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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Fire Lilly(my female Solar Flare swordtail) gave birth this morning. I noticed she was looking laborey last night and trying to hide, but my ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 09-16-2013, 06:33 PM   #421
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Fire Lilly(my female Solar Flare swordtail) gave birth this morning. I noticed she was looking laborey last night and trying to hide, but my other fish were absolutely mobbing her(there were five different fish actually trying to bite at her and she was trying to hide in my vase, a few others were mercilessly chasing her around and she was swimming up and down, or holding still where she could which tells me she may have already had a couple babies in the tank). I decided to move her to the shrimp tank again, did a very small change and added stress coat for her, shut out the lights, covered the tank and played my game a bit before bed. I checked her a couple hours later and saw little squigglies in there, so I left her there all night and half the day with the tank covered, just moved her back around 3pm. There's a lot of babies in there, but I can't tell how many. Looked like at least twenty last night, they were all mobbed in one corner until the light showed them there were plants to hide in, and she was still huge, she's not huge anymore. lol There are too many plants and stuff, and they're pretty small. Some look orangeish, others look more red. I know she was bred before I got her, haven't had her long enough for my male to have had any influence on this brood being more red or anything. They're all tiny and cute. Sure are small for swordtail babies. I am taking a guess on how many I have from their size and how much mom lost on hers and saying there's probably between 40 and 60 in there. Mom didn't get -extremely- skinny, but she lost a golfball of size.

They can stay in the ten for a week or so, plenty of small food for them to eat as they please since there's a lot of algae for the shrimp and that's the best food for such small fry. I'll go easy on baby brine shrimp too, since feeding it to shrimp too often can cause issues when they molt, or so I've read. Better safe than sorry. =) I'm gonna remove everyone from the nursery and give it to these guys by that time and make sure all is stable, I'll move them a few at a time since there's so many.
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Old 09-17-2013, 07:43 PM   #422
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The baby swordtails got their first taste of baby brine shrimp today. They sat and stared at it a bit, then one decided to just go for it and many others followed. lol They got some dusted up algae wafers and flake last night and were only sorta interested. Sometimes it takes longer for newborns to get hungry, I usually feed them within twelve hours of them being born and most often the kids go dig right in, these guys weren't actually interested in food until last night with the algae dust and some dusted fish flakes, probably because there's a good deal of algae and plants for them to nibble at in there. they wanted that shrimp and ate a good bit.

I also managed to count some, counted 26 babies. Those were only the ones out in view and holding still so I didn't mess it up. I also counted two or three in the plants too, I know there's a bunch more, just don't know how many more. They're so cute. :3 Bright colored with nice dark eyes, look like little neon lights bouncing around the tank. My first estimations on numbers are always too high, but I do that on purpose. I guessed too low a few times though. lol I'm still guessing around 30-35 babies in there. I better hurry up and get the nursery emptied! They'll only last so long in a ten gallon, even though they're barely half an inch right now. I'm still thinking I'll let them be for a week.

We haven't been able to get out to the shop thanks to floods and busyness with babysitting, and the people on craigslist lived too far away, I didn't realize there were so many Centennials, shoulda just used my zip. Someone actually had the nerve to get mad at me and report it saying they weren't free, got my post removed. Little snot, they say right on there you can ask for adoption fee's, I only asked 25 cents for the older fry, and 10 cents for the smaller ones. She can just go pay several dollars for her new fish, she messaged me to yell at me that I was selling fish online, gave me a rather nasty post. lol She has a 200 gallon she wants to fill up and she thinks she can just do it all for free, I told her not to bother since I wont sell to her after she re-messaged me asking if they were still the same price. LOL ^^; Ah, people. Some people just make me shake my head.
I need to make my own little site for selling youngsters so they don't rot in shops until they're big enough to be sold, if they live that long, or until someone comes in to adopt fry. Dunno how to go about that though...
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Old 09-19-2013, 06:14 AM   #423
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Well, all is well here. lol Little babies are doing good, swimming and eating. I did lose a shrimp though, I have been losing one a week for the past three weeks, I don't know why. No spikes, even with those babies in there. It's been just the shrimp until then, I removed the guppies soon after my previous post on them and they were just five juveniles. =( I've been putting in veggies and algae wafers for them(veggies are mostly spinach here and there, twice a week maybe in small amounts, and a pea on occasion) and fish flakes, the Emerald Entree with worms picked out as usual which is fed often, they also like pellets I soak real good before dropping them in, and the occasional glassworms or brine shrimp. x.x Meh.
I'm not sure what's going on in there, everything is stable, no spikes or anything, I don't even have nitrates in that tank thanks to all the plants and the very low bioload of my shrimp, of which I think I only have 15-16 of...It's been a nice stable tank with ph at 7.2, nitrites and nitrates at zero too. c.c Why are they dying?! I'm wondering if my rare treats of glassworms and brine shrimp may be doing it, I hear if fed often it can cause issues during molting, but I don't feed it to them more than once a week in small amounts, maybe rare should be like once a month? I'm thinking I'll just not give that stuff to them anymore. x.x

