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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I know you guys have been wanting to see Oscar the pleco, eh? Ok, finally got some shots of him, unfortunately he was trying ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 03-03-2014, 06:16 PM   #531
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I know you guys have been wanting to see Oscar the pleco, eh? Ok, finally got some shots of him, unfortunately he was trying to be invisible so you can't see his awesome dorsal fin. lol He holds it out when he's hunting for food though, or checking out the log.

Not the best shots. But hey, look at that belly. And you can see what I mean about his Monocles, right? Don't big ones mean male? =) Couldn't get in enough light even with the flash, not in the corner there under my net anyways. x.x He has a third row fin I wasn't even aware of until it grew back. =o I thought they only had the two sets.

Did you know their eyes are all reflect-y like an alligators? lol

Baby blue finally got un-shy. Well, he was last night, kept poking at the glass near my face. lol Today he's back to being a bit skittish though, but I got some fun shots of him last night. He had his first shed the day before, it vanished soon after I found it.

There he is when he was peeking at me last night. He's so much fun. =)

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Old 03-06-2014, 01:58 AM   #532
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You know that huge anubias plant I've had in my big tank...forever(well, started in the ten gal, then the twenty, and then the 55 when it got too big for those)? This one you see in the photo there, the nice tall one? Well, it's been having issues for the last year, starting around the time this was taken, you can see one dying leaf...well, a lot of the leaves have been doing that, I keep clipping them off, new ones grow in all the time, then brown up and get spotty. Initially I thought there was some sort of disease or something, couldn't figure it out. Most of it looked -perfect- and green and grew well, but one part just didn't. I took it out a few minutes ago to do a good clipping and see if something was up with the roots...

Well there was! Turns out it had three others that grew around the main one and were killing the roots. I gently pulled them apart, removed the dead roots, and replanted my now four anubias plants who all look great. Yay, more plants to spread around my 55 gallon! I have to get new photos, but here's an old one for you guys, you can see my big anubias, who is now down-sized, but LOOKS like four perfect young anubias plants of the very large variety, all have leaves that stick off at least six inches still(like the potted one near my orange vase there, that one is in my 20 gallon right now doing well and no longer in the pot, the pots are kinda a pain in the butt after a while). Lessee if this doesn't clear up the problem finally! I'm not an expert with plants, so I'm still learning, I didn't know they did that! I had it happen with another plant though, turned from one that I started with, to about nine within a year, same issue...dunno why I didn't think of it before now! But you can see here, it looks like there are at least three, now four today(you can see two slightly smaller ones off to the side of the larger one doing fine...killing mom):
I just noticed Capone is at the bottom in there in front of my log, I miss Capone. =(

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Old 03-07-2014, 02:42 AM   #533
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Geez, so tired of this computer, really, I had a post all written out and it crashed before I hit enter, and it wasn't there when I reloaded like it sometimes is. T_T Starting over...

So, got a photo of my three, not four like I said before, anubias plants now. You can also see Big Red my swordtail in there, and the famous Miss Clockwork always having babies every 28 days or so. lol Oh, and one of my creamsicles first babies, the ones that were creamsicle mixed with silver lyretail: Freckles and Specks. I believe this is the female Freckles in there. =) Freckles and Big Red are bigger than they look, they're just in the back of the tank(Specks is kinda in the middle there) and my gold dust is in the front, looks so odd seeing my swordtail almost look small. LOL He's freakin huge!

Ah, snails! I have a lot of crayfish enjoys a lot of them, but some have gotten into my breeder and stick around a lot, so I think they'll be safe at least. I wanted to show you guys some of the babies I raised. They came out kinda odd...most came out pink like the parents, nice shiny pink pearls is what they look like. The rest...well, a few came out kinda a dark pink/reddish color with spots, and some came out full blown gold leopards. They're so very pretty. I should mention, dunno how that happened. o-o I think my ONE red ramshorn, my really, really old dude who is like three and a half years old and NEVER laid eggs for me before(they're asexual and don't need others to breed...but he never did breed like I hoped he would), bred with a few of them and I got oddities that ended up pretty. I also got a blue one, but I don't have photos of him, sorry. I forgot. =( I have my snails separated into all five of my tanks, but a lot of them are in the twenty...and many become food for Baby Blue the crayfish. I hope to keep some safe from him to sell, eesh. Though I intended for him to keep their numbers down a bit, I hope he wont destroy the colony.

