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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Aha! So, I had this inkling that my new swordtail, Fire Lilly(lol I love it!), was constipated even though she was pooping...I thought this ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 09-05-2013, 04:29 AM   #411
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Aha! So, I had this inkling that my new swordtail, Fire Lilly(lol I love it!), was constipated even though she was pooping...I thought this because I only saw her really clenching when she was pooping. So, I moved her to the giant net in the big tank where I could safely use some salt, since my shrimp would surely not approve, and gave her a bit of spinach....Oh my GAWD, pardon. Ahem. Next day, there were about twenty strings of poop over two inches long. o-o Several smaller ones too. It wasn't stringy, only some looked REALLY thick, the rest seemed normal. Poor thing, I think the bigger ones had her stopped up. She looks so much happier now now, who wouldn't?! I've had mollies forever and never seen one poop so much in my life. >_>; She is no longer holding her fins in like she was in the photos and is a tad more active. I can tell she'll be a problem with food though, she may be new and insecure, but she flies for the food soon as she see's me coming with it. I love that she comes to look at me when I sit by the tank though, I hope she has that nice curious personality, only my creamsicle is really like that now that Capone is gone, though my male Ram often does it too.

So anyways, I haven't seen anything pop up on her, still keeping her away from the other fish. Her colors look better, she's no longer clenching, she seems a bit depressed which can't be helped since I don't want to risk anything being given to my other fish through contact....hopefully she has nothing waterborne. ^^; But yeah, she looks good, she wants to be with the other fish though...she still looks fairly round too, I wonder if she has more to get out, or if she truly is pregnant. I'm crossing my fingers on the pregnant, I would like some more swordtail babies to raise.

My new filter is really helping out in the tank, the fish seem more active. I was's not a cycled filter, but the other one in there is. Can this CAUSE a cycle? Thus far I haven't seen any changes except my nitrates went down from 5ppm to a lower setting, my tester only says 0-5, so I can only tell it's in between. It's usually stuck around the middle. x.x Nothing else has shifted, no ammonia or nitrites have been detected...
Anyways, my question is: Can I take a piece off of my sponge in my cycled filter and add that with the new sponge to the new filter, or will I risk hurting the bacteria colonies in the time it takes to move them and cause damage over extra protection? I can cut it in the tank water in a pitcher, I'm just worried I may knock down the effectiveness of them if I split it, or kill some in the three seconds it'll be out of the water. Oh yes, I am really getting on to the whole OCD thing here and paranoia, aren't I? I need my mind put at ease though, what can I say? >>; I'm stable and want to stay there, it's back breaking work keeping it that way as is, I need all the help I can get, not to kill it trying to do even more. LOL

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Old 09-05-2013, 10:33 AM   #412
If you put part of your bio-media in the new filter, it will definitely speed up the bacteria growth in it, & it shouldn't seriously change your cycle, cause you'll have the same amount of bacteria, just split between 2 filters. Usually, where a radical shift in cycle comes in changing filters is when you have 2 filters that are barely, or not quite, handling the bio-load & you change 1 out to a better filter without using the bio-media from the replaced filter in the new 1. Then you can get a bacterial bloom that can take over a month to get rid of.
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Sylverclaws (09-06-2013)
Old 09-06-2013, 01:51 AM   #413
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Thank you. =) I'm a bit paranoid about new things, it usually starts off horribly before it gets better. lol

