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Sylver's Fish Updates

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 12-21-2013, 03:36 AM   #481
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you never know….xx
have yo checked crags list/ebay for things to go with a tank ?
bit difficult when you don't even know if you've got it
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Old 12-21-2013, 05:22 PM   #482
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If I get a tank I want NEW for filter and heater and the like. I've tried used on a couple occasions...usually ended up in pretty pathetic condition and I want things that I know work or can easily have replaced for free.But I do have an extra sponge in my big filter that is cycled I can move over to get things going in a new tank, though it's going to take a lot of time to cycle it still, I think. But it'll work better than buying chemicals, dumping food, or using live creatures to get the cycle going. =) Craigslist has very few good deals on big tanks these days. It's really hard to find tanks over 40 gallons for under $120! I've looked on dozens of occasions.

Now then, I moved Oscar to my 55 gallon tank finally, more growing room...I was worried he may start stunting if I didn't move him over. Did a water test first, haven't had any sick fish since my last one passed away, nobody is skinny, did a pretty thorough clean the night before...So he has room to grow, but he's got the same problem now that my poor BN plecos had. Those darn mollies know how to find even hidden algae wafers in pitch darkness! They used to run my BN plecos off, but my Rubberlips would lay over the food and ignore them, I'm hoping Oscar will figure it out, or I'll have to figure something out. Nothing has worked yet, I supposed I could sit there with a net and guard him. =-=; He doesn't mind me at all anymore and doesn't care about the net like most fish do, he swam right into it when I put it in last night, I was shocked. lol I literally dipped it in near him, he swam over and then swam in and hung out. He's not as big as I thought either, but he is chunky. He -felt- like he weighed something, unlike the other fish his size or larger that I've picked up. Chubby little fella, I hope he learns to defend his food. There should be plenty on the big plants for now, and perhaps I can hide bits in there for him.
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Old 12-21-2013, 07:18 PM   #483
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Oh hey, I finally got what I wanted since I bought some guppies...I got muppies. lol My gold dust female, the one that often gives me third generation babies, decided she LOVED my guppy that has the pale face, black body and bright red tail with spots. I thing he's a tuxedo guppy of some sort. They have the pale face, solid body color and a different colored tail. I haven't had a male molly in there since October, and yes I know the females can breed once and hold up to a year, but she's been popping babies almost monthly...and he was also completely uninterested in her. Before him...the other male I had loved everyone...and I mean EVERYONE, even my males and my male gourami, so you never know. lol The dalmatian male only liked the dalmatian female. But they looks so much like big baby guppies I'm sure they are muppies. Since seeing her breed with my beautiful male guppy I've been anxiously waiting for the last month or so. :3 Wow, she recovered on the 21st last month from her last birth, which was I think three or four days after going to the other tank. So almost month right on. I believe I have now proven that they give birth every 28-35 days from mating, not 35-45 days...though obviously they can since they can hold, but the minimum is actually a bit lower than many think. She's gives birth almost on que every 28-30 days.

Anyways, I noticed she was looking laborey last night, and the two kids I had left in my homemade net were big enough to be with the adults, so I moved them out and her in. She gave birth sometime today, she's still going. At first I just saw a few black ones and gold and black ones like normal, but then I spotted several that looked like plain colored baby guppies. They're VERY active little things and look good, we'll see. It's certainly a strange mix and not the one I wanted to mix(I wanted to breed the guppies with my silver mollies to ensure they wouldn't be...well, strange which these probably will be), but it should be interesting, and they look like perfectly healthy, happy babies. Bigger than baby guppies are, but they clearly are muppies.

I'm going to move my betta over to the makeshift net temporarily, it's big enough for him and has plants and a light bubbler, and move the babies to his place until I make room in the nursery, which will be within the next week or two.

I'm so excited! I know, many dislike interbreeding the species, often because the babies don't come out healthy, but if these stay healthy I wont have an issue, if they end up with problems or end up being short lived, I'll never do it again. Although a lot of the swordtail variatus or Mickey Mouse Swordtails are in fact platy/swordtail hybrids and many are quite healthy. I will not be selling them to shops unless it's a shop that says what they truly are though. And again, I want to make sure they're healthy, can breed, and can live more than two years staying healthy.