First some shots of one of the darker pink/red spotted ones with one of my pinks, I'm sorry they didn't come out as well as I thought they did:

And now for some pinks with more oddballs, mostly oddballs, I rather like how they turned out though:

And some of the ones that came out gold leopards, aren't they lovely? You can see my really old guy in there, not sure he has long left. I didn't think they lived as long as he has, but he's still going! He's just not as pretty as he once was...

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Old 03-12-2014, 08:14 PM   #534
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Today I went to get my cherry barbs for the twenty didn't happen. lol I've had that ONE female neon tetra forever by herself, and they had some absolutely gorgeous neons there. Muuuch smaller, but bright and active. They did not appreciate being caught, one actually jumped out of the tank! He survived it, but that must be stressful, poor guy.

So anywho, instead of my muuuuch wanted cherry barbs, I got four more neons. Once I acclimated them I popped them in, and it was like a magnet with my older female, in and together and have not been apart since. She's near double their size. =o But now she's happy! You wouldn't believe it, really. You can THINK a single is fine and looks happy all you want, but then give them a group and see what true happiness is. They all look good, they aren't having any problems with slow moving or odd swimming. Grouped up for about an hour in a plant and then came out to investigate.

So, nay on the cherry barbs. I'll have to wait a while longer, I just watched them and decided I'll never find my girl a new home with a group, I love her too much, so I'll make her one, I have let off on it for too long as is.

My twenty gallon now has a female gold gourami, seriously temporary, five neon tetras(four juveniles) and one baby blue crayfish. =) I'm liking this, I just hope it works out and nobody becomes lunch. lol
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Old 03-13-2014, 06:34 PM   #535
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Got you guys a video of how my twenty gallon tank looks now, taken last night. My new neon tetras are all doing well, save for one is acting a bit loopy and is in a net to be monitored where he wont get picked at and has plants to hide in. He's done better since then, but eh...Ah, it's not uncommon to lose a fish or two when you get newbies. =( Especially neons, I always seem to lose one or two within the first 48 hours. Let's hope my bad luck ends there though and my little fella recovers...I dunno though, he's off and on being fine and then not...I think he was the one the lady dropped, she tried to get me a new one but I think she just caught him again. If he recovers, fine. She didn't do it on purpose, the little booger jumped out of the TANK while she was chasing another one.

Oh hey, you know what, one of my juveniles had babies in the net, just got one. It looks alright, but I think it was sibling breeding there. >< I had no idea they were that old yet, they're three months happens. Bah, I've released my three males now. lol I had three boys and one girl from that group, never had that happen before! Usually they don't choose their sex, mine don't anyways, until they're five or six months old.

Also took some photos of my 55 gal today. Some with flash, some without. :3

With flash...I think it looks kinda neat that way.

Without. You can see my three anubias are doing well, and I also have three Umbrella Plants in there I JUST put in, also plant that suddenly had the browning problem, I now check if there are more plants coming in when browning starts, usually fixes it when you pull them apart and pull off any dead roots you see, or at least most of them.

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Old 03-14-2014, 01:05 PM   #536
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I got up to babies today. =) I think I forgot to mention: When we went to the shop the other day I had gone for some Prime and food(which I FORGOT BAAH! That's ok, not too low) and some ghost shrimp and cherry barbs...ended up with my neon tetras instead and some ghost shrimp for my crayfish...hate, but I'd like his shell to stay healthy. ^^l

Anywho, grandma found a betta she wanted very badly and told me I can take Sprite up stairs to my tanks. I told her I don't have any he can go in, my fish will either kill him or he may kill them...SO, she says "You can put him in your nursery and then he wont get killed." I told her no because he'd eat my babies. lol Anywho, she was upset about it, she wanted a blue delta tail with white fins like we're hoping Sprite will become and found one, with fin-rot(poor guy)...And went to put it back after yelling at me for having what I want but she can't...o-O; She's having a rough time, we all are, grandpa just got diagnosed with lung, kidney and brain cancer. =( She was almost in tears over the betta, but I mean I can't, they'd kill each other and she wouldn't let me get a divider! Rough time makes people go a

