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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> sending healthy vibes and )))))))hugs((((((( to you. xx...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 10-11-2013, 05:00 PM   #431
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sending healthy vibes and )))))))hugs((((((( to you.
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Sylverclaws (10-12-2013)
Old 10-15-2013, 01:29 PM   #432
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Got my big tank planted again, it's looking great. Still have old goldie in there, she's totally blind in one eye(my Creamsicle molly). My solar flare swordtail, Fire Lilly, looks like she's about to pop again. I can actually see the babies in there, looks like there will be some with more red this time thanks to my big male who just loves her. I'm glad I got him a mate he likes, he's not interested, and never has been, in anyone else. lol

My shrimp are doing better, still keeping an eye on two that are being a bit clenchy...Everyone pepped up when I turned the temp up from 76 to 78.5 degrees. I had heard they liked it cooler, but it seems mine prefer it a tad warmer. Nobody is hanging off the heater anymore either. I wonder if that was the problem. Too many what if's and not enough to go on to know how to fully fix it, so I'm trying everything and it seems to be working out. ^^; Ah, shrimp just don't seem to be my thing, but I'm trying hard.

My red and blue platy, the one I call a blue tiger, he's having some issues. He's bloated and has been for about four days. I've tried everything to get him unblocked. He's not pooped! I tried some epsom salt, fasting him, peas, algae, and now goinng to try some blanched spinach. He's looking awful this morning, so it's a last dicth effort with the spinach and a little more salt. I'm not sure what I'll do after if it doesn't fix him, usually peas or algae do the trick, maybe I'll pop him into the net and fast him for two or three days or just feed him nothing but peas and spinach. Poor guy.

Nobody else is having any issues at all in there...though my male blue gourami decided to be a jerk and killed my black and gold endlers. I was moving the ones that weren't black bars to the other tank so I could sell them later. They're pretty, but I want the black barred ones and not mixes with these. He's a full grown male and the young mollies and platies that are smaller or less thick do fine, seems Blue got a mean streak. Most likely the endlers challenged him, that's the other reason I moved him...he kept chewing up the other male and the females to boot. One of my females gave birth and he attacked her, ripped her lovely tail up so he was gone. Since he's bigger than some of the youngsters that get on well, I figured he'd be fine. Really unfortunate, he was very pretty. =(

And Cooper the ferret...bald as a billiard on his tail now, just half of it, patchy elsewhere. But it IS growing back! lol He seems embarrassed about it. I dont mess with him, but Ren likes to step on hit and he gets all wild and grumpy about it. If I even say "Hey baldy!" He acts the same, he obviously knows. LOL Funny how clever they are, reminds me of my dog Boomer when he was a pup. He HATES to be laughed at. He'll crouch down and do his high "hey you suck" bark when you laugh at him. :3

Anywho, SNOW! We got our first snow of the year...if you don't count the beginning of the year snows that is. The ferrets loooove snow, as all of you know who watched my video on the picture thread. Too bad for Cooper though, he doesn't have enough fur for it, so he can't play in it. There will be other chances of course, but he'll just have to bear with it for now. Unless of course his fur never comes back, we'll think of something.

Well, no photo or video updates from me, probably wont be any for a while. I have some, but my comp is dead and I can't get any up on this comp without administrator permissions, which is hard to get from my pa. ^^; He wont let me have any on my account so I have to upload them to his, but he wont give me the password to access them, and getting him to let me on in the first place to upload them on photobucket or youtube is a real peach!
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Old 10-20-2013, 10:11 PM   #433
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New Tank!

Yep, I got another tank. lol Nothing special, just a ten gallon. A really niiiice ten gallon. I'd show it off if I could, can't upload photos here on this comp though. =( Anywho, I got a nice planted background for it, black sand. It has a whisper power filter...not to sure about that heater though, it doesn't have an adjuster and I hate those. o-o We'll see, if it stays a steady 78, I may let it be. lol It also has LED lights, they're pretty but I'm not too sure about them, how are LED lights for plants? .-.

Anywho, I got this new tank on a whim, ma helped. I've already cleaned it up and added the sand, also cleaned up, and some plants. Added the sponge from my other filter. I FORGOT that sponge, it was being colonized with my other sponge to go into my other new filte rand I forgot it. ^^; So it's now in the new tank, filled it up almost half way with water from my ten and twenty gallon tanks. Added two snails for kicks...>>; Gave them a bite of food too. Haha. I'll test the water tomorrow and see where it's at and go from there. So yeah, this tank is for Jack the betta. I've figured out he'll never have his other ten gallon back and he's been in the big net for weeks. He doesn't mind it or he'd jump out, but -I- mind it, he needs his own tank and the other will probably NEVER be free for him at this point. So it's gonna be him, five ghost shrimp and IF he gets on with them, the full blooded black barred endlers livebearers. I only have one male and I think three females that are full and not mixed with guppies and one other red male I want in there. We'll see how that goes, endlers, so I've been told, aren't as bad as other livebearers where they practically kill the females or each other with too many males. If I get tired of babies, and I just might! I'll do an only male endlers tank with four or five boys...this is only if the betta gets on with them, if not they'll have the other ten gallon with the shrimp, who are doing well I might add.

