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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Since I can't get photos of the little booger, I decided to go for video, didn't come out much better. Camera really sucks. T_T ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 08-23-2013, 05:32 PM   #401
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Since I can't get photos of the little booger, I decided to go for video, didn't come out much better. Camera really sucks. T_T But hey, it's better than the photos, and no, the tank actually isn't murky or green like it looks in the video, no idea why it kept color flopping either...I'd say I'm getting a new camera next chance I get, but I'm not, saving for a bigger tank. Soon the babies will be gone though, I'm thinking half by next week. Once I'm done I should only have 19 fish in there. =) Eight mollies, four platies, five guppies and three swords...maybe four. And the cardinal and neon tetra are going soon as well. Heck if I know why they're still around, I just didn't have the heart to dump them at a shop again after how badly they were treated, but you can see I have a nice healthy female Cardinal, and a male neon now. They were so dull in color and yucky when I got them, couldn't swim right, dull colors, the cardinal had an infection on her back(big nasty hole with pus and UGH), and on her tail, the neon just couldn't swim right and was dull, had a nicked tail. So yeah, see my awesome work, they better get good homes now! >/ I fixed 'em, if they break them before they get a new home I'll go back and kick them in the face, it was a long hard road. Ahem. >_>; My cousin took the other Cardinal male to add to her group of females. And the other female got eaten by I DO NOT KNOW. o-o; Still haven't figured that out. Got my other pleco though, whoever it was. -sigh-

Anywho, video. lol
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Old 08-28-2013, 08:51 PM   #402
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Updates...hrm. o-o I haven't really had that many lately. lol Well I suppose I could give some on the babies and the tanks!

The tanks...I do not know how I'm doing it, but I am keeping my water parameters stable and without spikes. My back has been threatening to kill me, but eh, it's good for me...I think. lol My ankle, not so much, I pulled something a few months ago, right up my Achilles tendon(from the bottom of my heel to my calf), it refuses to heal. I hope I didn't tear my ACL or something...I doubt it, I can lift it just fine. But like I said, gotta work for my fishies. They're all doing good, growing and being colorful. lol

I do have one bit of bad news: My female Ram died. I have no idea why. She started hiding out in my vase a lot, she'd come to eat and then go right back...and then she stopped eating. She looked like she might have been carrying eggs, or possibly had a block, so I gave her a pea and she did poop normally, but didn't lose any fat. She lost a bit of color too. I moved her to the shrimp tank after she stopped swimming right and got picked at by the other fish, she got a bit of her color back, never got off her side again, and then she died two days later. I dunno what caused it, I've been testing my water daily and haven't seen any spikes. The water may have been too hard, and the PH is 7.2...but I thought that was ok for them so long as it was stable. The male is perfectly fine, he got a bit depressed when she died, he was guarding her but not chasing...he chased everyone else from her when she went into the vase. I think they were trying for eggs, but there may have been too much activity in the tank and the female got upset and sick. =( That sucks, I'm wary about getting a new female, that rarely goes well once a pair bonds. So no, no plans for that, he seems fine with where he is.

Ah, the babies. About two weeks ago I got four from my Dalmatian Lyretail female. FINALLY. Unfortunately only four, but that's better than none. Most likely they were all seen and eaten because they come out pure white, can't hide very well. ^^ She's been with my dalmatian male for a while now, and lately one of my male creamsicle mixes... Both are dark and lovely. I do want some with more white though, so my creamsicle/silver lyretail mix should make that happen, or so I hope. She has never had babies for me, ever, so I was happy to finally get some. They've already started growing in some spots. All of them have gotten fairly large except one, it's about half the size of the others so I am worried it may have the kinked back issue. I now have one platy and two guppies with the kinked back issue. =( I suppose I can't complain, of all the babies I've ever gotten, I only had...I think only five or six come out without issues. That's gotta be a big deal considering I've probably raised five or six hundred+ babies in the last four years. ^^;

