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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> So, I'm gonna do something a bit different with my new tank. For my birthday my grandma ordered in some Yellow Jacket Tiger Endlers. ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 11-02-2013, 01:27 PM   #441
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So, I'm gonna do something a bit different with my new tank.

For my birthday my grandma ordered in some Yellow Jacket Tiger Endlers. Pretty things, she ordered in five males since she caught me researching about a few types and saw those, sneaky woman! lol So I will most likely have those in the ten gallon, the others in the other ten gallon, MIGHT keep my black bar male and a couple of his females with the tigers though, I heard they were bred down from them anyways...Dunno, I'm not picky about things interbreeding, but I may try to keep a proper strain going and sell them instead. Someone here told me they aren't as bad as other livebearers and more males than females should still be fine(so far it seems to be fine, if anything the females pick on my male! But he's a flirt and has been breeding, he just doesn't run them down, he lets them come to him and he dances and then mates, which is kinda interesting), but we'll see. I'm doing some Fall/Winter cleaning, going to sell off a lot of my fish and start something new. Going to be keeping some of the ones I've raised and just can't let go(a few platies, 6-8 mollies or so and the five swordtails), turn my other tanks into guppy or endlers tanks with the shrimp and keep a nursery open for the obvious influx of babies that will result, maybe turn two tanks into nurseries...still debating on whether or not I actually want to keep the guppies, but I have a two that will be difficult to part with if I choose not to keep them, raised them myself and they're just so pretty(my red endlers mix and a male that came out with a bright red/yellow spotted tail, looks like a leopard)! lol I also have a couple that came out almost purple and two that are a nice sky blue color. And of course my Flag, the guppy that is blue with a bright red tail, black body(really dark blue really) and sky blue fins(he lost his rainbow colors, but he's sure pretty).

Ah yes, I don't believe I mentioned this: My rainbow tailed guppy gave birth again, but she died soon after for some reason and I never got any babies. =( My fish have gone uber-cannibal lately, never get babies unless I move mom elsewhere these days which is sad, but the fact still remains I am low on room.

And speaking of my shrimp, I moved my last 3-4 cherry shrimp to the new tank and have been adding algae and pellets here and there, I haven't had any die since then. I wonder if there's something up with my other tank...but then, it did spend four years with plants in it, two with sand, and fertilizers and tabs, so maybe that stuff stayed around even after a good clean and re-do. .-.; My ghost shrimp and cherries get along, and are breeding I might add though not with each other so far and hopefully wont...I suppose I don't mind if they do, if they're a type able to. lol

So that's my plan for the year, get understocked and start breeding proper strains of some, mixed others that I like and know others surely will and do. My mixed mollies got a lot of praise from Fish Guy(the one who buys from me sometimes), and a few other people. My gold dust mixes are the most loved, the ones that are kinda panda-y, or the orange ones with a shadow of black instead of solid black and solid gold are as well. My creamsicle mixes are also in high demand now, but I don't have any left to sell, just two that I'm keeping. ^^; I am going to try to breed my black gold dusts, I did mention I got some finally, right? Successful breeding finally. Got three that are pitch black with gold around the gills and fools-gold look to them. Like these SORTA, but they have the same shape as other gold dusts without the lyretails. I'm thinking they will look like these, right now I have a male for sure who is gorgeous, but he's still small and not even half grown(but yes, he seems to have matured early, he's deffinately a male and tries to breed even though he's not even an inch long yet)

Oh! I almost forgot to update on Oscar, my rescued pleco! He's doing GREAT! He's no longer shy of me, he actually comes to see me now instead of slamming into the glass and hiding, or just hangs out calmly where he is. I bend to look and he comes right to the glass to look me over and follows me, he's so cute! And he's deffinately a boy, I see those big "Knobs" on his face, the ones in front of the eyes(I don't know what they're called, the ones the male has that look kinda like they're wearing glasses, females have them but they're less prominent). His fins are regenerating very fast, I didn't know they could grow back so fast. I can barely tell he was ever tattered, though his front pectoral fins still show signs of trauma, his tail is looking good, no infections, he's grown about half an inch or close to it, he's a nice weight...I was worried on his scales though, he had some major chewege on his back and they're having a bit more trouble growing back and repairing. But all in all, I have high hopes for my new little buddy, and he's freakin adorable! Following me like a puppy, no more heavy breathing either, nice and easy going...ripped up a plant though. x.x
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Oh hey, got a photo up for photo of the month finally(it woudln't ever let me upload one before seems it's fixed!), used Capone's photo and he won! I'm so happy. He was such a gorgeous fish and deserved some praise from more than just me and grandma, who still misses him and says "I miss Capone" every single time she looks at my tanks. ^^; She almost bought another one but saiid "There will never be another Capone, so I wont get one again." Thanks for the votes, people of TFK!! He really was a lovely fish and I'm actually honored his photo was picked. :3
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Whew! Just catching up here, girl - you STAY busy over there with those tanks! >.<

