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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Originally Posted by Sylverclaws Oh yeah, they do take a while to grow. Make sure they continue to get a bit of extra food ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 04-02-2014, 02:08 PM   #551
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Originally Posted by Sylverclaws View Post
Oh yeah, they do take a while to grow. Make sure they continue to get a bit of extra food and do a little extra cleaning of the tank daily(suck up uneaten food and do about a 5% water change, 10% if you're a bit overstocked with the kids). Platies are the slowest growing livebearers. In fact they take longer than a lot of fish born from eggs. x.x Swordtails aren't much better. A little bit, but not much. The fastest are guppies and second is mollies. I used to think mollies were faster than guppies, then I raised some fry together on a few occasions. lol

Guppies pretty much hit full grown after six months or so, mollies typically hit the "Sell size" At about eight months, smaller ones usually are full grown within a year, but some can take a year and a half. Though they take that long to hit full size, they're usually about the size you see at shops by 8-12 months.

Thanks for the great info :) Yeah, mine are almost 2 months old with a 3 week batch as well and I can barely tell the difference, lol.
I might switch to a guppy breeding program instead.
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Old 04-02-2014, 06:15 PM   #552
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Guppies or endlers. Endlers grow fast too, faster than guppies...I forgot to mention them. They're not very big to begin with though. lol

SO! Miss Clockwork finally popped, found six little ones. She looks like she may still be going, but I suspect she's growing a double brood since she's quite large in the belly still. I figured if I'm gonna keep her in the net, she needs company. Soon as I put in a pair of young guppies she got happier. I wanted fish too small to eat her kids with her, so more mollies weren't going to happen. ^^; Well, the three of them are happy as can be, getting extra food, and watching the tails on those boys, they've chewed themselves up again. Blast it all. =( BOYS!
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Old 04-02-2014, 06:20 PM   #553
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Glad she popped ;) Wonder if she is having a second brood

Where do you get endlers?
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Old 04-02-2014, 09:21 PM   #554
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Sometimes you can find them on The petshops around here get the Black Bars and Cobras often, some places may get in other types. The most common I find are those two though, a lot of LFS's carry them, but at petco/petsmart you'll see cobras more often than not IF they even have any.

They'd be easier to breed and raise, they tend to be too small to even eat their own young, and normally don't to have hiding anyways, it's rare but some adults may kill them even if they can't eat them.

They are also really nice fish, not only do they come in many types of colors and markings, and are small, but they have nice peaceful temperaments usually. You can keep more males than females without much of an issue. They will breed, but they're -usually- not as aggressive about it as most other livebearers. Plus, the females tend to be near twice the size of males. ^^; Not quite double their size, but it sure looks that way! Here's a photo to show you what I mean:
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Old 04-03-2014, 01:27 AM   #555
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This is one of the fish I am thinking is a muppy. It's not a positive thing, but it looks like it has guppy in it with that tail and shape. Can you blame me for thinking it? She was breeding with my male guppies. Mom is a gold dust molly. Sorry, tried to get photos until I had several leg cramps. x.x They're not the best, as usual...

That little white baby in the back is one of my newborn swordtails. They look remarkably like my two white mollies...except I think I have two swordtails and only found one of my mollies. =( Darn. She/he also clenches that tail like this when the gourami goes by, I put some more plants in there so he should feel better.

Also got a photo of my gold gourami I think is female...Her fins have repaired, she's also over her bout with Ich, and is getting fat and happy. :3 Her feelers haven't grown back though, the male is a nasty little booger. x.x She had chunks out of her tail, dorsal and her feelers were bitten in half. Feelers, whiskers...fishy fingers. You know, those things they stick in the gravel to scare fry up and eat them with... lol

And my three neons. One female is about as big as my old lady, the other fella is quite small and has a damaged dorsal, it's fixing though. They had ich as well, in fact they brought it in. ^^; But as you can see, they're doing pretty well too...not sure what that was in the way, I think it was cat hair on my lense! ALANNA!...But they're all going for the brine shrimp I popped in there for them.

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Old 04-03-2014, 05:29 PM   #556
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My Swordtail popped. She is still huge. And I mean huge, but she must have had at least fifty babies. Tried to get a photo, but it's hard for it to focus on those little things. I'm worried they may be a bit premature, they're just so tiny! Perhaps it's because mom is so big, she's bigger than Fire Lily! In fact, I think she is bigger than Big Red was.
Anywho, photo, and you can see one of my ghost shrimp too. Hope they don't try to eat any of those youngsters, I've seen them eat on dead ones, but dunno about tiny newborns who aren't up to swimming yet. They're everywhere though, in all my plants, behind the net I have the five or six newborn mollies in, by the heater, all over the place, there may be far more than I think there are, and I'm not sure if mom is done yet or not.
This was taken at lights on this morning around 11am. Late start to our day. x.x They didn't seem to mind. She was still dropping babies, ma got excited when she saw one born.

