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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I dunno how I manage to do anything at all when I'm this tired. Messed up everything and it still worked out. lol Guess ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 08-02-2013, 09:14 AM   #391
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I dunno how I manage to do anything at all when I'm this tired. Messed up everything and it still worked out. lol

Guess who gave birth and is still giving birth as we speak? ^__________^ I dunno how many I have, so far I am pretty sure it's more than thirty though.
Had a bit of a rush job, I knew it was coming, but I HAD, and then it dawned on me, I could just let her loose in the shrimp tank and try to make things baby safe and an extra for my shrimp with the filter thing to boot...worked out, but geez, looks awful, if only for a day until mom is done, rested and happy again to go back home...Unfortunately I had battery trouble...yes, in the camera, though my brain was almost out of juice too, as you can hear.

More babies, aren't we just one big happy family? But I'm glad I figured out something better than usual for once, and you KNOW I want these kids, I think she bred with my red endlers guppy... lol Less work, stressless place for mom and plenty of hiding for babies without fifty fish trying to eat them...just one. >_>;

And a little shorty after my stupid battery and babble...-cough-

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Old 08-02-2013, 10:50 AM   #392
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And video of the fry. The ones not hiding anyways... Yes, slipped mom into the net, she did it herself actually...not sure she's even done, but hey, whatever makes her happy, right? lol You know you have some really healthy, happy babies when they start swimming around like that less than five minutes after birth, which the majority were. This is about two hours after they were born.

Different camera, can you tell? =P Still not so great, the other doesn't do good color and can smear, this one just gets pixely. x.x BAH. By the way, that obnoxious music is my little cousins alarm clock. =-=

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Old 08-06-2013, 10:21 AM   #393
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I have a book coming, fair warning...and it's ALLLL Good news for once, I haven't updated on my yuck in a while...because I haven't had any. lol YESSS!

Have I mentioned lately that I haven't had anymore issues...aside from over-stocking from the kids? No parasites, no velvet, ich, cysts or other nasties? lol I DID have a gold dust with swimbladder disease, but I've been giving her peas and doing my best to keep the water cleaner without over-doing it, and she went from swimming head down and tail up for about four days to being normal. Problem is the poor girl is pregnant again, she's the one that looks awful when pregnant. lol But hey, she can swim properly again, woo. I was really worried she'd die like that, I've never seen one have THAT much of an issue with it, she did have a problem with it when I got her, so did my black molly, fixed them both, this one happened a second time. =( Darn, shame on me, I bet it was water quality, I'm hoping it was and is fixed'd suck if it was re-occuring, but I can take care of her if it happens again. I'll keep her on peas and veggie diet for now, nothing else for another week or so. I hated the thought of peas only, whew the poor fishie tummies, so I added green beans, romain lettuce and spinach to the all green food diet. ^^; She's doing so much better, but that gut...those poor gold dusts always get that way, they just don't seem to have the body for it with that thinner torpedo shaped body.

But anywho, aside from that swim-bladder issue with my poor girl, no problems! The yellow male guppy I had who lost his tail and got rot to go with it a few months back...his tail is almost completely back again. Still some tear-looking areas, but it's almost back.

My newer betta, Spitfire, has had zero health issues, that's a first, eh? lol He's doing great, doesn't even let me get his food in, he jumps to get it. lol He's as pretty as ever.

My cherry shrimp are all well, they flit about here and there...I think my tank algae was too established, they eat a lot and poop more, never seen shrimp poo before...>>; lol Guess that means there's food a-plenty, I'm hoping to up my numbers as soon as I move the baby guppies out.

First off, speaking of the new baby guppies...I'm thinking I'll lessen my stock as much as possible without making it so I gain nothing, but put the tanks all in safe levels. Today if I can. I'm gonna catch as many of those babies I don't want to keep to give away, I'd say about fifteen or so. There are some I want, two "Pandas" as I call them, a black and silver, and a black gold dust as well as two calicos, maybe three, we'll see how this goes once the rest are at sell size, I'll decide then. The rest will go. After that, my nursery should be completely empty aside from some older guppies and young mollies...I think they're muppies, my silver gave birth to some white babies who are turning blue with black and blue, one with a black and gold tail and a blue body. Nice and healthy looking interbred fish, which as I've said before...didn't expect and couldn't be happier about.

