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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> These were my two little Oranda goldfish. I made sure they were happy, growing, eating and healthy and sold them. Made a -little- back ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 05-21-2014, 02:19 AM   #571
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These were my two little Oranda goldfish. I made sure they were happy, growing, eating and healthy and sold them. Made a -little- back for their care, but actually spent more getting them to their new home. lol I hope the person who bought them will give them a nice home! They were cute, I'll miss 'em.
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Old 05-29-2014, 07:37 AM   #572
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Haven't done an update in a while. Was thinking about starting a new thread, and did, but misnamed it. Perhaps I can ask someone to fix that one for me and move this post there. lol

Ahh, my 55gal tank is a tank again. =) I started selling a lot of my juveniles and a few adults, as well as some fry. My 55 gallon is now back to normal, less back breaking maintenance! I believe I am down to 20-25 fish in there, most still juveniles with six to eight adults or so. Ah, a couple fry in the net...three mollies and I think a couple of swordtail fry. That's better than the...what? Fifty? x.x Had around a gallon per fish and that was bad, was keeping it stable by doing a 25% change once per week and a 40% change once per week. lol About to go down 7 more, hopefully today, or at least by next Monday. Some people have been quite interested in my fish, and thanks to that, I've made a small profit selling so I can now afford a few...goodies. :3 Well, by goodies I mean I can keep up with my own tank care and fish care costs without asking ma for a hand. Gonna put a bit of that away in a "Pet Emergency Account" as well. So I'm so happy about this!
Only ended up with one issue, or so we're still trying to find out with a buyer, there's a little confusing dancing and avoiding going on...
Once I have a few things settled, I'm going to do some more...thorough breeding. Black gold dusts and normal gold dusts, I love my short-fin black and gold beauties my creamsicle left me, some real silver dalmatians, and a few swordtails and platies. My oddball gold dusts and yellow-tailed ones seem to be the most popular.

Anywho, that's back to normal now. I had moved three juvenile platies to my betta tank until things calmed down because I wish to keep and breed them(unfortunately my lovely calico hit sexual maturity early and bred with a blue platy...which I did not want since I intend to find a nice male calico to breed her later...she gave birth to six fry, a beautiful red MM gave birth to young blue male has been busy, anyone want him? lol), so in a few days I'll be moving them home to the big tank. I just wanna make sure we're good to go without all the removing and adding, so I'll wait for the next batch to go to new homes, do my weekly clean and send the babes home.
Oddly enough, they get along well with my betta, Sprite...think he is a she. Not getting much by way of fins. .-. Roughly the same color too. Once the platies have their own place, I may move her to a ten gal. If it's truly female, five gallons isn't enough for her(or so I've read, they're more active than boys and need a minimum...prefer a minimum of ten gallons), and thanks to the pool tank, I now have an open ten gal. :3 Perhaps...just maybe I can talk grandma into switching tanks with me so I can have the five gal on my desk for shrimp or a birthing tank or something. Who knows. See if I can work a bit out...I'd really like to try another shrimp tank. A lot of my ghosts are still alive and kicking. :3 As for breeding? Dunno. Few had eggs that don't anymore...had one in a planted net with a moss ball that laid or hatched her eggs, but I have never seen any babies and that was weeks ago. c.c Or perhaps I will do something else with it. Shrimp is a good idea because ghosts especially are hard to find sometimes, well bred ones included...though I believe it'll be trial and error on my part before I can call them "Good breeding" since I'm newer to it. But I'd like to give it a shot. Nice ready female and a male, perhaps that will help with less risk of eaten kids...if mom didn't eat her kids, I'm really not sure what happened there, I had a ton of moss and a moss ball in there. c.c She got fat and happy in it, never saw a now you'd think I'd have found a few if any lived. lol

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Old 06-04-2014, 11:26 PM   #573
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Got a shot of Specks for you guys. Been at it forever. lol Specks and Freckles, remember them? Freckles unfortunately passed away a little while back, assumed from labor troubles.

I am hoping he bred with my female silvers, they're about to pop. The lyretail silver is really big. Also had some of my creamsicle/short-fin mixes drop fry, wonder if they're his, kinda hope so...

Someone nommed that tail of his. Always trouble with lyretails. =( I hope it heals and doesn't fall off.
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Old 06-30-2014, 05:32 PM   #574
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I got some new photos of Oscar the Pleco. He's growing like a weed as usual. Seems to be doing better now that's he's been in the pool for a few weeks with a MUCH bigger's the longest I can find, I need a new one soon. lol He's already starting to out-grow it.

You can see him here with one of my one inch long molly fry.

I also have a photo of some of my newborn silver butterfly molly fry, just born this morning. =)
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Old 09-28-2014, 05:18 PM   #575
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Haven't done updates in a while. Wow.

