babies, and she did keep a little roundness, but she was a bubble before that. I haven't given them anything that shoulda bloated her for nearly two weeks though! x.x I assumed the babies were born and got eaten, but maybe something else was going on there. lol She's extra grumpy too, but she's also been breeding A LOT with my Silver male and my Dalmation male. I figured out that once I start seeing eyes through the mothers skin, she's probably going to give birth within 3-5 days. That's how I tell with my Gold Molly anyway. lol I can't find this gravid spot people talk about. I may be mistaking something else that is actually the spot though!

I'll only have six mollies once I give a few away today. Well, 11 if I count the five youngins in the nursery that I'm keeping, but they are staying there, atleast for the next few months. I am hoping to put my six, plus the three red mollies I am -hoping- to get, in the 55 gallon tank and let those five have the twenty gallon. I want to make sure that nine isn't too much for the 55 gallon though! If you think it might be, I'll probably give away a couple more, see if my cousin wants them. I'd like them to stay in the family, I've gotten very close to all my fish, and it was as bad as losing my cat to a coyote a few years ago to find my black sailfin the way he was today. I don't think I've cried so hard over a fish before, but they're living animals, and family as much as any dog or cat! I hate learning lessons the hard way, but I was trying to find them homes. The gold dust male I took to petco several months ago is still there, but his color is really, really faded, so I know he's not as well taken care of as the ones that have homes are. Pestmart is so much better, but still meh...But I did learn my last visit that the majority of the fish brought in every day are adopted out the same day, or within three days usually. They go for free. =)

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Old 10-09-2012, 08:27 PM   #52
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Girl, I haven't really gotten a chance to check this thread for a few days, and it looks like I chose the WORST time to vanish! *HUGS* I am SO sorry that you've had to go through all of this. . .
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Old 10-10-2012, 12:16 PM   #53
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You have your own life, you don't have to push yourself to come on for me when you have things of your own to do and not enough time for everything else. lol But I appreciate it anyways.

All my fish are going back to normal, and I'll test my water again in a few hours. I have no oddly swimming fish anymore, they all seem normal. The pregnant dalmation female I have is a little stressed still and hiding, but I think she's planning to give birth soon, so I'm giving them space incase it was a stress thing and unplanned. And the menu for today is cooked peas! I seem to get constipated fish when I first buy them, maybe the food doesn't agree with them at the shops, but it's an easy fix usually with some peas, and that also seems to make them very happy too. lol
My very pregnant blue mickey mouse platy was hiding a lot, but she comes out to watch me through the glass now, I'm not used to new fish being that brave and curious.
My pregnant balloon molly, now she is something. She's huge. Her belly is roughly four times the size of my males tummy, and about twice the size my last pregnant balloon molly got. I pity her back. lol Boy she is one grumpy lady. When I got her, she was in labor and all the fish were picking on her, that's why I got her in the first place. She doesn't want anyone near her. I'd love to give that to her and my dalmation, but I'm afraid to move them again after yesterdays fiasco. Her labor -seems- to have stopped, but she is acting the part of a fish about to give birth soon.
Not sure if I mentioned this yet or not, but once her babies are born, and she recovers, I'll see about giving her and Romeo(The other balloon molly), to my little cousin. I've actually gotten kinda attached to the little guys. Haha, they may not be the healthiest fish, but they are fun little things, and they have pretty colors too.

Of course I'll update on my fish and any babies I might get later on! :3

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Old 10-10-2012, 01:03 PM   #54
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Good luck over there!!! I hope everything settles down, and it's back to smooth sailing!
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Old 10-11-2012, 03:20 PM   #55
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My super-sized balloon molly looks like she's trying to give birth again. As I said, I'm getting used to the whole "Now I will, nevermind, next day maybe..." things they do. Sometimes they're JUST not as ready as they think. lol But she's hanging out in the plant most of the time, and others she goes over to a corner of the tank no other fish are at and just hangs there, every once in a while she will "Bounce" her back end and jiggle, usually tells me a fish is either trying to give birth, or can't poop. However, she had herself some peas last night, so I'm doubting she's having a poo issue. lol I am assuming she'll either give birth today or tomorrow, but I could be wrong! It is up to them, afterall, and they have tricked me before. =) My black molly was doing this a lot, but she actually held them for about a week! Three days before she gave birth I noticed she was...I think bleeding. She would look like she pushed and a dark fluid would come out. My balloon did that day before, but hasn't since. The black molly was the same, three days after that, she gave birth to many healthy babies.

Hopefully my water will right itself soon, I doubt it will in one day, but it does seem to be getting better, the Nitrates just keep spiking, but that means it's trying to fix the cycle, right? Possibly anyways. I am keeping an eye on it.