After all is done, hopefully today, my newest baby guppies will have the nursery to themselves with my oddball platies...I still dunno what to call their color, they're so bright I swear they glow! I suppose a cross between yellow and orange would fit, more orange than yellow, they're so bright and nice, I hope they STAY that color instead of going orange or red.

I've decided to try a bit of selective breeding...never tried it before, but I put my rainbow and a gold female in with my red and blue endlers male. I'd like to get some color in. My neon yellow male will have a new home once his tail is fully healed, I can't trust him getting a new home with a tattered tail and wont risk it, but there's no room for multiple males with the yellow, he doesn't like other boys. Hence his whole tail thing to begin with. >>; I wanted to add my blue female in with my selective breeding plan too, but she's good at hiding. lol So far they're liking their place in one of my big homemade nets, eating and not chasing or nipping. Just hanging out. The male was wanting to breed with my rainbow, who seems to like him, but my gold male was being problematic and didn't want to breed either, he likes my platies...who he can't breed with but tries anyways. Heh.

Anywho, ocne that's settled I think we'll be all good, haven't had problems in a while and I intend to try and keep it that way by lessening my stock before it DOES bite me, and it will if I don't soon. I especially have to get rid of my gorgeous male white calico, he's been separated because he likes his sister. >>; Can't have that, but I have a female I'm gonna keep who has some stunning colors and markings. I wanted a male, but then I'd have to sell all my girls. =( Ah, also two of my swordtails are going, I had kept and raised some unrelated ones for my big male, who had nobody after his girls died...turns out one is really starting to shape out like a male and trying to mate, as is another but he's not trying to mate yet, thinner in body-shape and growing slower, the others are quite obviously nice round, much larger females and I want him out before he gets his parts and starts a fight with my big boy. It's ok though, I only wanted two girls for him, like platies they can actually do well in a group of three, which I didn't know until recently. lol Four is better, but I think of the five I kept two are female, two are male, and one is still too young for me to even guess at. A survivor of my velvet outbreak, only three lived through that and two got new homes. Big Red is very popular with my friends, I had told my baby cousin I had given away some fish, she cried and said "You BETTER not have gotten rid of my big red sword, I love him! -whine happened-" I told her I wouldn't dare, he's too old to be taken anyways, I think he's about three years old or so. He grew a tad more after I got him, but if there's one thing I learned about swords it's that they slow down once they hit the inch and a half mark and grow slowly after, especially males who put more energy into their tails than their bodies after they start coming in. So if he wasn't that old...I still guesstimate him at...well, there's just no way he's under three years old, he had to be at least a year and a half to two years when I got him, and I'm betting the older is true. lol He's nice and healthy, and very sweet. And he tolerates others giving him the stink-eye. I have to say, watching a one inch juvenile guppy do the war...or maybe mating dance next to a placid five and a half inch male swordtail was quite hilarious.

Anywho, I'm starting a couple projects, the very colorful and hopefully healthy guppies I'm trying for, and also some with my mollies. I want to see if I can breed proper looking panda mollies since they don't exist and mine really DO look like pandas! I'm thinking, well I have two females that look panda-ish, need more solid in their blacks though, and one black molly who is male that is black from mid-back down and silvery/white from there to his nose. I'm gonna see how THAT plays out, may be too much extra black there, but eh...they're from two very different parents. lol The black and silver was from my silver molly who was pregnant when I got her, seemingly from a black male molly, the girls are from my creamsicle with, I think, dalmation in them. I may add in some silver for more prominent markings later if that doesn't work, but I'd like to see if I can get some, and I'd like to see if they'll even breed true. :3 If so, new very pretty mollies. Never tried anything extreme like this, just hopeful for oddballs because I like them and all the ones I've bred and raised so far have been healthy, and breed as well. :3 If I fail to get JUST what I want, and I'm not all that positive it'll work how I hope, nor am I overly hopeful, they are very pretty fish on their own.

