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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I'm just full of updates lately, eh? lol I have some you might enjoy! My black molly and my creamsicle have both been acting ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 09-27-2012, 04:31 PM   #41
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I'm just full of updates lately, eh? lol I have some you might enjoy!

My black molly and my creamsicle have both been acting like they're in labor here and there, ESPECIALLY my black molly, and she is huge. Heh, but neither have had any fry, and they've been in and out of labor for several days now, it has me worried, but they both seem fine when they aren't acting like they're in labor. I was positive my black molly would give birth two days ago, she was really pushing and hanging in a plant for half the day, then she just stopped. Oh well, patience is a virtue I suppose.

On another note, today I gave away about 20 fry. All the ones I thought were big enough, the oldest batch was more than big enough. The lady that took them from me was kind enough to let me go into the back room to see where they put fish people bring in, they only keep them in back room tanks for a short period before putting them in the main tanks on display. I even saw a couple of my gold dusts I brought in a couple weeks ago, they got big. ^_^ They don't have many of them left though! I did however, bring home two red platy fry that were free...I had space and I wanted some red. LOL I am about to have too much space. ^^; I'll tell you why after I give you my next story, which you'll just LOVE. x.x

Next story...My grandma saw a pure white, giant goldfish, you know those fancy ones that get nearly a foot long, maybe bigger but I don't know, they have big bellies and butterfly like fins....She wants it. That fish is forty freakin dollars! O_O I don't have anywhere close to that kind of room, nor a tank that could house it in a comfortable temperature. Sheesh. >>; She says she was kidding, but I don't think she was, she keeps talking about it. Oi.

Too much room, as I was saying. I called my aunt and confirmed she has a 55 gallon tank she wants to give away when she gets a bigger one. She said she'd let us know. She wants to give it away for free, but there's no way I'll let her do that. I don't have very much money, maybe $60-$80 at the end of the month here...but grandma offered to help so I can give her more money. lol Gahaha, I hope she doesn't want to get a giant gold fish, I do think they are pretty, but the ones that size need so much space, and much cooler temps than my mollies need. And I want that huge tank for my mollies, it'll be more than enough room for what I have and thensome.

The other reason I want it, is so I can have my twenty gallon for my Kuhli's to live in. Sure, they can be in the ten gallon, they're only about three inches long and have a very small bioload, but I'd still like them to have more space. Did I mention I have nine now? I have my nursery tank set up perfectly for them, sand, plants, caves and hidden treats. I have two pairs that are also courting each other. We had an absolutely, huge, loud and amazing storm last night. Constant thunder and lighting, and the loudest I've heard in a while, it was like hanging out at a firing range. Let's put it this way...My pets have never shown fear of storms. Last night they were ALL piled into my room and my grandma's room, under beds and chairs. I had a cat and a dog, my grandma had a cat and a dog. lol The power almost died a few times, and the building across the street got hit by lightning three times in a row. Yes THREE we watched it. Lightning not only strikes the same place twice, but three times. lol The point of the storm story was...apparently they like to breed during big weather movements, and I had done a water change the night before which is also something you're supposed to do to get them to breed. Big water change before a big weather movement. lol. Supposedly that helps them get into tango-mode, I didn't know that until this morning though, I went to look up what that behavior was. But they didn't lay any eggs. I have a nice group that accepted my single Kuhli in, I was worried they may not since they weren't from the same group. With the four I got today, I ended up with two males and two females for sure. The thing I was reading on them said they can be in groups of 5+, but they are happiest in groups of 12+. I have nine and don't intend to get more until I have space worked out, same with fish. I also got some peacock ferns today, but they're going into the breeding nets because they need to have their tops out of the water....didn't see that until after I got them, my bad. Dur, and I knew better too. But it'll be alright. lol I am thinking of tying them aropund the top of the tank and see if they're ok with that. They may not like that.
SO, hopefully, within a month or two, I'll have a ten gallon, a twenty gallon, and a fifty-five gallon tank. lol I seem to already have Multiple Tank Syndrome.