So the point to this is: I got grandma a pair of her favorite type of mollies. Well, I mixed it a bit. I got a male and female black lyretail molly. She loves the black ones, adores them and kept asking me why I never get the normal black ones. I wanted normal black ones but they didn't look so great, so I got a nice pair of the lyretails. They are lovely and look almost the same, they just have fancier fins. :3
So, once grandma calmed down and we got in the car, I showed them to her and she perked right up. It's unfortunate that I'm already over-stocked in the 55 gallon. It's hard work keeping it stable and clean with so many fish...but ma needed it and I don't mind the extra work as much as I used to. I quite enjoy it now.

Babies...It's true, clean the tank near the end of their pregnancy and they usually drop over-night. lol My new black female did just that! I am hoping that the males and females were unrelated...but that's a bit far to hope at a pet shop where they put them all in the same tank. =( They do look good though, so perhaps it's ok to hope. Time will tell. There were a lot of them, I think I got 5-10, dunno. I forgot to count, too busy going for them and trying not to kill my watch which I forgot I had one when I stuck my hand in the tank with the turkey baster. ><

Anywho, I couldn't catch them all, most are hiding in the plants and under decorations, and considering how many there were, I'm not too worried about them surviving, they seem to be doing fine. I'll just pop some algae wafers down near the decorations so they may get proper food.

I have to admit, they're the most beautiful lyretail mollies I've ever seen. Not a nick or spot on them, they have both forks on their tails, the male is almost a sailfin(not nearly as dramatic of a dorsal, but lyretail males tend to have gorgeous dorsals that are about half of a sailfins and quite attractive). I must have stood there looking through fish for an hour to find ma something she'd really like, I dunno why I didn't think black mollies in the first place, they seem to be her favorites. I have a few in my tank but they have gold pectoral fins and the tips of their tails are gold too, one has a tad of gold on the belly as well. x) My black gold dusts came out great and she likes them, but she keeps complaining I have no solid black mollies. =o That's because I seem to have bad luck with the normal black mollies. They always give birth, die and the babies tend to either grow up mixed colors or find a way to die. o-o;

Eh, she's happy with them, I can't wait to show her them in the tank. =)
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Old 03-17-2014, 06:16 PM   #537
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Grandma loves those mollies I got her, and the babies. She hasn't been too excited about fish for a while, so I'm happy about that since I just LOVE to talk about them. She gets a bit annoyed with me sometimes. X)

I should mention bad news first, yes....two of my neons died. I knew one would, the other was a surprise, she looked just fine and then suddenly wasn't. I think they may have some swim-bladder issues going on, they keep going tail up and spinning, both died the same day. I checked water stats, nothing unusual, the other two look fine though, no problems as of yet though both have light damage on scales. It should fix provided nothing happens, tad of stress coat+ and I hope they'll fix right up. I can't take them back to the shop either, which also snails ate them. Something dies, it usually lasts an hour before it's bones. x.x Well, whatever, I am hopeful that if they were sick the snails took it and wont spread it or get sick by it.

I also got some ghost shrimp for my crayfish. Hate doing that, but it's good for him. One died, I had them in QT for a while, the other three were fine. I moved them over night before last, they're still in there. Well, two are, haven't seen the third one. I kinda hope one will stick around and never be eaten, and I intend to get more once my ten gallon settles from its algae bloom and QT them there until I think they're safe for possible food, or just tankmates of oddness and maybe sometimes other words I love them and hope to always have a few around that he doesn't eat, even if some become food. They're just so cute. Mister Crayfish has a snail on his back at all times. I hope that wont cause issues because it's CUTE! Got a photo of it to show you guys later on, my camera refused to upload for some reason.