Anywho, there is a WHITE swordtail in there. Ouh, I hope it stays white. :3 It really stands out against the others with their bright reds and oranges. Ah yes, I have to up my guess on numbers again to more than 35-40...I did some cleaning with the turkey baster, sucked up any extra food and poo all around the edges and in the plants. When I did the plants a bunch of babies came out and all of them went to one side. I didn't know there were that many babies in there. o-o; There may be 50-60 like I originally guessed. lol

So craigslist was a bust thanks to the snot and me putting up an apparently common location in Colorado. lol However, remember the guy that came and got like 85 babies last time? He messaged me the other day asking about more babies, said he's set up another 125 gallon tank and has room in a few others. He said he has room for most of the babies I have. =) He's got a lot of projects, he does saltwater and freshwater tanks, species only tanks, livebearer tanks and tetra tanks, location tanks(like fish only from certain places). Woo, so I'll have room to raise new kids like my swordtails, which I'm looking forward to. And once everything is all settled and pretty, I'm downing on my own breeding stock as well. x.x Just too many to keep up with. Of course I've been planning this stuff forever, but something always puts a wrench in my plans.
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Old 09-25-2013, 09:25 AM   #424
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And another random update. lol All is still well with my fish, but not the shrimp. The new babies are growing pretty quick. There really are a lot of them. o-o Way more than I thought. My work is still cut out for me, as usual something went wrong. I was gonna give away all the kids in the nursery come tomorrow afternoon, but I've been nursing a nasty cold for the last five days or so and I quit eh, I called the guy and told him he shouldn't come since everyone here is sick. We decided next week will do. x.x

Ah, my shrimp. My shrimp are still dying one by one. I've only been giving them algae wafers lately since I was worried that feeding them any proteins like I was is what gave them issues since everything else in the tank is stable and perfect. I don't know what's up, I can't see anything wrong with them by looking. They all look fine, bright, pretty, active, find food almost as soon as I put it in for them. There's nothing to pick at them, and there's so many plants.....ah. AHA. Sudden realization. I wonder if I stirred something up. A little while ago I noticed one of my plants was turning brown, tried to nurse it a bit to see if it'd perk up, cleaned out the lights and such. Afraid to add root tabs or anything to help plants since shrimp are when the new lights didn't do the trick, I picked it out to move it to a tank I could give it proper boosts. The thing was only a couple inches high, nice little plant...with foot long freakin roots. LOL When I found them all and pulled it out, I did make a bit of a murkey mess in the tank, but it settled after a few hours. I also cleaned the tank twice since then as is normal, including the day I made the mess...turns out my plant was browning because there was not one, but nine plants trying to grow in the same spot. It was just one when I added it, I know because I pulled it's two brothers off of it when I got it last year. >>; I could NOT tell, honestly I couldn't tell it made more. lol

Anywho, all of them doing better, but I wonder if I stirred up some nasty laying dormant in my tank that's making them ill. They seem PERFECT, normal and fine, active, bright, shedding, eating, all that. But then suddenly one will get slow, kinda fall over and sit as if it's been hit, and then die within a few hours. In the last few days I've lost three, two of which I found in their dying stage and still alive. They still looked normal, they just couldn't seem to get up.