Congrats on your win!!! I saw that shot and knew EXACTLY who it was! Beautiful picture! ^_^
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Sylverclaws (11-04-2013)
Old 11-13-2013, 11:37 PM   #444
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I got my Tiger Endlers a few days ago, wanted to see how they did before updating. One was flashing a bit, added in some salt for him and haven't seen any issues since then(I'm thinking it was actually due to different water than he was used to, even though I did the drip so they could get used to my water for an hour). They all look lovely, but they're certainly not what I expected. They're definitely guppy endlers hybrids and not anything like the short finned, little male endlers that were in the order photo, or what I read up on(I heard they were originally hybrids, but they're supposed to have been bred down to be more like endlers in size and temperament)...but they're a lot bigger than I was told they were. x.x In fact...the ones I got look nothing like their photos aside from their colors. They're too big and their fins are too long to boot(they look like guppies with tiger endlers color)...but I like them. I've divided them up, moved a few critters out of the other ten gallon, so everyone fits. lol I know they were bred from black bars, so perhaps they will interbreed with my black bar females and get smaller. ^^;

Anywho, everyone is doing well aside from a gold platy, who is taking HER turn at the skinniness...I have her moved to the net where I can properly feed and clean up after her like I did with my Silver Lyretail molly, who by the way recovered from this nasty and is thus far the only one to have survived it. I'm not sure the gold platy will, but we'll see...I'm doing the same thing for her that I did with my silver.

Still haven't found a home for my gold gourami, really need to. x.x She does not like the male, he chases her a lot. They never fight or anything, I mean occasionally after he chases her around a bunch, she'll slide over to him, bite him and then flee. lol It's not funny, but it's funny.

I have a lot of pregnant endlers at the moment, they just keep on getting bigger, I though they'd pop a week ago, but they're still going. I can't wait to see if any are black-bars. I found a male black-bar with the kids I got when Fish Guy brought them to me, aside from the male that was obvious. I had a couple fry in there with them and it seems a few survived, one has gotten in those lovely colors and his little black bar. The other two were females.

Speaking of fry, I have two females, I think they're endlers but I can't recall if they were youngsters I moved to the nursery from there or if they were from my rainbow guppy...anyway, they are practically albino. I've SEEN albino guppies before, theyr'e that same pinkish color - which I actually like- instead of that silver or gold color females usually are, but their eyes aren't right. I'm kinda hopeful they at least have the gene, one has silver eyes, the other has black eyes, and I know albino's usually have red eyes. But they are nice, I have them with my endlers in the original tank, debating on moving all the light females with no black on them into the other ten gal and moving the black and gold ones and mixed females into my original ten. I was attempting to get some pure strains in, not mixed ones. lol

Ah, I also have two young endlers fry in my nursery in a breeder. Again, hopeful they're just black bars, but they're only...oh, maybe a month old and they're still pretty small(which is why I have them in the net), so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Actually hoping for males for once, and I'm pretty sure the silver female endlers had them. :3 I had a few mixed girls, and two gold/silver and one full silver one(I dunno if she's a mix, she doesn't have black and gold on her tail like the mix females do, she's solid like the gold ones). I'm figuring it out. xD Kinda having fun doing it. Most are young, so I think I have time.
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One of my endlers females finally popped. The nice silver one did. I don't think she had many though, perhaps carrying another brood...she did thin up a tad, but she still has a mama's belly. I saw at least five of them when I turned the lights on day before yesterday, but I only caught three. I initially thought I caught two...Moved them to the breeder net -which is now in the newer ten gallon- and the next day realized there were actually three! They were SO TINY I would not have seen them if not for the black sand and one of the fish chasing a baby. I'm pretty sure several got eaten, but I did only see a couple to begin with. I can't believe they're so tiny, though I suppose it's to be expected from such tiny fish. And I though regular guppy babies were small, whew! I wonder how small egg layer babies are. lol