So, Miss Fire Lilly is doing good now. She still looks plumo, I can see a gravid spot, so I am almost positive she's pregnant. She looks bright and is no longer clenching at all, looks alert and isn't acting depressed anymore. I couldn't be happier, I sure do like her. She's just what I wanted. Solar Flare Swords are very difficult to get ahold of here, so I couldn't resist, they all looked so good I figured one would be fine, plus she's almost full grown and my male could use a proper female companion. But unfortunately she can't be with anyone yet, I'll be keeping her separated for at least another week, if not two. It depends on her though, sometimes they don't do well when kept alone. But if thigns keep going as they are, she should be happy once she's finally released with the rest of the pack. Hopefully she'll have her babies before then so they'll be easier to catch...and less eaten by adults. ^_~
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Old 09-08-2013, 10:31 AM   #414
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Well, I haven't had any problems with that skinny disease parasite nasty since the end of June...suddenly it's back. Starting the same as it did. Only hitting my males. Over the last two weeks I've noticed my gold and silver male, the one I "Adopted" and was very fond of, was getting skinny. He died last night. I had him isolated and added salt to the tank. I'm hoping that got rid of any that may have come out. I removed my sparse plants in that tank and added in the required amount of salt then repeated after a small change after two days. I'm hoping that'll do it like it did last time. I don't know what I'll do if it strikes like it did before. It seems to like specifics...hi-fin platies and variatus, silver mollies, and males. It took all my males last time and two females, both of which had just given birth before they came down with it, I assume a lowered immune system and stress made them susceptible. So far it killed him, and I'm working hard to save a silver lyretail female who is skinny and recently gave birth(no, didn't get any of the babies though! =( But I am hopeful her skinniness is just from giving birth), and keep my one remaining male, my dalmation who still looks healthy as a horse, from becoming ill/infected. I'm also a tad worried about my male red swordtail. He's not exactly young I don't think, and he's been looking a bit thin. Hard to tell with males until they really get THIN because they're all so slim-bodied as is. x.x BAAAHHH! Well, I no longer have things sensitive to salt, so I'm using the salt. lol I'm sure the mollies will be pleased. lol

I'm also having issues with my pair of gourami's still. I was gonna give the female away today since the male wont leave her be, but the last thing I want to do is risk infecting someone else's tanks with this.

And of course, more bad of my baby mollies died from unknown causes. I think it got too much food. I try to spread it so everyone gets some, but a few of my older molly fry are greedy. He was a complete bulge. Didn't see anything else. I'd blame a block if I hadn't given them peas last night, nobody was bloated before that, I figure he ate too much and burst his gut, dumb fish. I give them skinned, cooked peas about once per week since babies usually need to eat more, wanna clear out any possible blocks once per week. Yeah. Dunno, I suppose it happens, I gave two whole peas, halved each half, for about thirty older fry, he must have claimed one. That sucks. I tested my water and did a light change just in case, nothing was off.

Good news? Well aside from the named issues and particular fish, everyone looks just fine. By some miracle I'm keeping up with the extra changes, keeping stats stable and safe, no ammonia or nitrites, plants are a-bloomin like weeds and looking big tank looks pretty barren without those little wisps even though they weren't much. Once I get out all the salt, I think I'll move a few plants from my over-planted ten gallon as well. I like it over-planted though. lol I was gonna go buy a few more plants a few days back, but they're so expensive! And they didn't have any stem plants that weren't in the tanks. I stopped buying in tank plants from that particular store, I got ich in once, I assume that's also where the velvet came from, and quite often snails I actually don't want who just kill the plants. .-.;

AH, oh yes, that single baby I had...well, I found a really tiny baby, of all places, in my nursery tub that was waay too small to be any of the monthlings I had in there. WHERE did it come from? My best guess is it was small enough to fit through the netting, and I'm assuming was from my rainbow guppy since it IS a guppy and she had babies I never got any of this time. lol Either that or one of the three month olds gave birth...I thought they didn't have that ability until 4-5 months. O_O; Anywho, one little healthy baby to keep the other company. I'm now positive it's a platy baby, assuming it's a blue, but you never know.