I believe I once again figured out the real reason the shrimp were dying off...I had a bit of screen around the filter intake, I cleaned it once a week but there's only so much you can get off that stuff. I think they were eating old rotten food and dying, I removed it two days before my last post, haven't lost anymore shrimp, and nobody is clenching anymore. I also have zero ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. I DID have a very small spike in all three that I caught a bit ago, I think I just tested at the right time, it was most likely getting gobbled up by the plants and water changes before so I didn't catch it, I THINK that was it. Yes, another possibility, you never know. >>; I hope that's it, I'm down to about five BRIGHT red girls and 3-4 males, more than I thought I had until I moved that giant chunk of moss/guppy grass. lol

Well, I dunno if I mentioned male german blue ram followed his girl to the big lake in the sky a week or two ago. What I did NOT expect...was my male dalmation molly to follow as well three days ago. He had nothing wrong that I could see, wasn't slow, bloated, no damage -anywhere- nice weight, lovely dark color with bits of white(he was one of those dark ones that I like to get, had him for longer than the other male, the female I've had for a couple years now and she's been well, left me one baby, the other onfortunately died, I never get more than two!), ate normally and was active, no water spikes that I caught...not a mark on him that I could find when I removed him to look. -throws arms up in the air- I just don't know what happened there. =( Always my beauties. That just sucks, maybe he was old. Sometimes they do that to you at shops, when you buy adults you never know.
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Old 10-22-2013, 01:23 AM   #434
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Well now, bit of luck in my direction it seems. lol I set up my new tank with a bit of water from my others, used the sponge from an already cycled filter....ran a full test after 24 hours and I have nitrates! Not anything extreme, but I got a reading. No nitrites which kinda confused me since I had a small amount of nitrates and ammonia. Did a 50% change, which I can do since I have nothing in there(aside from two trumpet snails who seem fine and dandy, hunting for the food I put in for them...probably where the ammonia and nitrates came from, used prime to treat the water today and yesterday just in case...I put them in there kinda on a whim and want thm to keep the algae from going all bloomy from my LED lights which I really that should hopefully keep them safe), and hopefully it'll be stable within another day or two. I'm thinking I had a good colony on that sponge to have nitrates already, I imagine this means all the nitrites are being converted very quickly and that's why they don't show, ammonia should be gone, it was almost unreadable amounts. The lowest the tester did and it still looked more yellow than the light green coloring just after zero. =)

So now for my pleco. Did I mention I got a pleco? I don't think I did. I rescued a 3.5 inch(so it said, he looks closer to four inches or so to me) common pleco. It'll be a tad tight in the 55 gallon, but I am hoping to have a 75-125 gallon tank within the year, so he should only have a foot or so on him by that time. Otherwise I'll find him a new home, don't want him to stunt, which I don't think he will in the 55, it's just not enough space sideways for him. x.x; Anyways, he was being kept with, of all things, a bunch of cichlids. I think they were the mix of "African" ones, bunch of blue ones, few yellow ones(labs and electrics I believe, so many "African" cichlids, even Angels count I THINK), and they just ripped him apart. His poor fins still exist, but barely. I actually got mad, I told them to move them now or they'll die, the guy says "Nah, they're fine!" I said yeah, I can see three cichlids RIPPING off the dorsal fin of another, and if you don't move them, I will make reports and at least cause issues for you, and if you keep this p just to sell to bleeding hearts like me, things are going to be very uncomfortable for the workers soon. He got off his butt and moved the rest, but I don't think they'll survive. This little guy is still hanging on, he actually looks alright other than his fins. His dorsal is nearly gone and so is his tail, the rest are just tatters. But he's swimming around in my nursery and eating, nobody is big enough to pick on him there, and none do, I made sure to sit and stare for three hours to be sure.