Anywho, three new healthy babies. Actually...eight new healthy babies. Guess who gave birth the other night as well?! My little gold dust female. She was the one dropping me all those third generation babies, she ran out of steam for a few months there. I saw her hanging out and not moving, so I KNEW she was about to drop, though I was iffy on whether or not she actually was pregnant. She didn't even budge for food, and she loves her food, so I knew. I never get babies in the main tank anymore, so I moved her to the old ten gallon. Some got eaten by her and one of the larger male mix guppies I have, the other endlers couldn't fit them and let them be, I only got five though. Now I know why mama was having issues, one was stuck! It took her two hours to pass a dead baby, was very sad. She's perked up since then, and I'm positive she has more, but I think she's holding. So I ended up with three calico colored ones and two black ones. I know they will be black golds. I used to think the occasional ones were FOR SURE from my black molly, who died a few months ago so I know they're not hers. But they're healthy and cute, zooming about in the breeder box through the...stuff(java moss maybe, I don't think it's guppy grass but it might be, it reminds me of the moss you get out of creeks but it's not slimy, more like a stringy weed).

So anywho, I decided those tiger endlers didn't go with my tank and were making problems with my two young male black bars. I decided to do a bit of redecorating, still in the process actually since I'm making sure I do it all right, can't just take 'em and dump...Floating them in a container and adding water from the tanks to it here and there. I've moved the tigers to a tank with girls that look a bit like them(those females I told you came from fish guy, they're black and gold like the tigers on their tails, so I'm thinking maybe they are tigers...who knows, they'll go better though), and moving my pale females in with my black bars. In the end, I'm just doing the black bar endlers in the newer tank, they look good, they aren't picking at each other, and I also have my red dual tail endlers in there(You know that one I've been asking about forever that I rescued as a fry...he's got kinda like...a super extreme lyretail going on except it's not really his colors just make it look like he does...I think, but other than his tail he's only a TAD bigger than normal endlers males, especially compared to the tigers he is tiny, has a nice personality and all that, I like him in there and don't mind if he mixes with them, he only gets along with endlers but starts carpfests with any other type of fish). YEAH, huge lead on sentence...sorry. lol

So to sum that all up for you, I moved the tigers to their own enclosure and the black bars with my red endlers male to te other newer tank with a bunch of pretty silver, gold or white girls. =) They get along great, red male, for the first time ever, is not fighting with his tankmates INSTANTLY upon being moved...and is flirting with both my almost albino females, dancing and being a gentleman instead of jumping them. lol

My gold dust now, this is interesting and totally didn't see it coming...has bonded with one of the male guppies I raised from my rainbow female. Did not end up a rainbow guppy, it ended up with a pale face, dark blue/black body, and a stunningly red tail with four spots across the end, sky blue dorsal fin to go with it all. I don't want that guppy back in the main tank though, the others see that tail and chew on him. =( He's my favorite of the babies I raised, I don't want him chewed fact I wish to breed him. lol I hope I get proper bloodlines and they breed true, they're lovely! I need to get a photo for you guys. So he's been guarding my molly...and actually was breeding with her. Not the kind of breeding I wanted from him, but hey! That should be interesting, smaller babies for mama I hope as well. He hasn't been letting others pick on her, she runs from them, but she sticks right with him and searches him out of he comes to eat. Its cute, but I think we hae alterior motives from my pretty boy. xD Fine by me, the others were harrassing her terribly and he keeps them away. Either he's unusually sweet, or he just wants to mate or have all his babies to himself...bleh. Again, so long as he keeps others from pestering and doesn't pester her either. I have images of perfect gold molly shaped fish with red fancy marked tails...yeah right, doubt it works that way. :3 And now that I think on it, doesn't sound quite as good...maybe half blue/black, half gold with the red tails...haha.