Ah, I did make a change to my shrimp tank, which is doing lovely. No more dead shrimp after the initial six dropped the day after arriving, which I expected. I moved out three adult snails and about half a dozen of their youngsters, split them in my tanks. I still have some in my sand tank and intend to keep them. I am hoping my ramshorn snail will have babies...but it never has, are they not asexual? I had heard they don't need to mate to have babies. I am hoping it will because it's a lovely red color. That's the one who had HORRIBLE shell problems, but since I converted the tank to shrimp and stopped adding plant ferts and co2 boosts his shell has almost completely healed. He's still got some white spots where his shell pretty much fell away, but the rest has grown back. I wish I had known -I- was the one who kept killing my lovely snails with that stuff, I had no idea, but his shell regrowth proves it. =(

Anywho, I did some changes in the shrimp tank...I added guppies. LOL I couldn't help it and it was the perfect opportunity to lessen the load in my 55 gal. I added in six juveniles, and one almost adult female. I think I only have one male, but one I'm not so sure about since it's very young but already very colorful. If it's male I'll move it since I already have my male(the rainbow one, he's blue and gold in body and head with a red, blue and green(or yellow, not sure) tail, the one I've been talking about, or eventually I'll move out one of the girls. They're young, but you can usually tell if they don't get big colors in, though some females ARE very colorful, so I'll keep watch, the rest I'm absolutely positive are female unless they decide to switch and suddenly get color...or I'll have some males with only colored tails. lol The older for sure female gave birth, I saw she was going to and was kinda mad at myself, I don't like breeding them until they're older. I never did find any babies, I doubt she had more than four or five, and they were surely TINY, she's only five months old, if not four...(she has a green tail, one other female seems to have a purple-y one coming in). She was really skinny after that and I was worried for her(hence my shrimp tank idea, thought I'd do something drastic), but I fattened her up a bit already.

I only intend to have five in there. One is just too young to be in the big tank, or even the nursery right now. I think I still have a platy youngster in there...I keep seeing it but it's so skittish! When it's bigger I'll move it. So I'll have five guppies and some shrimp, it seemed empty when the shrimp shed their skins and then hid. I wondered wth happened to my shrimp, but then I saw all the sheddings and everyone hid, they've since come back out. It's so far working out, and five guppies should be ok in there with the shrimp, especially with my extreme planting job for the tank. LOL And the shrimp aren't bothered, I saw one poke one of the kids to get at some algae, the fish left it be, they're smaller than the shrimp for the most part right now anyways, and they'll probably never be big enough to hurt them. So long as they don't pick, I may have my new tank completed! =)

What was that I JUST said about not having much of an update? lol

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Old 09-02-2013, 12:51 AM   #403
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Ahh, more bad news. My gold dust finally gave up the fight. The one who I have kids and grand kids from. She was old, had a lot of broods, I didn't honestly expect her to live as long as she did after giving birth every month for nearly two years, and then about every other month after that. I think she was about four, around the same age, maybe a tad younger, than my Creamsicle who is showing her age, but still going strong. It's a real miracle they survived as long as they did with all the problems we've had, neither of them every really got REALLY sick with my other fish, but they were a few times, hit with it. This little girl died of old age though, I'm sure of it. She just got slower and slower, kept her appetite and tried to be active, but we all go eventually. I'm just glad the last few months, aside from one scare with ammonia spikes, we had a problem-free go at it all.

Well, another bit of bad news, but nobody is dying or ill...My gourami's are just not getting along. I have a male and female and I'm debating on who to keep. The male is constantly chasing the female, she's quite stressed out. Always hiding, but she comes up for food and hangs out when she see's the male isn't around. I think he wants to mate, and I am pretty sure she has eggs too, but there is no nest to make because I don't have floating plants! He tries for bubble nests, but they don't last. I am debating on moving them to the twenty and releasing a bunch of plants to float for them. Perhaps they will breed and I'll move the female back to the big tank so the male can have his place to raise the youngsters. Maybe that will fix the issue until the next time? Other than that...I'm debating on giving one away, the female most likely. The male gets along with everyone in my tank, and he's pretty...and he's new, I haven't had a blue one before. Ah, so hard. x.x But yeah, maybe I'll give the boy a chance to build a nest and have some kids, you know I've always wanted to breed gourami's. Problem is, is a twenty gallon even big enough to try breeding them in? I have read it was, but it just doesn't LOOK like it, the female is absolutely huge, the male is much smaller, and it just doesn't look like it'd be enough space to have them in even temporarily.