I was wondering, once I get everything fixed up you know what kind of algae eater would do well in my twenty gallon with the gravel? I am considering giving away my cories after that size scare I got! I did move them to my ten gallon with the sand. It's smaller and not meant for them, but it's less chance they will hurt their delicate selves. Maybe my cousin will want them, I really have gotten attached and I am torn here worse than anything. In the end, it's they who matter the most, not what I want. But I DO need an algae eater, one that will go good with my fish and water type, my tank size, and not need to be in groups of more than two. Preferably I'd only like one, but if something is able to be happy in a twenty gallon with two of them, that's ok too. I WILL have a bigger tank, and I am wanting to keep my two cories until then. It may be anywhere from one to two+ months though, it's not a sure thing! Right now they're only about two inches long. If that. I thought they were a bit bigger, but I tried to measure them. lol Two inches max, one is smaller.

My nursery is getting too full! =o Didn't think that would happen with a ten gallon tank! However, I have four or five different broods of different ages in there. lol Did you see any of my recent videos of the nursery? The three baby balloon mollies I got from my sick girl a while back...are pink. Yes, PINK. They have a nice sorta bubblegum pink color, and they have longer back fins that are bright red. Interesting little stinkers. I hope they stay that color, they wont last long in the store. Not many people like pink, I suppose I like it ok depending what it's on(It's cool on animals, not so much on clothes...), but on fish, they will probably get a nice quick home. lol

I look forward to updating about my new incoming babies. I have a very pregnant blue mickey mouse platy, a pregnant mottled Dalmation Lyretail (Not the normal white spotted ones you see, she's darker and has so many spots it's kinda like dirty snow lol), and that Balloon. She's rather pretty, she's more red than my other female was, but not as bright as the male is. She also has big, flowey, BRIGHT yellow pectoral fins. So help me...I have gotten attached to them, never thought I would, as interesting as I may find them and their fat penguin looks and overly curious personality...But I am seriously considering keeping them and adopting out my other marble and Silver molly instead. ^^; -sigh- What's a girl to do? I guess I'm just a softy. I need to win the lottery so I can get myself "The House of Tanks" I intend to make later in life. x) It'll also be the "House of Ferrets" too though. I intend to adopt and take in unwanted or neglected ferrets, and if they can be, adopt them back out. =o My cat loves the two I have...but just think of his sanity! It'll be gone after he has ten ferrets climbing on his back. lol

I have to show you that, these are my own pets aside from the fish.

The one in front was also neglected before I got her and has been stunted. You can't tell from this photo, but she's about a third the size she should be, and has an impossible time gaining weight. So yes, I am such a softy. ;D That's Ren, she's my little stinker. Cooper is the one next to my cat Leo. Leo was abandoned at a shelter because his previous owners said he wouldn't stay off the counters! He does have an issue with that, but I've taught him where he can get up and where he can't, easy as pie. He was at the shelter for six months, they usually only keep them for two or three at the most, but the shelter became fond of him and gave him an extra chance. He's also the coolest and nicest cat I've ever met, and he's huge, he weighs about 20 pounds. People are just irresponsible. =p Cooper was purchased soon after I got Ren since the shelter didn't have any for about three months! She needed a buddy. He's about twice her size, maybe a little more. He looks like a bear compared to her, really. And he still has some growing to do. ^_^ When I got him he fit in the palm of my hand! He was smaller than the two month older Ren, who was starved and stunted. I got her when she was three months old, how can people treat a baby so badly? =(

Here they are now in their new cage, you can see how big Cooper is to Ren. xD

Anywho, I hope you enjoy those photos, they're cute although a little off topic. lol I will keep you updated on my fishies. x)
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Old 10-20-2012, 08:00 AM   #56
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Ah, I got some new babies! :3 I'm not sure who the mom is...again. o-o; Sometimes my fish carry two batches and it's hard to tell since they don't fully skinny up, and also some don't get very big to begin with! But I got four pretty babies. My goodness, they are so unbelievably tiny. They look perfect, just extremely small. Even my premature silver mollies weren't this tiny! I'm wondering if they came from my new Pineapple swordtail that I rescued. She had that dark spot in her belly, I heard it was eggs, not babies when they look like that...but I don't know. That would be lovely though. =) I just can't believe how small they are. I was worried they may be premies, still am...but they look ok. They swim good, as of today, I just found them yesterday. When they're new they just kinda hang out. lol But now they're swimming around and foraging, they really look fine...just...I dunno, they're maybe two centimeters long and practically invisible! The only reason I found them was because I saw one between the glass and the breeder box I have in there. I put a little bit of flake food dust in there, made it as small and dusted as I could, and the food was still too big for them to eat out-right. ^^;

Still keeping watch on my Creamsicle, I don't think she wants kids. lol ^_~ And my Balloon molly still hasn't popped. She was in labor for quite a while, got rid of what looked to be a blockage, and then acted normal. I'm starting to think the blockege was just that sucky, peas cleared that right up. lol She may not have been as ready as I thought she was.

However, I do have a blue Mickey Mouse platy that is looking close to poppage. :3 I really can't wait for those babies!