-throws up arms- ALWAYS SOMETHING, and I dunno what it is. e.e;

Ah, I may have ranted a bit, sorry. lol I quit smoking a couple days ago and I swear this stuff is getting to me so much worse, and in so many different ways than usual. I just don't know what to do. It doesn't help that I also have a bad cold and everyone seems to be finding as many reasons as possible to pick at me(like this morning grandma started a shouting match over cans in the trashcan where she DEMANDED people put them when they're used as "Cold Cans" and dragged them back out to wash them telling us we're killing the environment...can't argue with that, I did try though BEFORE her demands were met lol), and now my little buddies are dying. Cooper the Ferret is losing his fur on his tail too, unknown reasons again, very costly vet visit is eminent I can just feel it, and of course I'm broke and now paranoid. Last seemingly simple vet visit turned into a dead cat. I think the whole world has moved against me or something. c.c; Not really, but it sure feels like it.

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Old 09-25-2013, 11:29 AM   #425
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Oh, Sylver!!! *HUGS* I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a rough week!!!

Quitting smoking suuuuucks, I've been failing at it for some time now, and it does always seem as if things pile up when you're feeling particularly stressed and sick, and lack of nicotine always makes things that much worse. Stick with it, though - it will be so good to be cig-free!

I wish I could tell you something to help, but I don't know anything about shrimp, less about ferrets. . . I hope poor Cooper is okay, and that your Grandma settles down a bit (I know - that's probably not ever gonna happen at this point in her life, but I can wish! :P) I hope YOU feel better too. Try to get some rest, please!!!

And, you know - its your thread! Rant on, girl - its good to get it out!!!
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Old 09-25-2013, 12:34 PM   #426
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Ah, ranting. Yeah, I think I'll quit smoking later, I gave in. I was doing some extra research and asking around my ferret friends, unfortunately Cooper has a few signs of Adrenal Cancer. I was asking around thinking it may be an allergic reaction, but then a few people came and said they had ferrets with this issue and it turned out to be Adrenal Cancer/disease. Hearing that destroyed my day completely, had a little breakdown...which in turn made grandma upset and she went to dig out the vet numbers. We have an appointment at 9AM tomorrow. I'm still hopeful it'll just be an allergy or something easy, but I can't get the nasty thoughts out of my head, what with my fish issues and Leo the Cat earlier this year. It's so hard not to dwell. He seems alright, just missing fur and his energy fails a bit quicker than usual, I thought he was alright until I noticed that. Still could be an allergy of course, for which I am extremely hopeful. I have already made my choice though, as I did with Leo when he got sick. If I find out it's not fixable, I'm not going to keep him until the last moment. I have decided I may take a day or two with him, but I refuse to wait until he actually feels that horrible pain to put him down, he'll go before he can hurt which is only fair to them if not to me. I have also decided that, no matter how hard it is on me, I'll get another ferret as soon as I can move again if the worst should happen. Otherwise I may lose Ren to lovebird sickness, which is unfortunately very common with pairs, they imprint on each other, and these two have. They can't be apart at all, I take one and leave the other and the other goes nuts with worry and gets very frustrated and beats the cage. I've read and heard from other ferret owners that sometimes you can ward off lovebird sickness by getting them another friend to be vexed with and then get over it with. I'm not looking forward to that, Cooper is the most awesome ferret in the world to me, and to everyone here. I was surprised grandma jumped the way she did when she heard mention of cancer. It's very common for ferrets fixed too young like Cooper and Ren were to die of Adrenal cancer/disease before they hit the age of two. Cooper is one year and seven months old, Ren is one year and nine months old I believe. We weren't sure if they were only one or two months apart, I got Cooper a month after her, but he was also only six weeks and two days old, she was estimated to be about three months old since her certificate was yeah, I think there's about a two month difference. She's perfectly fine and normal. No energy loss, no fur loss, no appetite loss.

Well, as much as I dwell, surely the world isn't that cruel, I've lost enough this year. I'll keep that in mind, if anything nasty happens I think I'll lose all hope for the world. lol

Now if I could just figure out what's up with my shrimp! I worked hard on this, and I'm not going to let it beat me or my precious red babies, let alone my furry ones.

By the way, fish...I think my gold platy gave birth last night. Can't find any babies though, and she's looking a lot thinner than she should be. I'm used to mollies getting paper thin after giving birth, but platies usually retain some girth because of their shape, so that has me worried. I am having issues with thin fish again, just that silver lyretail. I'm keeping weight on her with extra feedings and cleaning out all her poo, but it's always touch and go with this nasty. And speaking of my gold platies, one of my platy youngsters has an extremely long tail. One of the older babies that's been in the adult tank for a while, I just noticed a few days back that his tail is nearly three times as long as it should be. The rest of him looks normal, his spine looks fine too, but that tail...I wonder if it's a deformity, or if maybe he's part swordtail. I've never seen anything like it. The whole tail is longer, it doesn't look like a sword...