Well, in anycase. I do have some interesting news that isn't bad. lol I have found a cute little baby fish, was the only one...and no idea who mom is. I am ASSUMING it's my blue platy. The baby certainly looks like a platy, but it's got a longer tail. It looks blue/clear color, and has a black stripe on its tail. It certainly could have swordtail in it, but I haven't seen any evidence he's interested in my platies. Who knows, I may have gotten a variatus platy/swordtail. Which is usually the crosses, or so I think when I find mickey mouse swordtails called variatus swordtails. lol Who knows, they're nice looking fish, smaller versions of swordtails with platy markings. Regardless of what it actually is, it is CUTE. Light colored body with that stripe and biiiig black eyes. It's unfortunate it's the only one I managed to find though. It was unbelievably small. I went over the tank with a fine-tooth comb and didn't find more. There are no babies even close to its size, so it's being raised alone, otherwise it'll be lunch for the older babies. So's survival is....not really expected, but I am hopeful. In a couple weeks it'll be big enough to live with the other guppy babies maybe. =( Lone babies are hard to raise, and I have no other recent babies small enough. There is a slight chance one of my other platies may give birth(platy births aren't very common here...but I do now have persistent males so you never know, these guys rarely get very big to SHOW it, aside from my gold platy who used to give birth twice a month for a few months there, she hasn't had any in a while), a slightly larger one my rainbow guppy will explode again soon, so that would help!

Well, all else is good here. lol Aside from an old molly passing and gourami's being uncooperative, and me worrying my creamsicle may follow soon since she's also old and starting to show, things are good. lol
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Old 09-02-2013, 05:35 AM   #404
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My little guppies. Here's a few that I raised. I actually used this video to ask about the red one in there, no idea about him, I didn't breed him, he was a rescue.

Anywho, you get a little of the one I raised that's blue with a bit of red on his tail, didn't end up as rainbowey as I'd have liked, but I sure do like him. Some of the females look like they'll have the rainbow tail, if only a little...and have a bit of that moscow blue look to them, though I don't think it shows in the footage. o= Dunno how that happened. They're all very young and still getting in their colors, aside from red there, I think he's full grown or close. There's one female in there about as colorful as that male, same batch of them but it's female. It has that darker body, lighter face, and I have no idea what color to call her tail, it's like a mix of green and yellow, she's pretty neat though. lol It's short, this camera lacks space on it no matter how little I have on there, and this is also the camera that makes everything look murky in the light. =-= The water is actually very clear, I wish it wouldn't do that! Oh well. lol

Ah yes, I have a VERY interesting blue platy baby(not so much a baby anymore, he's almost big enough for the main tank) I must get footage of soon. I think one of my young bucks bred with my blue platy, one of the young male calicos...this blue baby came out blue like mom, but it's COVERED in black spots. It's a blue dalmatian platy! =o And I think I have a few more like it. It's actually pretty neat. I had no idea breeding a red, white and spotted platy with a blue MM platy would make that with only the blue color of mom, and the spots from the colorful father. In fact I didn't intend to breed the calicos at all. ^^; Well, I knew it'd happen since I have juvenile males in there that try hard to breed with her allll the time, but eh. Was not expecting that, it's very cool. I wonder if it'll stay that way, or if it will get in some extra colors when older, which I wouldn't complain about, especially if it kept the blue body and got in red around the tail like calicos usually do when a tad older, and of course kept the spots. I'm gonna see about footage now, good luck though with all the other kids. LOL And if my comp holds up I'll add that update then.
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Old 09-02-2013, 10:32 AM   #405
My grandfather built an 80 gallon long tank to keep Green Sailfin Mollies in. It was well planted, as were all his tanks, ( a houseful ), but, he kept the water level 8" from the top of the tank, because male Green Sailfins love to jump, & they can clear 6" when full grown. I used to love watching them! He only kept 3 males & 12 females in the tank. That was in the late 50's. In 1961, Black Sailfins came available, and he got 3 males, but only 6 females, because he knew they would all interbreed anyway, to go in with the Greens. The black Sailfins loved jumping as much as the Greens! I had a 20 gallon tank in the early 90's that I put 1 male and 4 female Silver Sailfins in, (well-planted, [though I had to keep replacing dead plants as I didn't have my grandfather's aquatic green thumb, alas!], and the water down 8" from the top). The male would jump only rarely. On a hunch, I bought another male. Both males started jumping quite often, so I assumed there was probably some play involved here. My grandfather kept a smaller tank with the non-Sailfin varieties of mollies, that he wound up filling to the top, after ascertaining that they just weren't going to jump. I just wanted to mention this, because I didn't see anything about jumping in the posts so far, though I may have read too fast and missed it.
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Old 09-02-2013, 11:19 AM   #406
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I've never had any mollies that jumped, sailfins in multiples or otherwise. The only jumpers I ever had were a male betta, a female betta....a bamboo shrimp who didn't survive it, and a female guppy who only did it once and was rescued right away. Well actually, I DID have a female silver molly who jumped often, never got out of the tank. She only did it when the males chased her trying to breed. She wasan't a sailfin though, just a normal little silver molly.
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Old 09-03-2013, 11:41 AM   #407
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Jumping fish are scary!!! Your tanks are always so active - I can't keep up!
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Old 09-03-2013, 09:07 PM   #408
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lol I don't have jumpers, that was Keleborn's grandpa. =P I had a bouncing silver molly, I suppose. She never did jump out of the tank.