Speaking of the blue platy babies, I have a couple blue platies absolutely covered in spots. I know I said this before, but one of them has so many spots it's laughable. He's really cool. Blue Dalmatian Platy, how's that for a fish? It's not real fancy or anything, but it IS a nice looking fish. My blue female looks like she may even pop again soon. She never gets very big, but she's actually showing right now. =) So is my gold dust, again. lol More third generations. ^_~ That's ok, I have a nursery open! Wish me luck for the platy, I never get more than a couple from her, never even see her have babies. She just stays the same shape all the time, never looks pregnant. I want some from her that I KNOW are hers, she's been mating with my red platy and with my calico, so I'm hopeful that I may get some interesting colors and spots, I assume said spots on my current blues came from the calicos as is...either that, or platies can breed with mollies afterall, which from all the research I've done, shouldn't be possible since they're too far apart on the relation scale. >>; But I will admit, the current platy baby I have does have a longer than normal tail, but its body is definitely platy. I'd move mom to the net, but she's "one of those" fish. It's a huge net, but she still flips out MAJORLY when removed from the other fish, even if it's to another large tank! You win some you lose some, it's better not to risk mom I suppose, but it really sicks knowing how many babies she's gonna have and how many will be food. She's about as big now as my gold platy was when it had 34 babies. And yes, I know that little bit is a new one, but I'm almost positive it dropping was an accident, it's so tiny it has to be a premmie. =/ I think she'll pop properly soon. My gold dust though, i think she may be popping now, looks like it. >>; Gonna go keep watch. =P
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I never know how to reply to your posts when they're a mix of good and bad like this :/ Boo for the skinnies, but hooray for pretty new babies and stable water parameters! ^.^
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Old 09-09-2013, 03:41 PM   #416
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I like to try to get everything into one post so things aren't missed or scattered too much. ^^; Sorry if it's confusing, I can do a good post and then a bad or vice versa if it'll help with those of you following them?

Ah yes, yay for stable parameters! Not to brag or anything, but I've worked so hard at it. I want them happy, but I also need to make a little back to pay for the care and save up for yet another larger tank. My entire right arm and wrist is one big green and yellow bruise, feels like a bad sprain...I caught myself admiring the funny colors. LOL I've over-used it carrying heavy water. Grandma said she's gonna try to get me an adapter for the hose so all I have to carry is the heavy loads I change out.

A couple of my platies are now sell size, so I'm gonna see about that probably tomorrow. I'd do it today but grandma and I both have a little cold and she had to go shopping since we were literally out of everything and didn't have any food for today after breakfast toast. lol I'm not sure on swordtail sell-size, they said an inch for the fish, but I dunno about them, they don't get their girth in until they're nearly two inches unless female and they still stay a bit smaller for 8+ months. They grow really slow after they hit almost an inch, platies are just slow period. My one inch babies were born on new years eve, nearly a year, and one is an inch and a half. They're such pretty babies, surely someone will want them! ^_^

On that matter of my calico platies, you remember Eve? She was the female that gave birth on New Years Eve, she looked absolutely awful and I didn't think she'd survive. She was really pitiful for about a month after I got her, chewed up tail, clenching, had babies, new home and stress, poor dear. She looks like any other normal happy platy now and has for several months.

So I'm thinking I'll give away several of the babies in there anyways, make sure there's enough room to grow for the rest and give my arm a day off every other day. lol If my arm is this bruised and visible without and...blunt-force trauma, I just don't think it's beneficial to anyone any longer to keep up so much work. I'm afraid I may tear something or already may have, my hand and wrist just don't work right and my arm by the elbow has some nasty swelling and a big lump. I had initially hurt my wrist when I almost dropped the bin of water, about 20 gallons of it, and caught it when taking it downstairs to give to the trees outside. x.x That woulda been one big mess if I hadn't caught it! All the same I did get soaked. lol

Ah yes, did I tell you guys I finally did get a jumper right after I said I'd never really had any? That female swordtail didn't like the small tank, so I moved her to the big homemade net in the 55 after I saw her jump clean out of the ten gallon twice. She jumped out of THAT too, but landed in the tank instead of out of it as I had set it up in case, and she got a few days for me to monitor her as is, she is no longer clenchy, has no signs of illness whatsoever...I HOPE it stays that way, I know it can take longer so let's hope it doesn't bite me in the butt... But so far she looks good, gets on with everyone, and has been schooling with my male and some of the young females, she seems happy. And the male really is a gentleman about it all. They very clearly like each other. She's also still visibly pregnant, but I don't think she's due for another week or so. She's been pooping normally too.

