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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> So, Miss Clockwork(I have to give the poor girl a good name, seriously...I've had her forever, raised her from birth and everything) has not ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 03-25-2014, 04:11 PM   #541
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So, Miss Clockwork(I have to give the poor girl a good name, seriously...I've had her forever, raised her from birth and everything) has not had babies yet this month, but I remembered to check this time. I was trying to get a good look at her, and one of my young males was chasing and breeding...I can see a HUGE gravid spot on her, much larger than she usually gets. I know she's about to pop. Unfortunately my large nets are all full, the twenty gallon would be good if I wasn't currently treating for ich, and my ten gal has a crayfish who WILL kill her while she has babies because she likes to hold real still for it in the breeze from the filter...and my other ten gallon is over-stocked with guppies, though I switched out all but three of the males with a bunch of females...Yeah. o-o

I improvised. It's not ideal for me or the fish, I hate to do it to her...I piled a bunch of crystalwort in that small net I still keep around and pulled her in after the male ran her up. It's nice and thick, so she should be good, she doesn't seem upset. I expect her to pop within the day or two. Three at most.
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Old 03-26-2014, 08:12 PM   #542
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That was rushed yesterday. lol Meant to put a bit more but pa needed the comp.

Anywho, miss Clockwork hasn't popped, but she seems very happy in the overly planted net. Not stressing out, going for food as usual, and still big. Had she shown any signs of stress I woulda let her out. I don't like keeping them in those silly nets, the big ones, sure, but eh...she's happy the males aren't chasing her around the tank! She likes to hang out in the crystalwort too, and came right up for food, didn't try to flee or hide, or breathe hard. ;D Ah, even so, if she doesn't pop by tomorrow, so much for safer babies, I'm letting her out! I am hopeful though, she's bred with my guppies A LOT and I'm hoping for muppies since she hasn't been kept with male mollies, several months, last Summer I believe and pops monthly...what are the odds she still has stores from then? She was breeding with a male guppy then too. Her gravid spot is usually not that visible, either she's got black babies, or real light colored ones. =o Well, who knows really.

So I found this odd little baby guppy in my guppy tank the other day. It was born with color. o-o How unusual is that? Half black and half silver. Huh. .-. I wonder how it's gonna look later, it's kinda odd-shaped too. Kinda like gold dust mollies are when they're born, all torpedo shape with obvious fins going on there if you know what I mean. Well, I did have a pair of male gold dust/panda mollies in there for a while, they've gone back home, hoping to breed the one that was all pretty and calico like. :3
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Old 03-29-2014, 07:38 AM   #543
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Well, yesterday I skeedaddled the babies out of the big net and into the ten gallon. Still having algae problems, but I can't get rid of it. Perhaps like another said to me, the babies will get some food benefits of it. Surely the bloom came from -somewhere- but I can't find it! Anywho, there they are. Got six or seven black molly babies in there, and two of the ones I think -might- be muppies.

Unfortunately my little black molly babies have been dropping like flies. It's rare that I lose fry, but I think these were inbred. They look fine, but then they just kinda drop. I've lost four that I know of so far. None of my other molly babies are dropping or having any issues at all. They're a tad odd shaped and skinny looking, though visibly have a belly from eating, dunno. =/ Can't do anything about birth defects.

Well, I moved Miss Clockwork to the big net after I opened it up. Got some plants and stuff in there for her, she seems happier with space to actually move. She looked like she may be about ready to pop last night, but we'll see. Just after six thirty am so I haven't turned on their lights for the day yet. I'd give her a buddy to spend time with...but eh. x.x Loss of babies there and I'm trying to keep them.