We'll see! Looks like I got my little project going, though I'd prefer breeding platies and swords since they're less likely to have issues like guppies already have an abundance of(also hoping to get rid of such issues, I wont breed any from a mom that had issues or gave birth to babies with a lot of issues...only two did and both of them died after birth). My swordtails that I bred are still growing, though two females are at the age they're able..I'm waiting until they're grown more. I hope I have not erred...I picked two second or third generation fish to breed that I have raised to be strong and healthy(by picking them to breed them, I don't mean I got selective and dropped them in a net alone, I put the female in the ten when she gave birth, so I didn't actually PICK them...and my favorite male guppy that I raised as a third generation decided he just loooved her and she flirted with him as well), hopefully that will help and not hinder my breeding work over the last couple years.
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Old 12-21-2013, 07:41 PM   #484
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Oh shucks! Looks like my timer ran out. I found what my guppy was that I'm so fond of, he's a tuxedo cobra. I found one featured in a guppy show that looks like him. I didn't realize I had show guppies. .-. This is what he looks like, except his dorsal is blue and doesn't have the cobra spots, and his tail isn't QUITE as extreme with the spots, but he has them.
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Old 12-24-2013, 12:10 AM   #485
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Ah, Oscar is loving the 55 gallon tank. Plenty of room for him to grow over the next year at least! =) Big plants to hang on, nobody really bothers him unless there's food, but they haven't run him around or nipped. I moved that orange vase back and gave the Kuhli loaches the cave since he didn't like it, they do and he loves the vase. The vase has become his little place in the tank, but he's going to be too big for it in a few months! What can I get for him that will fit both him and the tank if not a big cave? He seems to like the vases shape over the caves. .-.; It's gonna end up being one big ugly vase, probably. LOL

No idea on if I'll be getting a new large tank, seriously doubt it. That's fine though, I really can't be asking much anyways, I've only asked for ferret and cat toys this year. Basically pet stuff. =P

My little fishy babies are doing well, only got four! There were more than a dozen when I looked in and she was still going, so I shut out the lights since I didn't have a space open yet and covered the tank...seems mom had other ideas and was hungry. >< Poor things. I got two black ones, a calico, and one that looks like a normal guppy, which it's not. lol I think they all may be muppies, but it's more than possible some are full mollies as well. They had their first food, gave them some Hikari First Bites, they came right up to eat. The baby Endlers I have...oh so many of them I swear(you don't realize you have so many when they're tiny and hiding in all the plants), are getting big and loving it when I come to see them and give food. Nice and active little things, some are getting in the stripes on each side of the tail like black bars always get first, so I know I have some males, most don't have marks yet though. Some are getting in the middle tail color, they could be either or as some of my females have funny colored tails. =p I ended up with a few black endlers from the older group, pitch black with red tails and pale faces and white or sky blue dorsal and pectoral fins. A few are full grown and they are absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't mind more like that, but I have no idea how they were mixed to make those colors since they came as fry from Fish Guy and he had a bunch of mixed endlers in his tank and some that weren't mixed like the black bars.

About to give my grandma a great gift. She's had such a rough year, family members have been sick and a couple close members passed away, all in the same year, and her sister is rejecting her new lungs and had all sorts of problems with the meds, including breaking her hip last year from a minor fall. =( She told me earlier that this year hasn't been very good for her, and the holidays bummed her out instead of making her feel better. I know one thing that does that she's wanted done for a long time, it's just such a difficult job though! Even when you don't have bad knees like she does, and I do as well. I did it one year and said I'd never do it again. lol I am going to scrub the floors with a little brush, get the grout cleaned out and sparkely and clean up all the stains you just can't get out without getting down there and scrubbing each spot for several minutes. Yes, it doesn't sound that big...but it took me five hours just to do half of it last time, we have a huuuuge kitchen. I'll be up all night so it's done by Christmas Eve tomorrow, or so I'm hoping I can get it done and will iff it kills me. :3 She will love that. It's very hard work and she'll appreciate it more than anything I think, anything gift-wise, because she absolutely hates it. If I have the energy I'll clean out the whole bottom half of the house and do the rugs and wood floors too.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! Onto the work for me, that will be my happiness if it makes ma feel better. I had her watching funniest videos with me and she said that made her feel better to. n.n She likes funny cat and ferret videos.
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Old 12-24-2013, 06:31 AM   #486
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bless her heart,i hope the new year will be better,i also
can not wait for 2013 to be over.
happy holidays grandma (i hope she won't mind me saying that.
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Old 12-27-2013, 05:06 AM   #487
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Nope, no tank for Christmas. =( That's ok, I moved a few things around and am set for a while. Should be able to sell some of the older kids soon, they told me they may have openings after the holidays and I'll have more room then.