So I got some more babies last night. Found little tinies in my nursery where I had put Freckles, my silver lyretail/Creamsicle mix female. She was looking a bit tired and the boys were chasing her so I put her in with the older kids in my big net. Found babies the next day, perfect little pale orange babies. She was thinner after that and ravenous, I even saw her pop one so I know they were hers. I'm very excited about this and hoping she had bred with one of my marble-like males or the pandas. We'll see. They may even be dalmation hybrids there, or even from my male black molly with the gold fins(I hope). Who knows! We'll sorta find out eventually. lol I didn't know she was about to give birth, though I should have. I think it's her first brood and it was a small one, I got maybe five or six babies and she wan't huge.

Anyways, because of my new influx of babies, seems to be that time of year again, I am making a second large nursery net. I have the youngest ones in the smaller store-bought net, and like another user told me: They're small and fry get bored, just not enough room. I started making a new big yellow one like my current one last night. I have to say, I wish I was better with my hands and had other ways to make them. My fingers are SORE! I got myself a good one last night, I thought the needle wasn't as far through as it was, hooked my finger and ripped. c.c I hate needles, I hate sewing...but I should be done by tonight, I am determined to make a comfy space for all of my kiddies to grow. Best part is when I put it in I can fit the store bought net and two more in that, so I don't have to catch or stress the kids, I can just put the big net under and dump them in. :3
And I can move some plants over, my crystalwort has spazzed out in growth and is trying to take over the other nursery. I love the stuff. :3 It's not hurting anything and is making LOVELY hiding for new fry and things for the older ones to look through. Plus, more room for it to grow, I intend to sell some later on, but for now I am enjoying it's healthiness, benefits it brings to the tank and fish, and how fast it grows! It's gotten pretty thick and my trying to keep it to one side to feed the fish has made it deep as well. I can sprinkle food on top of it and my smallest babies can get enough to eat without the older ones bothering them. LOVE IT!

Ah, I admit those big yellow nets make the tank not look that good, but I am more for healthy, happy kids that don't get eaten, and another space for mothers to give birth and have the fry be safer, and mom less stressed and bored. It's also good if I have a struggler not getting enough to eat, sometimes my smaller juveniles can't get enough with the adults hogging all the food and I'll pop them in there, same if they look sick and I can monitor them and make sure they get enough to eat. I love these nets, ugly yellow as they are with my blue and green tank. lol I should mass produce them and sell them, they'd probably go off better than those silly little things you find at stores. I mean come on the "Large" ones are barely six inches across, mine are about a foot-foot and a half long, maybe a tad more, and about six inches deep, and about eight inches wide. That...I still don't consider large, maybe medium. lol In tank nurseries! :3 Good filtration, safe, no bars for babies to get hooked behind and squashed, and enough space between glass and net that fish don't get stuck either, space for plants, the netting allows the filtration but the fish don't seem to see the babies and babies don't seem to see them(sometimes in those white mesh ones the babies see the adults, adults see them, fear and stress happen even with plants, the plastic ones are worse, all is seen...). I love my idea, not to boast...but I think it's the best idea I've ever come up with. I seriously need to find some similar shaped baskets of different color though, we had yellow and that's what I used. xD

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Went to the store today to pick up some food and more ghost shrimp if they had them. Was going to take in my dead neons for a replacement, but ma tossed the receipt today as it's trash day. >< Grr...

But I got some good luck! The lady there that knows me and caught them for me asked about them, and she said she'd replace them when I told her three died within 72 hours. I told her they had ich though and I was looking for a treatment safe for invertebrates, so I told her if any here have it, and some likely did, I was treating for it anyways...I moved my crayfish anyways to the now empty ten gallon until treatment is done, I just don't trust meds with them, and since there is no fish and he can't be infected, the ich will eventually die in there if he had any hitchhikers. I can't see it on my neons, or at least I couldn't. I can on one now, and it's on my gourami's tail, so I got treatment for it that I hope works, it's a parasite guard for outter parasites including ich, so I'm hopeful. =( I don't trust salt in there now, I'm afraid I wouldn't get it all out before putting mister crayfish back in or something, plus there's some ghost shrimp in there. lol We'll see how it goes, maybe the heat with an airstone will do it without the meds help.

Speaking of ghost shrimp, I got six more...but I don't think they're ghost shrimp. I think they're those Japanese shrimp things they had last time I was there. They are a tad darker, and instead of bright green eggs, the female had darker colored eggs. I dunno. o-o; I didn't put them where Baby Blue could eat them in case they were sick or something.