I took a whole lot of juveniles to the shop the other day because I have three-five females that look to be ready to go soon. Wow, baby central. lol I moved the older juveniles I am keeping to the bigger tank, the three I kept from a previous brood from my Gold Molly, Miss Orangey. I left my red platy fry in there though, they're still a little too small. Well, not really, but small enough to get bullied. I thought they would be full red platy, but one of them got a lovely Mickey Mouse on his tail recently, the other isn't showing that yet if he's going to get it. I kinda hope he wont. lol I like MM platy, but I've always wanted one of those pure red ones! Not the red-wags with the black tails(Although I like those too, don't get me wrong), just pure red. But it doesn't matter that much, I'll still like them nbo matter what color or markings they turn out to have.

My cories were displaying some breeding behavior earlier, so I'm also keeping an eye out for eggs. x) That would just be lovely, especially if I managed to take good care of them. I've been reading up on it just in case I do get some eggs! Better to know before than to rush and find out after. lol

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Old 10-20-2012, 12:18 PM   #57
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Sounds like you're having fun baby wrangling! I'm SO relived to hear that your little Balloon Molly is doing well. I was nervous for her! Cories seem to be pretty easy to breed, from what I've read - I've never kept them, but I'm SURE you'll get babies eventually - the way you're going, probably sooner than later ;)
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Old 10-22-2012, 12:55 PM   #58
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Haha, yup. I got some more this morning. I found a couple Dalmation Lyretail babies. Once again born in the main tank so I only got three or four of them. x.x I -was- going to move her, and I want to move my Orange molly too, she's about to explode, but I had a little ich go through the tank, it seems to be under control now. But I can't move them and spread to the other tank too, that'd be horrible since I have cories and loaches there who can't handle salt, and I'm broke so I can't buy the stuff with copper or ich treatment. That stuff is expensive!

Well, in anycase, it wasn't anything huge, one fish had a couple spots and it spread to another, but they were light. I turned up the heat and added salt, everyone seems happier and there are less spots. I only see it on one of my platy and a little on my Creamsicles tail, but all her spots are gone already. I noticed it a few days ago and have been treating it since. But you know, I found something weird in my tank this morning when I did the weekly water change...just before it actually. I was catching babies with the turkey baster. There was...actually I'll message it to you. LOL
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Old 10-25-2012, 12:21 PM   #59
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Another baby update

Haha! My orange molly gave birth...again. She's a real baby popper that one. x.x I think this is her fifth or sixth batch in the last four months(I know she had two batches about two weeks apart once, and I think another only three weeks apart). I love it when she has babies though, she -always- has healthy babies and I never lose any of them...except to other fish if I can't save them first. She's the mother of those spotted orange ones I get, and the other ones too, that come out grey and end up spotted and beautiful. They always grow fast and end up being so pretty!

Anywho, I caught about six of them and put them in the breeder, the rest are in the nursery. I saw three more in there at least, I know mom ate some, she always does. x.x But I don't know how many there actually are in there, I've counted nine for sure. I moved out all the older juveniles except the two smallest ones(One is a balloon molly, one is a dalmation lyretail), and the two if I lose any, I'll know it was the loaches and/or cories. ^^; They've never bothered them before though, and I have so many hiding places in the nursery it's perfect!

Speaking of my Dalmation Lyretail baby (the one that was born a few weeks ago, not the ones born three days ago), it's growing ok now that I have it in the nursery instead of the breeder, they always double or more in the first week living in the big tank. I like to move them out of the breeder at one and a half-two weeks of age for that very reason, but sometimes I can't if I have a mother in the nurser. x.x Anywho, I accidentally gave its sibling away with the fry I took to the shop last week. I kept accidentally catching it and I figured if I kept putting it back he was going to get really stressed and die, so I just gave him to them. LOL The one I have is really starting to get spotty. This particular baby started completely silver like the other one, but he got a spot on his head within the first three days of life, his sibling was just barely getting them when he went to the shop. It's going to be a nice looking fish, I can tell. With his mothers looks, there's no doubt. :3

I have given in to the fact that my Creamsicle loves me and doesn't want any of her babies to take away her attention. lol So she's not having any. I keep thinking she's getting big, I can even see eyes through her skin...And then I think she HAS had babies, she just ate them ALL. =-= In fact, she looks pregnant again. lol I need to save at least ONE! She was the only fish to really breed with my black sailfin molly that passed away. Even though they wont come out black sailfins, they will surely be interesting...and I'd like to have at least one of his offspring.

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Old 10-25-2012, 01:56 PM   #60
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heehee, congrats on the new babies!!! I do hope that little creamsicle gives you some littles soon! I've had fish that do this exact thing. . . you KNOW they're pregnant. . . then. . . they're not? These guys can be soooo sneaky!!! Can't wait to see what that little dalmatian looks like - and I'm glad everything is happy over there! Did you ever figure out what your little critter was? WAS it a mosquito larvae, do you think? Never heard back from you on that one!
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