My sand tank finally settled. It's now crystal clear, I wasn't expecting it to ever be that clear, but yay. =) My Kuhli's absolutely love it, I'm so happy I managed to set up a satisfying tank for them. Did you know they walk? LOL They use their little fins like legs, it's so funny. And uh, remember when I told you I had a snail problem? I had like a few hundred of them and no matter how many I removed every night, they would be everywhere the next day! I'm lucky if I see one. I've been removing empty shells here and there instead of live snails. Unfortunately, this included my white snails that I was hopping to keep and sell...Petsmart told me they would actually PAY for those. @_@; Oh well, they got a good treat. Haha.

On the matter of those two red platy fry, they are BRIGHT red, and, well, honestly I want to test if mollies and platy actually can interbreed for myself. There's so much speculation on it, some swear by it, others say absolutely no. And these are small fry, small enough I can't put them with my big fish yet, they only look about a week, MAYBE two weeks old at the most. I can't tell if they're male or female yet either, probably wont be able to for three or four months. If they're female that makes things very easy. I'll know for a fact they bred with my mollies if they are female once they get older and have fry. If they're male...well, I suppose if any babies come out red I'll know too, but it'll still be harder to tell, especially since all my females have been with the boys for months, and my balloon male is red/orange. x.x I am also thinking of having a platy tank again, it broke my heart when my platy tank was destroyed by ich, I had it for a long time and had some pregnant females. I may give the platy and Kuhli's my twenty gallon once I get the fifty gallon, they'll both get along just fine, and I don't intend to have more than five platy. I am hopeful both the reds are female, and later I will buy ONE male and another girl. =) Probably different colors, I had a white mickey mouse platy that was getting ready to have babies when the epidemic hit, I had no idea what ich was at the time. She was everyones favorite fish, my niece named her Moonrock.

YES, I am becoming sorta obsessive. I may as well live in a tank myself at the rate I am going. LOL What luck that my aunt just happens to have a 55 gallon tank to give away. Really. Those things cost nearly/more than a thousand dollars brand new!

I am actually keeping an eye on one of my female Kuhli's right now too. She is very plump! It's extremely hard to get them to breed naturally in aquariums, but I'm doing as much studying and reading on it as I can. I have the foods and tank set up perfectly for them to both live and breed, but it's more the water and weather, and coupling that are key here. That's why it's so hard. lol I have a few nice "thick" females, but one of them is pretty chunky even compared...Maybe I will get lucky. And she seems interested in one of the boys she came with too. I am sure it'll be hard to miss the bright green eggs when she lays them. lol I'll be gently scooping them up into the breeder with a plant when/if I get lucky enough to have them successfully breed. If they do, be sure I'll add a video up for you! During the evenings, and lately during the day as well(It's been nice and stormy), I have seen my Kuhli's A LOT. I don't see them much in the mornings, they usually hide when the light turns on, but they always come out a few hours later. Supposedly this is a sign I have done right with the set-up for them. The more hiding places you have, the more you'll see them because they feel secure. ^_^ I intend to make it a bit more hidey anyways. LOL I can't find any of those good floating plants...and shoot, I knew I forgot something, I went to get one of those big moss balls for them today and wlaked RIGHT by my defence, I was carrying about ten things and lost my grandma in the store. x.x

This is pretty long. lol Sorry. I am a bit of a writer, so I can just go on and on!

Oh wait, I dunno if I mentioned this yet or not, but I found two little white babies in my adult tank. I think they belong to my dalmation, she's very thin now. Only two, they were, afterall, in with all my adults and about 30 of my juveniles, all of which are big enough to do some nasty damage to the babies, so I assume the rest were eaten. =( But I have two healthy white babies, I found them two or three days ago. They're already starting to darken a little bit, I see spots on one, just a few very small ones though. They grow those in later so I wasn't expecting to see any yet. If they were from her, they will be my first dalmation babies! X) The day I found them, I did notice two of my males following her around. I had all of them in the big tank because I had just redecorated the nursery. lol I didn't want them to have issues from the new sand. x.x
Well, wish me luck! I'll try to get some photos up of those two brown spotty babies for you. One has a black heart on its chest! They are really neat babies. They do NOT hold still though, so I am not sure the pictures I got of them will even come out. =( But I'll see.