Well, I do have a bit of bad news for today, sorry I know you hate good with bad. I went to change my tank out today, doing so a day late(usually fridays for the big tank), and saw that my gold platy was just staying behind the bubbler, moved that and found she was gone. =( I moved her too late to try and fix her, but since she was eating with the pack I thought it'd be ok until it really wasn't. Poor thing. She did leave behind a lovely legacy though, some perfect pale gold babies with Mickey Mouse, every last one got Mickey. She also gave me my hyper-glow orange babies who are just so pretty! They're all thriving well, and haven't had any other skinny issues. My silver female still looks a little thin, but I think that nasty took it's toll and she'll probably be that way for life. She LOOKS like a normal molly, really, I think it may have just rendered her infertile since she looks like any other not pregnant female. She's going strong though, has not relapsed into a skeleton, so I'm pretty sure that nasty is gone, it just took one out on it's way to hell. Just had to be my platy. =( Said gold platy was one of those part orange part red ones, but her babies all pretty much came out a pure pale gold with mickey. Real gold platies I call them. lol Maybe white gold, I dunno. She must have bred with a white platy before I got her, all her babies came out more pale in color with no red, or only a tad around mickey.

Ah, on the subject of platy babies, I got a couple blues with red fins like the male I used to have. Just like I had hoped. Pretty things, the blue is so much more bright on them than on the mothers or other siblings, I wonder if mixing red with blue did that, but other than their dorsals, and mostly on the males at that, they have no other red. Ah, some are speckled but just as bright in the blue area. All of them have black tails and fins, the "Red dorsal" I speak of is more like...just a red back around the dorsal, the fin itself is usually black. Got a Mickey or two in there, but most just have that same marking mom did(it's kinda like a black circle with a I also have some pale gold ones, pale orange or pinkish white ones that have spots, this tells me my Calico male(who is freakin gorgeous by the way) has been at his tricks. He's been able to be at those tricks for about four months or so now, maybe more, and he's got some kids. lol Really cool babies, I like getting those pale colored ones, or even the bright ones, with the spots of the calicos. I really need to get some video for you guys! Unfortunately I still don't have my own comp running right now, so I can't upload anything. =( You gotta see them though, I'm so proud, they aren't ones my grandma calls "Funny looking" which I never thought any were, but are mostly one or two solid colors with speckles. Such niiice colors and markings. ;D

Alrighty, updates complete! Long book, enjoy that, I gotta go finish getting my fish all adapted to their new places and get the rest of my 55 filled up(I think I have another six trips or so, but my hand was going numb and my back hurt so I took a moment to get an update done). :3

OH! Almost forgot, Jack, the orange betta, he's doing better. Not so skinny, no more odd marks, not sure what was up with him. Still, he's stuck until I build him a proper place that's better for his size, he no longer gets on with anyone. Silly old man. =( Used to be fine with other fish, now not so much. That's a betta for you! lol And darn! He woulda looked so good with those endlers, but he'd kill them very dead regardless of most being colorless females with short fins. x.x If it was in the 55 gal and just them, sure I might risk it since they're fast...but not in a ten, nope. >>; Gonna see about getting the nursery cleared out of all the big babies tomorrow too, some are actually sell size. HOLY COW I CANNOT CATCH THEM! Remember? Been at it for months, little snots, they burrow in the gravel, how abnormal is that for mollies of their size?! Fat little brats, they eat with the youngsters and got chubby, pretty things though...I have to catch them, I tried removing all the plants and they still found a way to elude me. I can sit there for hours and never catch the little stinkers, this will be a chore, maybe I'll set up a trap like I did for my cories and just suck out the youngins I want to leave in there. That should do it, idea pop! Why I didn't think of that until JUST NOW, I have no idea. But i'm gonna put that plan into motion and then I will look at them in their little jar and say "HA!" o-o;

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Ahh, so glad I purchased a packet of Hikari First Bites last month. I did so in case of baby guppies, which I was expecting. They're so small they sometimes have trouble eating dusted flakes and algae, though not so much trouble they starve, and only really snarf baby brine shrimp.