So yes, lesse now, I think I'm being random again...I've moved out five guppies, one male molly died(the gold and silver did not last the night after I found him the way he was all skinny), at least four platies and one or two swordtails will be going soon as I can get a deal worked out with the shop...and maybe a few of the youngsters as well, and the gold gourami female, she's not happy with that male at all! But he's doing fine. LOL And my male neon yellow guppy is also ready to go, his tail is still a tad frayed on the end, but he looks great otherwise. So that should down my stock quite a bit.

Ah, I have a question. How do you tell if a fish is going blind naturally over an issue? My old creamsicle female has one eye going grey. It's not swollen, and doesn't look like cloudy-eye, but very slowly over the last four months I've noticed her losing the cornea and it started greying out, she obviously can't see with that eye anymore either. It kinda reminds me of an old dog going blind....could this be a problem or is she just old and losing her sight? The other eye looks perfectly normal. I've been adding salt in case it was an infection or cloud-eye, but it hasn't done anything. Doesn't seem to affect her either, just looks like she can't see, she bumps things on that side and gets kinda snappy if a fish comes up on that side and she notices it.

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Old 09-13-2013, 04:06 PM   #417
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Alright! Today is the day...I hope. I'm gonna see about taking in a bunch of young fish to the store today, as many as I can grab. I'm hoping to only keep about 6-8 to raise until sell size in the big tank, a few are ready to go and I need to make arrangements. I've split the nursery, taken a few young guppies(about eight half inch kiddies) and put them in the shrimp tank, I'll move them to either the twenty or the main tank when they're a bit bigger, and I intend to take about half the babies out of the nursery as well. Normally I wouldn't, but my solar flare is getting huge. Apparently solar flares are a petco brand of fish, let's see if I can't mix her with swords of similar colors like big red to make healthier kids, not to say she's unhealthy, she seems like a pretty tough fish! She's doing just great in my tank. But I need some more room, so that's what I came up with, you gotta make big choices if you want things to go well. x.x I am seriously considering stopping with mollies period and having just platies and swords with a few guppies. Just proper groups of each, less adults, room for a bit more selective. But I am also not wanting to part with some of my gold dust mollies that I've raised, like my two girls from the little gold one who passed and a couple third generations. No males, no more breeding I suppose. End the line...ugh, dunno if I can get myself worked up to do that, I love those little gold dusts, and of course the two from my creamsicle, I think she's done breeding she's just so old. We'll see. lol If I do that, the one from my creamsicle will be my only male. I may do that and find the girl a new home since I want no inbreeding...have the one male and four gold dust mollies(my mixes, suppose they're more pandaish), five platies, 4-5 guppies, though I may make a guppy tank instead of having them in there, and four or five swordtails with one blue gourami. I'm thinking about just doing that instead of saving for a super tank, maybe I'll save for another 20-30 gallon and do a guppy tank. If I can get a thirty I can move platies and planned guppies there and have smaller numbers in the big tank. Yesss, planning in motion. xD And hey, I'ma ask for a thirty for my birthday, all I'll need is a heater and substrate, already have a thirty gallon cycling filter that should be settled by then, and wont NEED it in the big tank anymore once I cut back on numbers. Ahhh, maybe I can keep from getting swarmed this time!
Ah, I'm also going to see about new homes for my neon and cardinal tetra. I only have one of each left because someone ATE the others after all that work I did fixing them. But I've contacted someone who does a lot of stuff in the hobby, has a lot of species tanks with tetras, Florida natives, livebearers and a lot of other stuff, so I asked him if he could take them to add to his proper groups, or if he knew someone else in the hobby, this way they wont have to go to a pet shop to risk illness again. I'm pretty sure my cardinal is female, she's HUGE, nice and round, lovely bright colors and fully mature. The neon I think is female as well, but I'm not sure. It's either female or a fat male. lol Ah yes, and of course my gold female gourami, I'll miss her since she's such a nice fish, but she's not happy with a picky male. He wont even try to build a nest, he just constantly chases her. I want her in a happy new place where she isn't chased, not really fair and I didn't plan for that since I heard a pair, even those that don't often breed, or breed at all, usually get along and are recommended to be KEPT in a pair, but these two don't get on. How sucky. =(