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LOL! Sounds like you and your fish are having a wonderful time over there!!! Keep up the good work!
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I have babies! My Black Molly gave birth some time last night. I should say sometime this morning, I went to bed at midnight and I checked on them before I went lights out. I noticed mom looked to be in labor, but she'd been off and on for several days now. There are A LOT of babies. lol Nice healthy looking ones too. Usually I get a few slow ones, but none of these show any signs of being weak at all. I'm not used to new babies swimming around like normal fish right off the bat, usually they like to hang low and hide instead of swim. I have a 12 second video of the babies in the net, I caught them all and put them there, didn't want to stress mom by moving her around, she had A LOT of babies. Most of them came out black, but a few are lighter colored. In the video you can see five or so older fry in there, they're easy to tell apart though. =)

I am so pleased! So many healthy babies. Usually when they're born overnight, I don't have many in the morning. lol But I accidentally over-fed my mollies yesterday, so that coulda been a factor. I had tried to put a small cup of shrimp in for my Kuhli's, I was gonna bury the whole thing under the plant near the cave, but I dumped it. x.x I tried to bury and remove what I could, but they still stuffed themselves. v.v; Well, I haven't done that before, so it's hopefully a one-time accident. I don't want them getting sick or messing up their water quality from over-eating, but it was probably a saving grace for those babies. lol One-time over-eating any damage to them will it? They did both get constipated, but they worked it all out by the time I went to bed last night. I was worried they might hurt their insides or something. >< They are NOT afraid of my hands at all, I was in there trying to get all the food out and they were nibbling on me and going through my fingers for the food. lol Most of my other fish flee.

Anywho, video. If your comp lets you. You can open it in another screen or fullscreen it. I find that if I don't hit fullscreen, sometimes the videos just come out as smeary lights. Fullscreen should fix that. Hope you enjoy seeing all those little wiggly babies! They look soo good, I have no doubts they'll all survive, or most will if not all, I like to be overly hopeful. But then, I rarely have any die on me unless they were born too early.

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AWWWWWWW! CUTE! Congrats on another brood!!!

Overfeeding is DEFINITLEY not the best or safest thing to do, but we all make mistakes, and one time they should be okay :) I'd fast them tomorrow, then feed some veggies to get things cleaned up. But I'm confused? You were burying the food UNDER the substrate for the loaches? I don't think this is a good idea. . . even if they'll burrow under to get it out, you'd be risking leaving waste to rot. Kuhli are REALLY good at getting in-between and under things to get their fair share of food - even with mollies in the tank, they're one of the easiest fish to feed (trust me, I know! It can be really tough to make sure everyone gets their share with Mollies on-board!)

Thanks for the cute vid, such pretty babies :)
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Sylverclaws (09-29-2012)
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Well, I always bury it in the same spots for that reason and another. That was something people told me to do for them when they aren't getting enough food. If I put it in at night, the mollies still get it, and if I put it on the ground near the cave, my mollies will actually go INTO their cave and drive them out rather aggressivly. One of my Kuhli's got his tail torn up because my usually placid marble molly latched onto him. =( I've found when I bury it, not deep just under it, there is no fighting and the Kuhli's know exactly where the feeding spot is and the mollies usually leave them be unless a piece flies up. It's also easier to clean it up when I know where I put it, right infront of the cave in one spot, and under the roots of a fake plant in another. I'm sure it still has the possibility of getting lost in the sands, but it's better than them fighting over it to the point of fin ripping. My Kuhli's are fairly peaceful, few spats here and there but nothing too bad. My Mollies, however, will literally rip up competition for the food. I tried the night feeding and it didn't work. My creamsicle finds it herself and will gorge if I don't hide it. She wont dig in the sand, but she would dig in the gravel. I try to keep an eye out for loose stuff and bits in the sand that they missed. I did think of things rotting in there, so I try to be careful. But they gotta eat, they get zilch when I feed them regularly. But if you have a suggestion that would keep the mollies from killing each other over it, I'm always open to new ideas. :3 SOMETIMES I can get away with hiding it on a leaf in a plant, but more often than not the mollies would still find it. lol Two peaceful fish, supposed to go well together...fight like dogs over food. >_>;