Ah yes, and once my ten gallon is as it is supposed to be without the baby guppies, I'm gonna see if I can afford some more cherry shrimp to add to my four. ^_^ If I can afford 6-10 more, I'll get them, if I can afford only be it, they need a better colony though they seem perfectly happy. And I'm now positive my extra is a crystal shrimp, not a cherry. WOOT! Got a $17 crystal for the price of a $4 cherry. ^^;
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Old 08-09-2013, 01:04 PM   #394
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Since there is only one place around here I can FIND Cherry Shrimp to buy, and they're expensive at that...I have done my first online order. I ordered in 25 of them, they send more in case some don't make it, for only $40. Buying that many here would cost me well over a hundred dollars. lol

So wish me luck and hope my newbies get here well. The packaging sounded good, airstone, padding and food, and it should only take five days...ONLY I say. ^^; Hope they do ok, I'll be dancing around and pacing until they get here. The photos of their set up and of them were rather lovely, hopefully they're actual photos of the ones I'll be getting as I am lead to believe...never ordered online, hope it doesn't bite me. x.x Anywho, should be good, the guy had over 1200 GREAT reviews, so I suppose I shouldn't be as worried as I am...
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Old 08-10-2013, 09:18 AM   #395
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Sounds like things are going well over there! *fingers crossed* for the safe shrimpy arrival!
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Old 08-12-2013, 06:43 PM   #396
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So my shrimp got sent today, not last week, the provider thought more than I did, they wont sit around for as long as I thought and should be here by Thursday or before. Yay. :3

Well, I have bad news today, I lost a Cardinal Tetra and my male Rubber-Lip pleco. =( SOMEONE turned cannibal and ate their stomachs and left the rest on both of them, I have no idea who did that. I can say for sure that they were neither sick nor acting odd or dying. I fed them, went to the store for maybe half an hour or so, came back and someone lost a gut. I thought "Huh, maybe it was sick afterall and didn't show anything and the other fish ate off it..." Next day, fed the plecos their greens and shrimp and my fish some glassworms, got them both out of their hiding pot to eat, went to read my book....came back two hours later and my male pleco lost his gut, just the gut, no chew marks or anything visible anywhere. o___o; So who went carnivore?! I'd say the rams, but hey, they mess with fact the two have formed a cute little pair. Maybe my two three-spot gourami's? I know they can kill smaller fish and do damage like that, they're both certainly big enough...but the female hides often and the male just kinda hangs out all over, never seen them even nip, though the male often chases the female. All my others are the livebearers I've had for months, save for the youngsters who are too small to damage fish that much bigger than them. I dunno who is eating my fish. x.x Been watching like a hawk, don't even see them picking or chasing, except the boys trying to mate. Meh.

Anywho, yeah, just trying to figure out who my killer is. I'm thinking one of my mollies...remember the females I had a while back that were ripping the stomachs out of the males? I have a feeling I have another of those...Just a matter of finding out who.

Also had my older gold dust female, the one I think is four years old, go around the bend. She's still alive, but I thought she was done for. Had an ammonia spike in her case in a different tank. >>; Red gills is ammonia poisoning, yes? She was also swimming with her head down and tail up, so I initially thought swim-bladder, she was in the nursery since she's been slowing down lately. I moved her to a net when she got snagged by the filter, I thought she'd be dead within the hour, honestly. Got up the next day and she was the same...except she dropped about twenty babies. I didn't even know she was pregnant. Anywho, moved her to the big tank in the big net, been hand feeding her, she's perked up. Still swims odd, but she's not looking like a dead fish anymore. Happy about that, I figure she's old and wont live much longer, but I'd like her to go of old age, not ammonia poisoning. ^^; Poor thing, but she is doing a billion times better than she was, I think I may get another few months out of her, hopefully no more babies...I thought she was unable to have more by now, she hasn't had babies in about a year. When I bought her I guesstimated her at a year and a half old, fully grown and that usually takes a year and a half, but she obviously could have been older(I judged it by how long it takes others of her type and her babies to grow to full size)...So my guess now is she's about four years old or more. Old for a molly, isn't it? My Creamsicle has slowed down a bit too, but she's still going strong, they're about the same fact I think the creamsicle is older. Been doing a lot of guessing lately on ages. I know for a fact they're both over three years, since I've had them that long, the creamsicle for a few months longer, the creamsicle grew about an inch since I purchased her.
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Old 08-14-2013, 05:19 PM   #397
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Got my shrimp today! They all seem well except one I'm not sure about. I couldn't tell if it was dead or if it was shedded skin, I can't find it again, so maybe it was fine and trying to be still, the rest are nice and active. I just finished acclimating them and doing a drip, added them in and did a tiny water change. They all went either right into the plants, or right to eating food off the glass and algae pellets I put in while they were acclimating. They're nice little shrimp! SO HAPPY! Some are as small as the ones I bought, and others look full grown. Lot's of females! I can see their eggs so that makes me happy. =) I know I have at least one male, so we can have even less chance of inbreeding. These little fellas came priority mail from California. And since none died or seem to be slow, ill or injured except that one I am unsure of, I think I got more than 25 of them, they said they'd send extra.