Anyways, I was wondering...I'm not used to treating plecos. I treated a BN pleco with melafix when it lost a fin, it recovered nicely...but it made me nervous last I used it in the nursery, made the kids act drunk and I used a half dose of already very light meds! I know salt isn't good for them and can kill them, so I wont use that either. He doesn't need the added stress of it even if it doesn't kill him. So what would you guys suggest I treat him with? I don't see signs of infection, and I intend to keep it that way. Sure, clean water is good, but he's too shredded to risk using JUST that. What would be safe for a young common pleco and young mollies, platies, swordtails and guppies, as well as my plants to keep infection at bay? So far he seems alright, active as far as plecos go, ate last night and this evening....I think he's trying to eat my umbrella plant. lol ^^; Hey, whatever I guess, I'd rather he didn't though. Haha!
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Old 10-22-2013, 03:01 AM   #435
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shame about the melifix,as i wold use that...perhaps a smaller amount,?
i was thinking of perhaps a melifix dip..? but i don't know what the
stress levels would be ? taking him in and out the tank.
if no signs of infection,and you are keeping the water pristine,then perhaps
this may well be enough..and hiding places for him,to get away if he wants
he might be just fine.
fingers crossed.
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Sylverclaws (10-22-2013)
Old 10-22-2013, 07:26 PM   #436
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Well, I LIKE using melafix, it's never steered me wrong with the light stuff. But using it near youngsters usually presents dizziness issues, I did use a half dose last time. ^^; Perhapse one of the maracyn meds? He's still active today and ate after lights out last night...but his scales do have me worried. From his lower back down you can see some major scale damage. I added in a little stress zyme for him. I'm gonna pick up some melafix next chance I get. Keeping him happy and clean as best I can, nice thick plants he likes to hide in too, but time will tell I suppose, that really sucks. I really ahte shops that do that stuff, how irresponsible. Last time they put in bamboo shrimp with the cichlids and there were only pieces left floating around when I went to buy some. =( I think I'm gonna write complaints about them putting fish together than cannot be together even for a minute, that's just ridiculous.

Miss Creamsicle, my really old molly(she's somewhere between five and six years old I think, really dunno, she coulda been anywhere from one to two years old when I got her), she's going around the bend. I'm trying to find someone who knows how to put them down without hurting or stressing them out. She's been blind in one eye for about a year, did just fine until this last week though, active, eating, energetic. She's getting thin and started getting a tumor on her chest, slowing down and has to be target fed now, so I think it's time I stop waiting for her to go in her sleep and put her out of her misery. That tumor is probably cancer or something, it went from nothing to the size of a pea in five days. =( Poor thing, she had a long life though. I got very attached to her. Her other buddy that was maybe a year younger I thik died a few months ago in her sleep.

Anywho, thanks Willow. lol You and Chesh sure brighten up my spirits. I'm gonna go run a test on my new tank and see if the stats are better or worse. ^_^ I can't wait to see my ghost shrimp and orange betta in there(I MIGHT put spitfire in sand with an orange betta, or a purple-y red and green one, which do you think would look better? lol), hopefully he gets on with the shrimp! They're pretty big and he doesn't normally mess with shrimp. I was also hoping to have my black barred endlers in there, but I'm not sure I even want to test it...he got loose in my nursery on the side I DID NOT want him a few days back and left the kids alone, they're about the size of adult male endlers and he never even gave them a second look, so maybe it'll be alright. I think I'll do a divider they can see through first...otherwise a TEST may lead to dead fish before I can even blink.
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Old 10-23-2013, 11:40 AM   #437
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black sand and an orange Betta.!!!!..that sounds reallllllly nice
here's hoping that pleccie will make it,i think they are strong,i have my
fingers crossed for him.
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Old 10-23-2013, 07:42 PM   #438
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Well, tank fully cycled! I waited another 10 hours or so, did another test to make sure it stayed set, and then added in a few Endlers, a male and five females, waited half the day and did another test and a small change with prime to treat and then added my five ghost shrimp. I hope the ghost shrimp will be alright with supplements, one of them is carrying eggs, a nice bright green batch! I have some plants in there and a big bunch of...I think it's guppy grass, it looks more like stringy moss. lol That should provide hiding, and the plants where kept for a while without algae eaters, so they probably have some food on them. It'd be nice to get some babies, I was debating on putting them in way later...but I couldn't resist. I shoulda, but eh. ^^; Not much to eat them in there. I'm thinking about getting some Blue Japanese Endlers in a couple weeks. Or maybe some tigers(they're green with black stripes and spots). Maybe three or so, I don't want too many in there, small though they are ten gallons only holds so much. I may just get a couple more male black bars, I only have one right now and four females, one is a possible mix, has black fins and is pregnant, but I want no inbreeding...So three or so more males would probably be perfect, I'll have 4-5 females and 3-4 males. Or I may just leave things as they are. :3 With all females and only one male though, the tank looks pretty much empty.