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Old 09-26-2013, 12:39 PM   #427
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Cooper Update: GOOD NEWS! Sorta. Apparently sometimes ferrets will blow out the fur on their tail for no reason that they know of. There's no dry skin, no chewing on it, he said they look -perfect- too. He said I DO need to keep an eye on Cooper since Adrenal disease is so common and that IS a sign of it, but right now they said to just watch him. The signs to look for are aggression and loss of fur around his shoulders as well. He said if he's got an adrenal issue we'll know for sure in a couple weeks(6-8), and that they can treat it easily with an implant between the shoulders. As for his tail if it's just that, he said sometimes they just blow out the fur there and it either grows back, or it doesn't and then you have a ferret with a little rat tail. lol I hope it grows back. ^^;

SO, we also got a free check up for Ren. The vet just loves her and gave her a look over with no charge since we initially brought her along to make sure there was nothign contageous going on. He gets ferrets in all the time, takes in dozens from petco when they bring them in for a check up and shots(they've really made a lot of progress with making sure all is well and healthy), says it's like a barrel of monkeys having 7-8 in there running around, but he said she's perfect. He said this last time as well which makes me EXTREMELY happy and proud, and though she started out looking like she'd have issues and be stunted, she's no longer considered as such. So, he said she's not stunted, neither is Cooper, it's just genetics and some are huge, some are petite like mine are(just like Mocha so it seems!). He said they have no dry skin, and their coats are absolutely wonderful, they also have lovely personalities and he could do whatever he wanted with them without getting bitten or scratched. lol Cooper was on my head the whole time after his check up, which made everyone laugh.

Ren has put on a good bit of weight since I changed their food over too(I'm currently in mid-switch, changing them from 8-1 to Wysong Epigen 90 for ferrets), so that's great, she looks better and has more energy if possible, she's gained enough weight she now looks normal. lol

So, aside from watching him for a few weeks to see what happens and make sure he doesn't have adrenal disease, giving them some duk soup daily instead of a couple times per week to see if the supplements will help his tail fur re-grow, and also the new food I chose the vet said is awesome, everything is perfect. I just love that, I can't stop bragging that my little fuzzbutts are considered perfect for their species. I suppose proud is more what I'm looking at over bragging, but hey...I gotta brag. I've had a bad year and I was paranoid, so hopefully his tail fur will grow back and he'll have no further issues. He said I shouldn't worry as it's common for some to just lose the tail fur with no fatal issues or bad ones behind it. I think I got a big head now after hearing so much praise for them. n.n

On the fish note...I've lost yet another shrimp. It seems to be one a day now. I wish I knew what was up! ><

As for the youngsters and my sick fish, they're all doing well. The youngsters are growing like weeds and getting used to me, and my skinny silver is keeping her weight and gaining. Hopefully it'll stay that way. The extra feed seems to be doing its job to keep her happy, but that doesn't mean the yuk is gone. =/ I'm keeping an eye out.
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Haven't done an update in a while! Got some. Been sick, and my computer died, so I'm using grandpa's comp. lol

Anywho, little one on Cooper first: He's doing good, lost most of the fur on his tail, but some is already coming back. Both of them are fattening up for the winter and looking good. :3 So that's some good for me!

We've had bad luck with pets this year. Cooper's issue, Leo and my fish and critters, now my mothers little dog Gizmo, he's about six or seven years old(pomeranian/pug mix), started having seizures. They said he may have tumors in his brain and he's very sick, they don't expect him to live much longer. We have him on some meds, he is an odd mix breed and has had a lot of issues with bladder infections , breathing and such, so we're trying to get him cleared up and comfy, we'll see where we need to go from there. It'll be a real shame if he has to be put down, he's a brat, but he's a nice little dog. He was the devil dog I had in the picture thread dressed as the devil for halloween. lol He seems like himself today, acting normal, interested in food, energetic and his usual loud brat self, so I hope he'll be alright.