It was nicely packed, two very large bags with plenty of air, what looked like the remains of a shrimp pellet, and happy shrimp. Some are already showing their colors again, they go white when kept in the dark for a few hours. ^_^ Happy, happy, happy! It looks like I got some sakuras, high quality sakuras and maybe some Fire Reds and low rank fire reds. I'm sure a few will also be low grade Sakuras and cherries. That's ok though, but I was hoping for some fires as is, hard to find them in the high quality red color.
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Old 08-16-2013, 05:50 PM   #398
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I thought I posted already, guess it didn't go. Having net issues lately, lot's of them. c.c

I lost another fish to my gut eater...I have no idea who it is, they seem to do it when I'm not here. I lost my gold dust molly who was pregnant, makes me very angry. I just got her recovered from swimbladder. Thought I was home free for a couple days, found her yesterday morning without her stomach. I tried feeding and watching them for two hours, nobody nipped or chased aside from the male chasing my marble girl to breed and that was innocent with no nipping done. =(

Anywho, the shrimp I thought was dead was, and I lost six the first night, haven't lost any since yesterday morning when I found those. They're all getting in their nice colors, eating, exploring and looking good. =)

I did get some beauties though, but my photo snapping is just bad lately. I haven't gotten a clear shot of anything in weeks, I think both my cameras are just toast.

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Old 08-22-2013, 08:47 AM   #399
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Ahh, this was my tank before the yuck hit and killed a bunch of fish and plants(I did with the meds, it didn't warn me about that, though it did say I hsould use a QT tank to treat lol They should specify!) earlier this year. I miss those big plants. I have several short plants now, and the giant anubias is now about a qua---actually it grows pretty fast, I cut it down to about a quarter that, it's back to about half that size again. lol

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Old 08-23-2013, 04:15 PM   #400
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I have been trying to get a good photo of my juvenile guppy I bred forever...didn't get one. Killed the battery in my camera twice, so I went through four batteries. lol Unfortunately these were the best two I managed to get, and they SUCK. ^^; I musta sat there for three hours.

Anywho, I am pretty sure at this point he will be male. I'm also pretty sure my blue guppy managed to get with my rainbow guppy before he died, which was a very short time but a minute is all it takes. So this little fella came out with a light blue dorsal fin and a rainbow colored tail like mom, with a body so dark blue it's almost black, and a goldish head with a blue tint, he's actually fairly handsome. He's got a whole lot of growing to do yet, he's only about two months old I think, one of the first batch she long ago was that, was it even two months yes? =o Anywho, he's got another couple months to get in his full colors, but he's already gorgeous.
You can also see one of my little hybrid gold dust/dalmation mixes in there, one of my lighter colored females. The gold dust is the one that KILLED what would have been the only good, in focus shot of him. I actually almost cried I was so frustrated by this point. lol THESE are the colors I was aiming for before. I'm also aiming for some red rainbows with red being the more dominant color like this fellas blue is. So I call that a success! Never been successful right off when trying to breed in odd colors, but it's pretty, ya?

This is totally awful, but it's for color viewing and eye killing only. LOL

One of my swordtails who will find a new home next trip I make, if I can catch him. You can see he's certainly male, but doesn't have his sword yet.

And guess who's about to pop again? =p You can see my accidental neon in the back, and one of my female white calico platies I'm keeping. Niiice markings on her, I can't resist. The male is gorgeous too, but I think he has to go since I don't want him inbreeding. He's got this black mark on his tail like a perfect flame. I'll be sad to see him go.

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