Well, I have more activity today. Actually yesterday. I got my new filter, finally. It's for a thirty gallon, AquaClear power filter to add to my 55 gallon tank, helped right away with making my fish even more active than usual, more air, I suppose, one filter on the side and a bubbler just wasn't cutting it. Anywho, that done! I just put it together, cleaned it up, put it in. I was debating on whether or not to use the sponge out of the old filter and putting the new one in there, but it wouldn't really matter, I'd still have one without the bacteria, but that should get colonized soon, right? Do I need to help? It's been a while since I had a new filter without everything in it already from an old filter. lol

I also couldn't pass up an adult female swordtail. I have her in the shrimp tank, and there she shall stay until I make sure nothing is wrong with her, moved my guppies out( I missed, it's just her and the shrimp. She's a Solar Flare Swordtail, kinda pretty. lol My male is gentle with girls and doesn't nip and chase as bad as most livebearers, but he gets done without stressing out his girls, she should be happy. I'll keep her in there for QT, hopefully anything she might have wont be passable to the shrimp, and once I lessen the numbers in the big tank, my swordtail group will be complete, and they will have proper room, without risking her dumping in illnesses. >>; They always come in clenchy. Have you ever bought a fish that didn't They usually fix within a day or two, they always look fine at the shop...I hope it's stress from the move, and she'll get over it if so. She already looks happier. Can you blame her? You should see how the plants have bloomed. She's still a bit clenchy, and I think she's pregnant. She may be trying to go into labor, dunno, she's pooped, and has a healthy appetite, and after last night, she's fine with me near the glass and comes to look at me, which is new, they usually freak....she did really freak bad last night when I came to shut out the lights. Slammed into every part of the tank, poor thing. But she is looking and acting better, bit worried on the clenching, she wasn't clenching at the shop. Cooper actually picked her out. lol

Anywho, LOOK at those plants! In the last week they just decided to explode. You can see my girl in there too. I am going to let my little cousin name her, I've been promising her a female swordtail forever, but there never is any at the shops. Last we went she found a painted red she wanted, but they all visibly had velvet, safe to say my cousin was upset I broke my promise, the other times they didn't have any. I'll let you all know what the name becomes, hopefully something good, and hopefully the fish is illness free and does well.

And a couple of my girl. You can see she's clenchy, just a little bit. =( Ah yes, see what my camera does to perfectly good photos? Makes them smokey!! IT IS NOT! lol Sometimes the tanks get that way, but I'm proud to say it's not murkey in any of them right now, and it kinda burns me up I can't show it off...well, it shows in the first photo from eight feet away that it's not.

Interesting, aren't they? I think solar flare was a pretty good name for the type. lol
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Old 09-03-2013, 09:31 PM   #409
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Ah, too late to edit. =( Darn. Anywho, just wanted to give you a look at just how much growth that tank has had in two weeks, this is how the tank looked on August 16th, it's now the 3rd of September. No, I didn't switch plants out. LOL

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Old 09-04-2013, 12:15 AM   #410
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lol My little cousin has named the new Swordtail "Fire Lilly" and we're calling her Lilly for short. She does look like a fire Lilly. =o
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