I dunno if I mentioned here or not, had some problems in my twenty gallon with Ich! I got it under control, did a great big change yesterday and am monitoring for any more nasties. Thus far I haven't seen any new ich in two or three days now, the three neons I have left seem fine, happy and are getting fat, and my gourami seems to have fully recovered without any major damage done to her fins or body. She was being a tad slow still though, so I am keeping an eye out for -anything- that could go south. She's still eating well, I think the high heat finally got to her. I had it set at almost 90 degrees for several days there. c.c I don't like doing that, but that with some parashield meds got the job done, now I just have to keep it that way so it doesn't come back, I turned it down to 84F yesterday. I didn't MEAN to, only meant to turn it down two degrees. Stupid heater. =-= They didn't seem that bothered by it though, but I really hate that thing, no numbers to check, gets stuck when I try to turn it...the thing is new too. =(
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Old 03-30-2014, 03:51 PM   #544
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I don't think any of my little black mollies made it. Darn. I didn't think they would, I am pretty sure they're the product of brotherly love. ^^; They were also a bit small, so perhaps premature to boot. Since they were born they did alright, and then just started dropping like flies. I believe I lost my final six of the initial 16 I started with last night. If not, I haven't seen any sign of them, but then they -are- in a very well planted ten gallon tank. The two little white babies and the orange one I think may be a muppy are doing well though, fat, happy, active and growing. The black mollies were not as active, and didn't show much interest in food(neither algae, baby brine shrimp or hikari first bites). =( They were at first and had nice little bellies but then all of them just seemed lethargic and uninterested and none of them grew even a little bit from birth size. The babies born the day before and the day after are already about four times their size.

Well, shucks. I suppose the upside is when Miss Clockwork pops there's plenty of room in the nursery now. I haven't lost a batch of babies like that since my very first batch of babies ever from a silver molly who gave birth prematurely. Just nothing much you can do but make sure they have clean, stable water and good food, but it didn't help. Makes me feel so bad. T_T Three of the remaining sic looked like they may get going, the others I knew were on their way out, they were skinny and just hanging around the top. I tested my water to see if something was up, but nadda. I did pop the temp up two degrees last night and added a tablespoon of aquarium salt hoping to give them a boost. For stressed, weak babies that may have been enough to do it. =( Poor things.
They're the only fish in that tank, before them I had Mister Crayfish in there for a short time. Oh, well there are a couple ghost shrimp, three I think. Hoping my female will pop her babies there and some may live. @_@; One other young girl and a male in there too. They all love it in there with all that java moss and stuff. lol
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Old 03-30-2014, 07:52 PM   #545
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Oh just of my female red calico swordtails is -very- pregnant. They have all yet to have kids, were born New Years Eve year before last. They're not full grown, but they're pretty darn close. One of my females who is exceptionally pretty showed up today where I could get a good look at her, she's been hiding in the pot for the last two weeks or so, and she is just huge with a big black spot in her belly.

I believe she bred with Big Red, who unfortunately passed away day before yesterday. Found him in his sleeping spot in the center of my anubias plant. =( He'd been a bit slow for a while now, so I figured he'd go. I gave his body a thorough looking at, didn't see a scratch on him, he was a good weight...Ah, I am pretty sure it was old age, he musta been pretty up there since he was full grown when I got him and I've had him...two years now? I think it's been two years, and it takes the boys forever to hit full growth. x.x About two years, girls tend to hit full growth at a year and a half or so. My one male is a tad more than half the size of my girls. Swordtails are almost as bad as platies with growth. They have a big burst about a week after birth until they're about two or three months, then they practically stop it's so slow. My solar flares, they're all an inch or so long now, but they haven't moved much since hitting the 3/4 inch mark. I have two or three that topped the inch mark though. Fat little things. I know they're getting enough to eat. :3
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Old 03-31-2014, 09:18 PM   #546
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So, QT tank is a-go. Thought I'd get something for it. lol I got more ghost shrimp, trying to make a nice breeding colony, a marimo moss ball for them, and a new male swordtail to repl---to have a male in the tank since Big Red passed. I hate saying replaced! Got a female with him, she's huuuuuge, both in size and belly, I couldn't resist. They're both white with mickey mouse tails - usually don't get those - with a bit of orange on their bodies here and there. The male is very pretty, the female...meh. o-o; I never was big on those that look like platy mixes(though I don't know if they really are or not...), she'll probably look better when her belly isn't the literal size of a golfball and a half. ^^; So I have those two in the QT, my ten gallon. And the new ghosts, about ten or so. The ones in my twenty with Baby Blue are still doing fine and not eaten, though he did try, and I wanna keep it that way(except I hope he gets one here and there since it's good for him, he's not big on Mysis shrimp which have the shells, and so I assume some calcium to them), so I'll QT the new guys too. I wonder what the white MM swords mixed with red calico swords will look like...Heh. Yeah, I was going to order some koi calicos online since you almost never see swordtails here, and when you do, there's never any boys. =/

Miss Clockwork did not pop. o-o How odd. I hope she's not having trouble like she did last time. Last time she got pestered by other fish and had a lot of trouble before I moved her to her own place, she recovered after that, but there's nobody bugging her this time. She went into labor last night, still seems labory, but no babies. Her vent is open, I see kids. That's always worrisome. ><