SO! Today I taught a worker and a shopper there how to care for bettas. He had one in a bowl and had issues and was asking questions the poor new store guy didn't know and was stating he didn't know. I told him all about care, about what filters do and why he needs a bit more space and a heater too. The lady there that knew me was agreeing. SOME workers, even at Petco, are pretty good. Or they try to be. =)

OH! The crayfish they had there? I'm not sure if I told about that, last I was there they had what looked like a wild crayfish someone had given over because it kept eating their fish...the lady made me very happy.
It was free for adoption and the sign said fish eater, and needs five gallon tank was an adult female, about five inches or so...and I told her that wasn't going to work. She looked and said "OH! No, we can't have that!" And she changed it immediately to 20 gallons as a minimum, I didn't even say anything about size, though I honestly would have recommended 30 gallons, but she did twenty instead of saying like ten gal or something, I loved that. Bigger would be better, but 20 is at least live-in-able. =) She told me today that they found a good home for her though, she said someone had a 40 gallon tank for her and they had just lost the crayfish they had for five and a half years. I didn't know they lived that long, but it just goes to show what good care does for critters. :3 I wanted her, but she'd either eat my baby crayfish, or my other fish, and my tanks are too small to keep her in for two months until it's warm enough to release her(she was wild someone caught, likely at our reservoir when fishing), so it was a no go. =( But she got a good home, not back in the wild where she belongs, but a good sized tank with someone who obviously knows what they're doing.
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Old 03-22-2014, 02:40 AM   #539
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Buwahaha, I don't know why it didn't click! Those "Japanese Shrimp" are Amano shrimp. You know I'm pretty good with Japanese, but I didn't catch that, it made me laugh when I realized it just now and went to take a look. Never had them so I can't smack myself too hard. They do look kinda like darker ghost shrimp and they do have black-like eggs from what I saw when looking up photos...Darker eggs, darker body, like this guy, I got a pregnant one, hope the kids survive...Mine are lighter colored though, so I suppose I can see why they confused them, though two of the six are pretty dark. Can they interbreed with ghosts?
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Old 03-25-2014, 02:28 AM   #540
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Well, haven't lost any shrimp. That I know of, they were all good earlier today, haven't done lights on and won't for a few more hours yet. lol Although one was bothering me a bit. He kept pulling his tail under his belly and walking around that way, looked really weird, but then he'd go back to normal. That doesn't sit well with me, I do not know what causes it and nobody else seems to be able to tell me to help when I asked a while back, but when my cherries would do this, they'd typically die within 24 hours. =( I hope he doesn't. They're such cute little things, I really like my shrimp.

Unfortunately I lost two neons. Three are going good though. I seem to keep one per group I get. x.x Blah. The good news about this though, is I do at least sorta have a group, and the meds seem to be working on both them and my gourami. Her white spots are gone, less reddening around her fins where she was getting...attached to, she never did lose her spunk. lol Three more days should do, I'll finish the round of meds even if they all look fine again. But yeah, everyone seems better now, I may keep my trio.
Problem is...I have two large female neons and one small one that may be a male,'s half their size and he actually seems to be intimidated versus being happy with the group. They don't bother him, but when they come near he either flees or goes still and twitches. =( That makes me sad, I need a few more little ones, but...well, once those guys are all better and I move the crayfish back, I'll have a QT open unless something changes, we'll see then!

Ah, Baby Blue. He's so big now. He hasn't shed in a while that I have SEEN, but he's grown so he must have. .-. He likes to drag his sheddings off soon after he does it and relaxes a bit, then they just vanish. lol Darn, I'd like to count how often he does it, but since I can't see it...well, I assume he did last night sometime, got lighter and then darker and looked bigger. :3 Active little thing, and full of attitude! He comes right to the glass to threaten me now and doesn't hide as much. lol He's also been eating my Java Moss like spaghetti. He just slurps it up. I was wondering why t was getting so thin! He's pretty much left all the other plants alone, far as I can tell. Bet that's gonna change in a couple more weeks/months.
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