So, I gave my arm a break for about five days here, did a 50% change today, and am hoping to get out a bunch of the kids before any builds happen(haven't had any yet! Let's keep it that way), and I'll probably do a smaller 5-10% change in two days to be sure it stays perfectly stable. And I'm gonna see about more plants, but that's a maybe, they are expensive. c.c Well, my arm is certainly better. I actually planned to keep up with my...wonderful training. lol But when I was cleaning my room, I tripped when moving my computer and smashed my fingers on my left hand between it and the metal bars on my table, thought I broke my pinky and ring finger, just got off with nasty bruises. But yeah, can't work with two bum hands, but soon as my wrist got better, ma helped me do extra cleaning. Anywho, that's all done, my hands are both much better, nothing serious it just needed a break I guess, my right arm doesn't even hurt anymore and the bruising has gone down almost completely. :3

Well, I think I got rid of the parasite with my salt bath there, my silver molly has gained weight and looks good, great even, no backfires at all...for now(I'll wait two more weeks before I celebrate), she never got too weak to begin with.

So hey, a day of good news. I do have some bad news, but I'm gonna save that for a day that isn't as great as this one. ;3

Well, I may as well get it out. >>; Eve died, big blue looks like she'll be following her soon, and my panda lyretail molly who hasn't looked good since I got her(I think the parasite got her though, she was very thin and unlike the silver didn't make a comeback). I forgot platies don't like salt like guppies and mollies do. ><

Honestly I'm tired since I ran myself into the ground, I'm thinking of going all rasbora and barb tank or tetras or something over livebearers. ^^; I like my livebearers, but that breeding of theirs...I though heck, a 10, 20 and 55 gallon, I can take whatever they throw at me, they never breed that much for me. Hahahaha. >>; Ahem. Find a healthier hobby...I am kinda partial to barbs and tetras, think I have the experience for cherry barbs and cardinal tetras. ^^; Just turn my twenty into a guppy tank, I still like my livebearers though, but I admit I am considering, fat chance though, my heart just wont be able to let go of some of those fish!
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too bad there's no such thing as livebearer birth control. . . >.<
hope you were able to earn some extra dollars with those pretty babies of yours!
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Old 09-13-2013, 10:54 PM   #419
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Well...I decided to put an ad on craigslist again even though I've only ever had the one person answer to it just to see if I could get some to homes and not take them to the pet shop...I got fourteen answers to it in four hours. ^^; All seem to be serious buyers, one is a teacher who has a tank set up at a school, I'm iffy on that after reading the mishaps with your Kindertank. I'm waiting for her reply to see if she is a hobbiest or needs tips. It'd be perfect if she had a good sized tank and knew what she was doing, kids getting to watch youngsters grow is awesome! If she only has a ten, I've recommended a few guppies.

But...I don't have enough babies!!! I never in my wildest dreams thought THAT would happen. LOL Let's see how it goes though, I'll need to wait for replies before I find out if they're all really serious buyers. I have three people asking for my gold gourami female as well. lol I'll talk to them one at a time and see where it goes. =) One person in particular has a 200 gallon tank they cycled and have ready for their son. Now there's a good home...or it sounds like it.
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Awesome!!! I hope you find them all good homes - and make yourself a little bit of cash while your at it!
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