Got some new plants, they look neat. Called Cardinal Plants(Lobelia Cardinalis), look like some stem plants. They're nice little things thus far, but don't have a huge amount of hope for them. I usually do ok getting those ones that are disease, pest, and snail free in the bags and not water, but sometimes not so much. These things:
Hopefully I didn't bite off more than I can chew, I hear they can be picky plants that like moderate to bright light and good oxygenated water, which I have so I thought I'd try. :3

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Old 03-31-2014, 11:25 PM   #547
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Subscribed :) I love livebearers.

I have a batch of platy fry that are taking FOREVER to grow.
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Old 04-01-2014, 11:11 AM   #548
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Originally Posted by PetMania View Post
I have a batch of platy fry that are taking FOREVER to grow.
Oh yeah, they do take a while to grow. Make sure they continue to get a bit of extra food and do a little extra cleaning of the tank daily(suck up uneaten food and do about a 5% water change, 10% if you're a bit overstocked with the kids). Platies are the slowest growing livebearers. In fact they take longer than a lot of fish born from eggs. x.x Swordtails aren't much better. A little bit, but not much. The fastest are guppies and second is mollies. I used to think mollies were faster than guppies, then I raised some fry together on a few occasions. lol

Guppies pretty much hit full grown after six months or so, mollies typically hit the "Sell size" At about eight months, smaller ones usually are full grown within a year, but some can take a year and a half. Though they take that long to hit full size, they're usually about the size you see at shops by 8-12 months.

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Old 04-01-2014, 04:18 PM   #549
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Finally got the camera thing to connect, yay. :3

Got some newer photos of baby blue when I had him in the other tank. That crayfish eats my java moss like spaghetti. lol I'm running low, never thought that'd happen! That tank is having an algae bloom, it's still...well, about that bad still. x.x Can't seem to get rid of it. It LOOKS like a bacterial bloom, which is what I thought, until I did a clean and the water was dark green and not grey like it looks. Anywho, here's Baby Blue(Lightning...or maybe Thunder, until I know for sure on its gender, we're calling it Baby Blue).

Here he is giving me attitude:

Now he's really after me. lol He doesn't like the camera. And can you blame him? I'm always trying to snap photos of someone. Climbing the wall and everything.

And some of my two new swordtails...they're probably the worst photos I've ever taken, sorry. They're -extremely- skittish, so I had to do it from a distance and there was bad light to go with the algae bloom and distance. x.x But hey, look how big that female is! I did get them to eat today, but if I come within five feet of the tank, they go nuts and try to flee. Poor things, I kept the light out most of the day to keep them calm, and they do seem better now. I'm not holding my breathe, it's only been since last night. I expect new fish to be skittish, but these two, especially the female, really take the cake for being skittish.
I am hoping her fry will take care of some of that algae floating about in there, it really is ugly and I haven't given up, but I am totally losing the battle. =( I'm also pretty sure she dropped a baby last night when I put them in, I was trying to snag the last little white molly out of there, had two...somehow though, I ended up with three, they sure look alike but I have no white platies or is my molly though, I dunno about the other two, they're roughly the same size but look like newborns.

And here's her with the male, I don't think he's full grown, he might be...he's about three inches long, counting his tail....that female is HUGE, isn't she? And not just in the belly!

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Old 04-01-2014, 04:33 PM   #550
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Oh, almost forgot. I was trying to get some shots of my female solar flare swordtail and her babies so I could sell some on Amazon. I can't tell you how hard it is to get good photos of those fish, they move more than any others. x.x Think they look alright? Oh yeah, and you can see some of my silver mollies, REAL silver(this should show you what I mean by silver and not white) some have spots, some don't. You can also see Specks, my male Creamsicle/silver lyretail mix, he's so preety. :3 Ah, I gotta get a background, those water drop things down the back, I can't get rid of them, they've been there since I got the tank, they're just worse now. =(

And another, ma has her dorsal a bit nicked, it's better now. My gourami can really be a jerk, bt he hasn't been since about three or four days after I removed the female. You can also see my black lyretail male, he's skinny, but gaining.

There, you can see her, Big Red and a couple of her kids, and one of my red calicos faces. lol I need to try and get some more of JUST the babies, got mom down though.
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