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Woah, your Kuhli spat?!! You have to get that on video! Mine have always been very peaceful. . . I've personally found that keeping ANYTHING aside from another live-bearer with Mollies tends to be problematic, which is one of the reasons why my mollies are now in a speceis only tank. I found myself having to OVERfeed just to get the rest of the fish fed... not so good. They're really just so GREEDY! Luckily, mine have all been total sweeties, and I've never had a problem with them showing any aggression toward tankmates, and the Kuhli have always been the least of my worries food-wise, even when they were in community. As long as you're putting it in the same spot, and being sure to clean up any leftovers, I'm sure they'll be fine :) Kuhli can eat anything, it doesn't have to be the brine. Perhaps you could 'distract' your Mollies with flake, and get a sinking pellet food for the kuhli? By the time the Mollies are done with the flake, the Kuhli will have gotten their share? Or. . . get something TOO small for a Molly to fit into, maybe, and feed there? You seem to have hit on a method that works for you already, though! I'm sure you'll be fine... You take great care of your fish, love that about you! I'm enjoying hearing someone else who keeps some of my faves enjoying them as much as I do! Keep up the good work!!!
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Yeah, they don't "Spat" like most fish do, but they get all tangled and chase eachother off. Usually if you get them together that doesn't happen but for a day while they get used to the place. =) I added a second group so they started over. lol Mostly at feeding time, they have a "Pecking order" and once that is established they go back to being peaceful. Unfortunatly I lost one of my Kuhli, I dunno what happened though. =( I think it was the one I had before and they didn't accept her as I thought. v.v; She was kinda chewed kinda I mean really. But I didn't notice anything, I went to change the water yesterday and she floated out from under the rock. =( Her gills and fins were mostly removed, so I can only assume she either died and they tried to eat her, which I'm sure they will do, or they killed her.

Well, anywho, I have good news and photos to share with you! =) My black mollies are growing pretty quick. Some are staying black, some are getting more silvery, and a few are grey. I think this means she bred with my silver male. lol They're nice looking babies! Also, that little red baby I found a while back, it started swimming mostly normal after I put that up. It still swims oddly, kinda wobbly. That reminds me. The three fry I got from my balloon female are doing well, they don't seem to be "Ballooned" though, but I'm not sure how long it takes to tell. They are growing a great deal slower than my other mollies though, but they LOOK normal. Nice long tails and don't seem to have hunched backs.

Photos now. They didn't come out perfect, but you can see them ok. =) You remember those ones I told you about that came out sorta grey/green with stripes? I told you they started getting spotty. They are SO hard to get photos of! So I took video and tried to make some still photos, but they didn't come out perfect. x.x; You can see the orangey baby also has some spots. These are the three I decided to keep, they'll have the nursery to themselves with my Red Platies. For now anyways, I may make changes should anything happen that requires me to do so, and I may give away one of the spotted ones as well. Well, here they are! =)

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The babies look so sweet! It's so hard to catch them in a photo - believe me, I know! I'm glad to hear that things are going well over there!

Sad to hear about your poor little loach! I have to say that our experiences with these animals could not be more opposite. . . my loaches have never shown ANY aggression at all toward each-other or any other fish. . . even when they were added. It kind of boggles my mind to even think that they would be capable of such a thing! Mine were not all purchased from the same group, and there is no loachy hierarchy among them at all. They don't have territories, or squabble over food. . . and when they wiggle in a group it's the most adorable thing ever - but nobody ever gets chased off. I wonder if you have a different species, or if the tank size (which is really too small for these fish) has something to do with it? Either way, I'm glad that all is well with them, and that they've reverted to their peaceful selves. I love my loaches, they're just so neat!