Ah, I also was going to add Jack, my orange betta, but he's not looking so hot...not sure what's up with him! He's currently in a divided 20 gallon that is well established, planted, and has a handful of young platies, mollies, guppies and swordtails. I noticed he's a tad thin even though he gets fed twice per day, and has some marks on him I don't think I like, so he may not be joining the new tank at all. =( Ran a test on the tank again, found no toxins or anything out of order, zero ammonia, nitrite and nitrates(thankful for nice plants to keep nitrates down too, that's so difficult!). We'll see...he tried to eat a couple of the kids last night when they got through the divider, fixed that. I no longer think he'll be ok with endlers. ^^; So he'll probably be staying in the twenty.

As for my pleco! He's already looking better. His tails isn't as bad off as I thought it was, his dorsal fin is, and his pectoral fins are all tatters though, but today I noticed his tail is still there, bit ripped, but there. He just had it clenched I guess. His color is better today too, so I think he's gonna be just fine, we'll have to wait and see. I've decided to name him Oscar. LOL Me and grandma were calling him Larry and Leroy when I got him, I dunno why, we're just being silly. Those names would be pretty good for one though, but we decided to call him Oscar, after Oscar the Grouch, even though he's not a grouch, he just LOOKS grumpy. =P I'm thinking about moving the cave over there for him, but he seems content with the ery thick umbrella plant, I don't think he'll fit in the cave...and also I almost forgot wood! They NEED it, so I'm gonna move a bit of driftwood over there soon as I'm done on here. I can't believe I forgot that. ^^; Hope he hasn't gotten any issues in only a couple days without wood, I know they need it both for their teeth and to aid in digestion. Glad I have some on hand! My shrimp aren't using it anywas. LOL
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Old 10-24-2013, 08:28 AM   #439
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i so hope he'll pull through. !
poor Jack..i wonder what's wrong with him
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Old 10-30-2013, 10:04 AM   #440
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Well, my swordtail gave birth, unfortunately she escaped her large pen and I never found any of the babies. I suppose I can't be oo upset, except for the fact that so many babies probably became food. >< But I don't have the room. lol

My creamsicle passed a couple days ago.

And I am down to four cherry shrimp...x.x; I moved the remaining group to the other tank, we'll see how it goes.

My ghost shrimp had eggs, two of them did, they've since vanished. I heard soemone say they aren't like mini shrimp when born, they're more like tiny larvae...I hope my filter didn't eat them, it's not blocked THAT much. o_o; Haven't found anyone, and I don't know a thing about them breeding really. ^^; Maybe in a few weeks I'll find some little babies in there. Plenty of hiding and moss for them to get into.

SO! My birthday is November 2, and I have asked for another ferret, which we all know is not going to happen. I remain ever hopeful, but eh. I think grandma is planning to let me pick out a few new fish for my newest tank(It's actually a tank I set up for her guest room, so I think that's more for her than me. She wants a bunch of Neon Tetras for a ten gallon, I told her absolutely not because they need more room...), going for a few male endlers if I get the chance.
However, there is a ferret at the pet shop I am very interested in. SHE looks like Cooper, sorta kinda not really. LOL She's a blaze like Cooper though, very sweet, has that perfect lightning bolt on her head like he does, but she's MUCH different in color. Cooper was sorta mottled black and white with a grey and white face and white feet and white marks like lightning on his belly. This little girl is...Uh, best color I can come up with for her is dark Cocoa Powder color with a hint of red, black jacket like Cooper has and black feet, other than the mark on her face and a couple white toes, she's a solid dark color. Very interesting little girl, tiny and young, about as tiny as Cooper was when I got him(he was only like six weeks old though), but she's older than he was, she's ten weeks now I believe(she's been there for about two weeks, they usually don't get them in until they're eight weeks, Cooper was an accident). There's also a very large silver-mitt male I like the look and personality of. But again, yeah, grandma has said "NO MORE ANIMALS PERIOD" so I'm probably stuck. T_T Apparently fish don't count, but then they don't need a lot of vet visits and training. lol
Can't help wanting, but I admit they are expensive, especially when you get them all tiny and cute and they need vet checks and shots. Plus I'd need more food and bedding often, another round of training a baby not to bite and to get along with everyone...yeah, I'm up for it but she's not. lol

The one I want looks like this one, except she has no white bib, no white face and she's a slightly darker and solid color of this ones back(bit more red and no white showing underfur like this one has) with the same black jacket, more prominent lighting bolt white stripe on the head. Tell me that isn't cute!
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