So I think he told me he likes the big tank by growing. He looked dwarfed in that huge tank, but now I swear it looks like he grew two inches since I put him in, which I know he didn' just looks like it. He visibly got bigger though, his fins are looking good, his back pectoral fin isn't see-through on the ends anymore, and he's still getting fat. ^^; Thing is, he grows when he starts looking chubby, so I've kept feeding him the same. He no longer fits in the ugly vase, but he still tries...flexible little thing. He swims around more in there and looks brighter to boot. He really is an interesting color, can't wait to get photos up of him and of my new ten gallon tank! I'm gonna go drop in a blanched cucumber for Oscar while it's still dark. He nibbles on them, but really isn't that interested...still, it's a bit of something good for him, and he's also going to learn it's one of the few foods I can put in for him that the other fish wont pick on him for. He's pretty good at ignoring the fish, he actually grabs his food and goes in the vase, it's so funny! :3
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Old 12-30-2013, 03:30 PM   #488
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Yay, babies. I forgot to put that up there. One of my endlers females gave birth. I let the babies stay in the main tank, they're pretty much left alone. They just hang out above the cave, they blend right n. I initially thought it was my super giant female with the white and black tail(by super giant I mean super pregnant), I swear I saw her drop two babies! But it wasn't, it was my other female. I thought I had lost all the babies, I moved the wrong mom and she's staying in the other tank in a breeder with plants since she is perfectly happy...but then I saw all the kids and being left alone by the adults. That's awesome. lol I counted nine, eleven if I count the two older kids that stayed in there from birth, though there are probably more(I have that tank so full of plants, I doubt they can even find each other, they LOVE it, the loaches do too. Did I mention I only have four now? One died the day after I got it, knew the poor thing would, it was VERY pale, but the other four are doing great, nice and active)...I will have to move them eventually, but I'm waiting for them to get bigger and easier to catch first. Last thing I need is another tank once I open up the nursery, probably in a week or two(so I am hoping), they will all go in the twenty gallon nursery. :3 The loaches will be moved as well, I'm hoping to get all the other kids out of the nursery, re-do it with sand, and then move the kids and loaches once it settles and checks out on the water test.
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Old 12-30-2013, 03:47 PM   #489
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Awwwww, BOO on no tank for Christmas, but it sounds like you had a good holiday, anyway! Yay for happy babies and growing Oscars! Sounds like things are going well over there! I *ALSO* like ferret videos *GRINS* But you knew that, already! ^__^

I think you've ALL had a rough year. . . here's to 2014!
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Old 12-30-2013, 04:02 PM   #490
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Yes, Oscar the Pleco fits right in(Oscar is the name of my common pleco, just in case you forgot my little rescue fish with no fins...well, he had none before, he does now). He's doing way better than I ever hoped.

As for ferret videos, I'd love to put some up for you, but still don't have my own comp and can't upload them to youtube for you...however, since I can't give you a new one, I may as well give you the old one, it fits the Holiday and fun for sure. :3 Actually, I do have a few, I don't know if I ever showed them to you though!

This was hilarious:

How about Alanna bugging me when I was sick?

How about the nursery from last September?!

Oh, oh, who DOESN'T like getting up at stupid o'clock to be wild and play? Ferrets LOVE to!

Ren playing with a ball in the dog bed? Now that's cute!

How about Ren and Cooper as tiny babies playing rough and learning that biting too hard gets you yelled at and tackled?

Ok, snow video. I have video and photo sharing withdrawal.

Feel better? I sure do! :3
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babies, creamsicle molly, fry, net info, number estimate

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