So anyways, this stuff is good in that it is practically dust particles. lol My endlers babies ended up being so small that even the flakes I turned to dust for the kids and save away were too big, you can only crush them so much! Dusted algae wafers were easier though, hammer+bag=fine dust. lol They could get that with a bit of picking, but the First Bites are easy enough they can fly by, grab, swallow, go for more. :3 Hard to measure that stuff, stick in your finger, dust most off and spread it up top, or pinch it and dunk it. My three endlers are finally getting a proper meal! What they can't eat, my larger molly babies(who at birth were three times the size of the three two day old endlers), can happily pick up the rest without over-feeding happening, which again...very hard to measure dust. x.x

So! Happy babies, no losses, everyone is already on solid food and not on their yolks anymore. They hunt it down like their adult counterparts. :3

I am a bit worried on my gold dust mama, she had an issue, still hasn't had the rest of her brood though I don't SEE anything in her canal, I can see babies in her belly still. She's going for food just fine, but then she goes back to some quiet corner and just sits on the bottom, so that has me worried. Holding still near the bottom or anywhere else is normal, but she's got her tail and the back part of her belly all the way on the ground. I will just die if I lose all of them in the same year. Lost her mother and my old creamsicle already, so I'm a bit paranoid at the moment.

OSCAR! How long since I updated on him? Little fatty is growing. I still have him in my twenty gallon, and he shall stay for as long as I feel comfortable keeping him there or until I can sell some of the kids. He loves that big plant I have in there, I may have to move it with him. lol I'm sure he'll like my giant anubias just fine though, we'll see...I'd hate to take his favorite spot from him. He's getting nice and chubby, the kids don't bother him like my adults did to every other pleco I had...hopefully he'll be alright by then. I've actually not seen him eat, but I feed him at night. Usually shut out all the lights, drop in a chunk of food(algae wafer bit, some flakes, brine shrimp, or some cucumber), always gone in the morning except the cucumber. Usually looks a tad nibbled on, but I don't think he likes them as much as the other foods. He's a nice weight, his pectoral fins are beautiful and not tattered anymore, I NEVER see his dorsal or tail out...I can tell they're fixing, but I think he's afraid to show his fins...who wouldn't be, after pretty much being fed to piranha's?! Well, cichlids. Same thing in my book. ^^; I wish he would though, I can't tell if they're fixing as well as the rest of him. He's still got timid moments, but he comes to see me, and he doesn't mind my hands in the tank at all. I had to fix a plant he knocked loose and kinda shoo'd him outta the way, he actually slowly moved, and then decided my arm was a fine resting place. ^^; So yeah, yay. Hope he stays sweet, makes things easier for when I need to move him if he's not killing himself banging into walls. His colors are nice and dark, I think he's the calico color, dark green/black with some light green/yellow marks on him and a lighter colored belly. He's just so cool, I can't wait to get him into his big home and watch him grow like a weed. I have such bad luck with plecos(mainly due to either illness from other fish, or because the other fish run them off food even in the dark), so hopefully a big tough guy will be alright. They're more determined to keep food than BN plecos, but I am worried he may freak if my fish pester him, after the Cichlids and all...I suppose I could find a way to block off a spot for him to eat at night. My breeder contraption works so well, perhapse I'll make a little feeding area for him that he can get in, but the other fish hopefully wont...or at least maybe not as many in the dark. Make 'em work for it. :3 Any ideas aside from a propped up basket or decoration? =p
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Baby brine shrimp are magic food! I had a pair of tiny angelfish that refused to eat and I was really getting concerned about if they would live or not. Well, I saw a pack of frozen brine shrimp larvae at my lfs and dexided to try it...immediate response! Angels are now a year older and doing great. They still love brine shrimp, butnow I feed the adult shrimp not babies. Best of luck to you in all that you do
P.s. I would move the pleco to a tank of his own if that is at all possible, at least till he eats regular. I've seen plecos feeding and they usualy are not shy.
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Yess, baby brine shrimp is a life-saver for many young fry! Tiny and tasty, especially for carnivores or omnivores. I've yet to meet fish----actually, before I got in tiger endlers I've never met a fish that would turn down brine shrimp. I have three endlers that will bite and spit. lol I have a betta that hates Mysis Shrimp. Haha, never seen a fish shake it's head before like a dog! He takes a bite and shudders, after trying to get him to eat it on three occasions with the same reactions, he wont even touch the stuff now, he really hates it...and they say it's for finicky fish! HA! He's not finicky though, he just hates that stuff. Everything else is fair game. Speaking of baby brine shrimp, my supply is almost gone, gotta run to the store either today, or most likely tomorrow. Daphnia is good for when they're a bit bigger, half an inch or so with the baby brine shrimp and dust particle-sized foods for smaller ones...if you want to mix it up should you get anymore small babies. =P