Fish Guy came today. We'd been planning it for a couple weeks, but I told him not to come when we were sick and he agreed. So he came today, just left about half an hour ago. He took about 60+ babies(I didn't count, I gave him two bags of fish, and he said he'd take my yellow neon male guppy who keeps getting his tail chewed up), a mix of mollies, guppies and platies, I also gave him five of the young Solar Flare swordtails, all of which are doing great and will soon be moved to the proper nursery. We made a trade instead of paying. He brought me some plants and some endlers livebearers, full ones not mixed. He gave me about eight female black barred endlers, a male or two, and also a common male(the ones that are blue and gold with a tad of red) and a flame tail red male(he's gorgeous, I've seen those for sale for like fifty bucks for a pair lol).

I also got a new anubias plant, it's doing good so far. Sometimes they do and then don't, we'll see. I moved my big anubias out of the shrimp tank and to the nursery where it'll be for a month or so, that's the plan anyways. It's already too big for the ten, grew out the top, almost too big for the twenty too. lol It really sprouted back with a vengeance! It looks great. :3 I intend to get a few moss balls soon too. lol My shrimp could use them. Figured out what was up there too, I had added stress zyme for my female swordtail when I moved her as she was in labor. They can't handle that. It seems to only hit the females though, I only have a few left and about ten males. @_@ Oh well! I think it's because they get bigger and were shedding more, they'd die soon after shedding because of that stuff. I did that last time too when they were dying off, added stress zyme. BLAH. So, I cleaned the tank out and didn't add anymore, hopefully it'll save the few females I have left.

SO! Down to about twenty-thirty babies now, not counting the baby solar flare swords. I could NOT catch them all, I only wanted to keep about eight of them. lol They got smart, they'd jump the net if I got them, and get where I couldn't grab them. I was catching fish for an hour, and then tried for almost another hour and failed so miserably I gave up. Whatever, I guess. But hey, my tank is back to safe stocking. Now I can clean it again and start moving plants back soon. :3 He brought me a bunch of guppy grass and some of that moss you can stick to things, makes good cover for fry and baby shrimp, so I know where that will go. ^_~
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Congrats on the new plants, and the new homes for so many of your babies! SO relieved to hear that Cooper (and Ren!) are doing well, and that you've figured out the cause behind the mysterious shrimpy deaths! Sounds like things are really looking up!
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Indeed, everyone is much happier with space, of which I still need a little more of. lol Nothing new there!

My plants are all doing well also, and I haven't lost anymore shrimp, only one the day after the last update, but nobody since.

My little swordtails are growing like weeds. I've mixed it up a bit, put a few in the nursery and a few in the net in the big tank, left a couple in the shrimp tank because I couldn't catch them. lol They're all doing well.

My little german blue ram isn't doing so hot. He's been kinda bleh since his mate died. Very sad. Though recently he's started getting some color back and a bit more energy to him, he's been thin since about a week after she died and is only gaining a little back now that he's energetic again. I'm hoping he'll pull through. Fish Guy said he's got a nice female and he'd pay me for him, but I told him that'd probably be bad for him. For one, if you switch mates too soon they can fight or just completely give up. I'm hoping he'll feel better and look better soon so I can try another female myself. That wont be for a while though, it'd be so terrible if he felt better and then got depressed again right off with the addition of another strange female. ^^; He's young, so maybe it'll be alright. I'm babying him.

Ah, the endlers, I was mistaken! See, I don't know a great deal on them, the "Common" one I have, IS a male black barred Endlers. lol He's got a nice little bar and everything, and a few nice females. He seems to have given me a mix though, to go with them. I have no idea what the others are, they SEEM to be pure endlers, not very big and are the same shape and size as the black barred male...but one is pitch black with a yellow tail. Never seen one like that before, but then I know very little about them! He's a pretty thing, a few females have the black tail with the yellow on the end like him, I assume they're either mixes or another type of endlers.

Anywho, all is well here. Cooper though...little rat tail, he's lost the majority of his tail fur. No other symptoms of issues though, he's the same old brat he always was. A friend of mine, just today, told me they've had some of their weasels do this before during the Spring and Fall molt. So maybe it IS due to shedding/growing in Winter coat fun, just on a drastic measure. =) Poor guy, he really does look silly with a balding tail, and I THINK he knows it too. ^^;

Ah, and yes, I'm almost over my cold, still have the cough. Unfortunately three of the kiddies were sick when they came for my nephews second birthday...well, two were, my cousin got sick again and SHE just got over a cold with the rest of us, so we expect heavy rain fall...I mean more sick people. lol But hey, less nasties to worry about when I'm 80, right? lol

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