Happy to hear that the black mollies - all the mollies! - are doing so well. I hope the balloon babies fare well. I had a Molly fry that behaved like your little wobbler. He lived for quite some time, and then one day he wasn't okay anymore. He was about 6 months old or so, and though he grew, he was never nearly as big or strong as the others in his brood. I really think something was off with him genetically, but since he was more or less okay, and seemed happy - I just let him do his thing. . . hope yours continues to do well!
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So if he makes it past the six or seven month mark, -maybe- he'll be ok. I figured out where he came from, he looks like the other babies my balloon molly had. They have sorta this purpley-red coloring, it's rather nice. I remember now, I had lost one in the gravel, I had assumed it either died or found its way out. I did find it after I cleaned up the gravel a bit and moved the rock. I think it looked so bad because it almost starved, it was under there for atleast a week, I'm shocked it lived at all. =( It still swims oddly, like it has to double-time its fins and tail to keep afloat, but it's plumped up a lot and doesn't hang on the bottom anymore. But he's about half the size of the others from his brood. You know me, ever hopeful. I'll do what I can to give him a boost, lots of greens, a little protein here and there and some algae wafers. They really love those! If I put it in their net, it doesn't make the water yucky either, I just suck it out with the turkey baster later on. That's how I clean out the nets anyways. This way I don't stress them out by moving them around a lot, I just stick it in slowly and suck up gunk. Most of the babies seem curious about it though, so I have to be careful not to suck any of them up, if I do, I just leave it there and they swim out on their own, better than shooting them out. ^^;

I seem to be having a run of good and bad luck mixed up, either really good, or really bad, never in between. x.x I blame the weather, really. We went from eighty degrees to snow within six hours on Thursday and we haven't gone above freezing since, that's when I found a dead loach too. In my adult tank, EVERYONE is happy and well except my precious gold dust female that's scarred up. =( I'm not sure if the weather affected her, or if it's the water, or maybe she took the change badly. I did a 10% water change yesterday morning, and then last night she started acting weird. I'm going to get my water checked, unfortunately we had cleaning day today and it's my nephew's first birthday tomorrow, so I haven't been able to get to the shop(I can't drive. lol). I may not make it until Monday, and I...well, I don't have a test kit for myself! I am going to buy one though. I have some money saved up for supplies like that.
Well, my Gold dust female is actually spinning around real fast, looks like she is chasing her tail like a dog would(And I mean really fast), and she isn't bobbing, but it looks like she has air pushing her upwards from her mid-section, although there isn't, that's what it looks like, other times she seems ok. She also kinda leans to the side and arches, like she's trying to touch her tail to her head and then rights herself. She also jerks her head from side to side every once in a while, like someone trying to pop their neck. I've never seen fish do that before. I haven't done anything out of the norm, and my other fish are fine...I'm still getting it checked though. She looks like she is in pain and I just don't know what to do to help. >< Any ideas what it might be?

Onto my Creamsicle molly. She skinnied up over night a few days ago, but I never did find any babies! I think they got eaten. v.v; If that's the case, what a bummer. Waited so long for it too. She looks happy and healthy though, got that weight off herself finally. lol Poor babies. She is breeding again too, she wasn't for a while there. My Dalmation Lyretail, Silver Lyretail and Black Sailfin all seem to love her right now. x.x Of all the girls I have in there and they just go for her, I kinda feel bad for fish. lol I'm keeping an eye out to make sure she doesn't get too stressed. She still acts like she is queen of the tank, and if she doesn't want attention, she lets them all know with a good tail slap. If I see her hide, I can distract the boys by walking up to the tank, they think I'm gonna feed them. ^_~ Kinda mean, but it works. lol