My pleco will be in the 55 gallon soon as I get things worked out. He's only about...oh, maybe four inches by now, he was just under 3.5 inches(sold as 3.5 inches, but when I measured him he was 3.3 inches or so) when I got him. I put him in the 20 gallon nursery tank to keep an eye on his injuries in a place easier to medicate if I needed to, and to help him get back some confidence after being so thoroughly ripped apart by cichlids. My molly fry can't do him any harm, so he's learned. =) He's visibly eating well, he's getting big, but he wont eat if the light is on(therefor I don't actually SEE him eat), though this is only to added food. I have a net in there and a bit of driftwood that he often hangs off of in the early mornings or evenings, both of which have a little algae on them...well they did. lol Most of it's gone now.

I have no bottom dwellers in the big tank aside from a couple trumpet snails, so he'll have it mostly to himself. I just want to lessen my stock first, have some juvenile livebearers to sell first. Plecos have a pretty big bioload, and even though he's small I want to be sure it wont get any spikes and that he'll be comfortable. Also working out a nasty in the big tank still. Almost positive I've nipped it, but I wanna be sure. If everything isn't set by the time he's 5-6 inches, I'll be moving him anyways or finding him a proper home.
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I ordered in some hot pick ramshorn snails earlier. My red ramshorn has been with me more than a year now. I hear they don't live more than a year or two, be nice for it to spend the twilight years with pretty buddies. :3 They looked lovely, nice bubblegum pink snails. I can't wait to see them in person, I was assured the photos were real(was a bit paranoid after the tiger endlers ended up being big guppies). lol My little cousin will probably love these, I'll have enough to put six in the two small tanks, or four in the three smaller tanks. None for the big tank, I don't think...I have a feeling my gourami's would eat them and the mollies would pester. Catching up on some extra research first even though I seem to do well with these and trumpets. Little red still has a damaged shell, btu it's fixing. Gonna pick up some cuttlebone to put in the substrate later on today, or some of that liquid calcium(I think that's right...) Is that stuff actually safe? I know some products just aren't! Getting calcium enough in there for them has been a bit of trouble, though I clean out dead snail shells and leave them there, I heard it was good and it's helped. So it seems, no others with shell issues and the ram is healing up nicely, I doubt he'll ever look normal though, poor thing. He's old, or so I've read, for these types of snails. I raised him from an egg when he rode in on a plant last yeah, wow I think he's almost two years old, will be next February I THINK.

Update on my gold dust molly: She is still carrying babies. I can see them. She shoved out another very dead baby this morning during feeding, very dead(rotting, yuck!), this has me worried that there is some sort of issue, I'm hoping this one was stuck and what had her stopped like the last one did and that it's all passed now. It'd explain why she's acting better if that was the end of the dead ones, never had this happen before. =( She LOOKS better though, swimming normal and not hanging on the ground anymore, fairly active and still going for food as usual. She is actually acting normal right now, so less worried, hopefully she got out what she needed to, the other babies look fine still, I can see them moving. I'm expecting her to drop after lights out. Hopefully she will before they die. Added in a bit of stress zyme for her as well and a tad of salt.

The three endlers babies and five mollies I got are all doing well, going for food and being active. I put my red ramshorn in their net with a couple trumpets because it was getting green and cleaning it is hard without squishing anyone. x.x And moving them to do it is stressful...cleaned it right up overnight, almost no algae left on it. lol
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Pink ramhorns are so cool! I have some in my Kindy tank, sent over by Sakura8 sometime this summer, and the girls LOVE them! They also have blue ones, pretty neat - too bad if you mix them they revert to boring brown, I want purple XP

I'm wincing for your poor gold dust, but hoping all is well with her now . . . poor thing.
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