Yeah, mom is white with a tad of orange on her belly with black markings and a black mickey mouse on her tail. Looks like her babies will have more orange...seeing as they are all orange. There's a few that look more white. lol

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Old 04-06-2014, 03:22 AM   #557
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Some video of all four of my tanks, including my newest babies in the nursery. =) I didn't get any of Sprite the Betta, sorry, he's on ma's schedule, not mine, so he's already asleep. I had some video of him, but I seem to have misplaced it, I'll try to find it tomorrow. Maybe tonight...
And here you go. Also some of my 55 gallon, see all those babies are ready to go to new homes, grew nice and big over the winter, they need to go, most anyways, I wish to keep at least a couple of them, they came out so nice. Once I set that up, I'll sell them on amazon, and maybe even put up an ad here. x) Hopefully I can save up enough for a muuuuch bigger tank. If I can -find- an affordable 200 gallon tank, it's MINE, I am usually a bit over-stocked with youngsters, but this year it was ridiculous and I need more winter space, and room period to get a bit of a business going without over-stocking myself. Ah, and if I get a tank that big, I may buy another creamsicle molly, and maybe a silver sailfin too, those kids just came out awesome! Or perhaps my male will be happy with a new female instead. lol I'm not big on the silvers or black mollies honestly, that's my grandma's thing. ^^;
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Old 04-10-2014, 04:48 AM   #558
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Just when I thought the kids were done growing. Those pretty pure silver ones, as well as the creamsicle mixes that are kinda harlequin colored, were buff but staying about the same size as most gold nuggets do...and then suddenly they decided to have a growth spurt. I swear it seems like they did it overnight, just lost a little of their chub and got longer. lol

They're so pretty. I know, plain silver can be so dull for some aquarists who like color...but I rather like them with all my color. Real silver babies, not white, though some have spots like a dalmation, or a bit of yellow on the belly or tail(very little but it is there on some). =) I believe daddy was actually a short-finned molly, though he could have passed for a wild caught molly!

I hope someone will enjoy them as much as I do. I'm really not wanting to part with them, honestly. Ahhh, I wanna keep them all. I will keep a couple, but meh! I've fallen hard for some of the kids again. Both parents have passed away, and all seem female, so I'm not worried about any bad breeding, just space! Some seem to be getting lyretails, mom coulda been anyone from my silver molly(who was actually white), my dalmation female, which would explain the spots, or my creamsicle, since some popped out more like dad, but others came out sorta that orange and black harlequin color.
But I must give some away. Not enough room, too many, and boy have they gotten big out of nowhere. That's mollies for you, they slow down at the inch-inch and a half mark and then one day BOOM, grow another inch or so in what seems like a single day. lol I gotta get some new photos of these guys, perhaps you can tell me what they really are...or at least which type they most resemble since you and I all know they're mixed mollies. Although I am not sure if "Short-finned molly" is even correct, I happened to spot one when looking through photos and that's what it said it was. lol This guy is almost identical to dad, though I think his silvering was a bit darker than this one, he is otherwise a copy:

From what I read there...he wasn't the kind of molly like I have and interbred...o-o Hybrid mollies with...mollies, that doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully it isn't going to hurt the life-span, they're not deformed in any way, are -extremely- active and friendly little thin---big things. lol I'll see about getting photos soon. ^_^ Or video, though youtube has been a butthead lately to my videos, wont process and sometimes I need to fix the lighting. Also...for some reason videos just don't do them justice, they seem so much less colorful on camera!

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Old 04-21-2014, 07:01 AM   #559
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Thought I'd pop up some photos. lol

Well, some of my guppies...and yes, that's a platy in there too, haha. She is that "Unknown" white baby I got several months ago and just had no idea what she was, that's what she ended up being. That tiny little white speck with a tad of black on the tail turned into that. :3 She's in there until I make room in the 55, I don't want to give her away on accident, I've done that before with my favorite fish. ><, she's too big to be in the nets, big though my nets are they also have youngsters in there.

And you can see my favorite endlers/guppy whatever it is up top. Remember the one I used to have who died? This is unfortunately his only surviving child(his only son anyways, dunno about girls though none look like him) after that skinny nastiness went through. I was lucky to have saved one!

I also have a photo I took just now of Oscar the Pleco. He's looking good, eh? He rarely shows himself, and he actually flared at me. ^^; But when he does come out he makes it know that he's there and looking good. He's not aggressive...his flaring at me is understandable, I scoot him out of his cave when I clean, and I moved him once from the twenty to the 55 gallon. Ha! He's gotten so big, and look at those fins! Sorry, I enhanced it and it came out grainy...otherwise it was a bit too dark. I hope I can get a bigger tank within the next two years, I figure I have at least that long before he hits ten inches...I'd like a 75-100+ gallon BEFORE he hits that size, but at this rate I may have to shorten my wishlist to a year...

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Old 04-27-2014, 10:55 AM   #560
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I got some new baby guppies three days ago. Six to my knowledge. I moved five to the nursery, missed one but he's doing alright in the main, nobody bothers him.
Mom however, is having a hard time recovering. She wont eat and is very thin. I can't seem to tempt her with anything, even brine shrimp which is a huge favorite, nor with any fresh plant-matter(except I did much some blanched broccoli stems and she ate a bite of that). =( I have her separated so the boys don't pick on her. She looks a little better today after her bite of broccoli, but I don't have much hope for the poor girl. The babies, however, are doing great.

My shrimp are all doing great as well. After the last one died(it was cloudy as all else when I got it), I haven't lost any. Any others, aside from one, who was cloudy or was turning white have recovered to their normal glass-like state and look good. The remaining one who is turning white seems to be doing a bit better, but not really...It's almost solid white, but I have noticed some patches are turning clear again, hopefully she will recover.

I had one shrimp with eggs I moved to a well planted net, she's nice and fat and I THINK she laid her eggs/hatched them, whatever they do, several days ago, but it's so hard to see in there from all the plants that I can't tell. Haven't noticed any squigglies, but I don't even know if I would...maybe they are too small or have colonized the moss balls and stuff. lol I hope she did, I want some baby shrimpies. =)

Baby Blue is doing well. I started feeding both him and the shrimp some mysis shrimp about a week ago, that's when his little white spot, I think it was his shell going bad, cleared up, same with the shrimp and their issues. He's back to being fully blue after his shedding, though I don't know if mysis is the real help for it all or not. Usually proteins for shrimp make problems, but they seem to be doing well on it. Those little shrimp have shells, so I'm thinking they needed the boost is all. I give them some every few days, all plant-matter the rest.
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