Ah, those babies I showed you, man they are GROWING! I normally don't keep them this long, these will be the first babies I've kept. Usually I give them away about two weeks before now or so. The gold spotted one is a giant, and the two lighter spotted ones aren't far behind. I know I'm probably imagining it, but I swear it looks like they all three grew half an inch in the last three days! They really are good looking babies, I'm proud of my momma fish. It takes a good healthy mother to have good healthy babies that can survive. They seem to have these growth spurts here and there. Ah yes, my black mollies are doing well too. I only lost one that I know of, the day they were born. The others are growing fast...and low and behold, they look like they will have sailfins. Some do anyway. It's very obvious on their tiny frames, the dorsal fins are about three times the size that any of my other babies have had at this age. I know growing those fins takes up a lot of energy, should I be feeding them anything other than the usual? The usual being flakes, mixed frozen veggies, algae, baby brine shrimp and small blood or tubifix worms, the protein foods being only twice a week with the plant matter 3-4 times per day(crushed flakes making up at least two of those because I know they need the calcium the flakes have, a small piece of algae for the final meal of the day, and some fresh veggies once as well, twice if I can make in a fifth feeding, but that's rare with how random my sleeping schedule is and I try not to feed them too close together. Usually every three or four hours), in VERY small amounts since babies have to eat more often and have tiny tummies. I make sure all their food is bite-sized for them, and also that nobody gets any overly-bulging tummies. They never leave me much to clean up, baby mollies are greedier than starving piranha, I swear!

Well, I'll keep you updated on my Gold dust molly. I hope she'll be ok, but considering how she is acting, and how scarred and weak she must be regardless of being healed for several months, I don't think the outlook is very good. I see nothing visible on her but her actions, and nothing with anyone else, and she eats fine too, she stops acting weird to go eat. But her weirdness other than at feeding time, is constant.

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Ah, an update on my gold dust female. She seems a little loopy today, but I added in more water(I treated it and let it sit twice as long as I normally do,m which is half an hour), and added some more salt(I freakin forgot to add the salt last time I did a water change, I wonder if that messed things up, I CANNOT believe I forgot it, and they're so used to it so that had to have been a factor), because I noticed her gills had some redness to them. I assumed ammonia poisoning. I am going to purchase water testing kits today as well once the shop opens,(it's only six thirty-nine am here, I've been up since about three am. lol Sleep is not my thing this week), I'll be sure to keep those on hand, it's high time I learned to do my own water testing instead of having the shop do it for me once a week! Yes, I should have done this forever ago, but I thought I'd be fine if I let the shops do it for me since I don't know what is what! But, there are places on here that tell me what is what, so I'll be checking into that and keeping a calender to boot. I just hope I don't get too lost. x.x I've never been that great with numbers and levels and such.
The redness is starting to go away, and she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore, but she still is swimming slowly, she's just not visibly hurting(Doesn't look like it anyway, she's not going in weird positions and touching her tail to her head anymore, nor is she chasing it). None of my other fish are showing any of the same signs, I am thinking it's because she is just extra delicate, I'll have to watch it, she is one of my favorite fish.

Ah, oh yes. I am also going to give away one of my marble mollies and see about getting another creamsicle molly female. I am thinking about giving away the other marble female as well, but right now she is pregnant and I don't want to stress her out with a move. x.x But first, before I do any of that, I need to get my water fixed up. much as it pains me to do it, I am probably going to give away my Silver Lyretail male. >< I WANT to give away my balloon male instead though, I am going to discuss this with my grandmother. I hate to bring it up, but I'd rather him go. xD He is pretty and all...but he breeds with all my females(Very passionately at that), and I just do not want those genes in my tank! Too late now, but better for the future...Ergh, maybe she'll let me after that last discussion I had with her before, and I'll ask her to pick out a female molly she wants that isn't a balloon! She also likes platy, so maybe she'll go for that...-sigh- I dunno, it seems like I've been adopting out all the fish -I- want to keep and keeping the ones my grandma wants instead, as is her right for all the help, but it's kinda killing me here. I'm doing ok on room as is, but I need, and want to make a few more changes. Maybe I'll move Romeo(Yes, I'm calling him that now instead of Frank lol), into the loach/nursery tank until a decision can be made, only babies in there and no females to breed with.

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