SO! First, very excited I finally got my hands on some Japan Blue Endlers today(well, I ordered some, they are't here yet).

Since last update, I've got a self-cloning marbled crayfish who had something like 50+ babies(I counted 49 or so, lost three before that count, that I KNOW of...due to my own mess up, I had assumed my two inch female crayfish, who gets along with ghost shrimp fine, would leave my two inch crayfish alone, she did not...). They were born early August and have grown a lot. Mama is blue...well, blue and tan, her grandma was solid blue. One of the babies came out white. Or at least, extremely pale, it WAS white, it is getting some tint of tan now, but it's very little and may just be the marbling, we'll see. =)

I have also started breeding N-Class black Bar Endlers. I looove endlers. So pretty, have nice personalities. :3 I can't wait to see how Japan Blues are.

Plants in my tanks are doing great for the most part, my anubias's and umbrellas seem to be somewhat ailing, not sure why since they grow like weeds and then brown up a bit, then start over after a good clipping. I've always had that problem, maybe it's normal. One umbrella has always done fantastic, love that plant.

Ahh, well life is good. Haven't had many issues until recently, in my ten gallon I had rescued some baby platies a while back that the pet shop was going to KILL, and they brought in some ich. Lost a few, the rest seem to be good to go though.

Oh yes, on the platies...I got some bumblebee platies. Male came in with nasty, nasty fin rot on his tail and right pectoral, they were shredded, rotting and had white yuck I assumed was fungus. I treated him for bacterial and fungal infections. He also had a bright green patch on his head. A week after treatment was started he's pretty much normal now, no white, the tears are already just about healed and he's gained weight. The girls with him were treated in the QT with him just in case, both gave birth to a few fry 3 and five days after I got them, healthy and cute babies. I have high hopes for once! I never had luck with bumblebees, so hard to find not sick, and even if they look perfect they always just died within a week. Been about two weeks now. They've gained weight and are active and happy little things. =) I love those little guys.

I also got some gold twinbars...well I had one, mom had some kind of issue. She gave birth in a different QT tank two days after I got her, seemed FINE...and then I noticed this red mark in her belly that got brighter and then she died. I think she had some sort of internal damage, or possibly a stuck baby, she smelled awful, and I pulled her out within half an hour of her death. Poor thing. The babies are gorgeous though.

And also, BN plecos. Another fish I haven't had the best luck with. First off, on plecos, Oscar is doing epic. I have him and the five BN kiddos in the 73 gallon kiddie pool, where they have all grown a lot. The BN plecos, I had ordered six, all HAD the long-fin genes, but I only got one with them. She's a pretty, really. I lost one three days after they arrived, but the rest have had no problems in the couple months I've had them and have grown wonderfully. They were roughly an inch when I got them, and are now about three inches, maybe a tad more. Nice bunch too, most are that normal color you see most often, sorta brown/green, but a couple, including my long-fin, are tan with yellow-y stripes. One big male almost looks black, boy are they nasty when they start hitting THAT age, grumpy little boogers, I have two boys, I THINK, that one for sure and iffy on a second...and they just nitpick and bully everyone. Thankfully they're in a nice huge area and no injuries have occurred.
Maybe they just don't do well in tanks? They do good in a lot of peoples tanks, but mine never lasted the year when I had them, nor did they grow even in my 55 gallon! These guys are sprouting like weeds.
Or perhaps, the stock around here in pet shops just SUCKS, I ordered them online and they're awesome, the male I have is showing tons of bristles already, and the males you get around here, I don't know if they're just inbred or what, but they rarely get many, even on KNOWN males. Let's see if I can't get in some good stock. :3 I am hoping to find another nice long-fin, the opposite gender to my own long-fin(dunno if it's male or female, but unlike that one male, it is showing no signs of bristles, one is a maybe, and the others have none so I may be set with two males and three girls....we'll see). Spread out those genes so I don't inbreed.
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Old 09-29-2014, 08:56 PM   #576
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O_o; I didn't realize their fins can grow back so fast. My male platy that had the infected, messed up tail and pectoral fin, his tail is COMPLETELY back Can't tell it was ever gone.. I'm used to it taking longer. He wont hold still for me to see his pectoral fin though. He's active, and a total brat. I may need to break down and buy another girl, but I don't want to, I seem to have gotten lucky so far(one girl is a little thin, but she seems ok, and DID just give birth a few days ago and already looks better)....perhaps I'll pop a different type in that I already have....Oldest are blues though, dunno if that'll look any good, though I do have a white calico blue mix, who looks more like a pale blue with red and spots. Dunno if that'll be good, but it'll take some off my two girls. He's a spazz, and he's not nice about it, but he doesn't bite....he just darts over and slams into the girls, mates and runs. c.c I'm afraid he'll kill them hitting them like that, or himself. Can't be good, he's like a torpedo. lol
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