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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I wish I had a quarter for every baby, I'd be...well, not broke. LOL Anywho, all my babies are doing well. I had a ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 07-21-2013, 04:53 AM   #381
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I wish I had a quarter for every baby, I'd be...well, not broke. LOL

Anywho, all my babies are doing well. I had a few I was worried about with the guppies and new gold dusts, some looked...crooked and skinny, thought they'd die within 48 hours. Nope! Nobody died and in fact they all look normal now. I dunno if they were early, or perhaps late and used up all their egg yolk before birth, but they now look straight and have nice baby bellies and swim perfectly normal. Woo.

Ah yes, my frogs are at it again. It's been a while since I saw them try, which was about a dozen tries and fails a week for a few months there....THIS time though, the male is hanging on perfectly and try as the female might, she can't kick him off...or hasn't yet. I am, as always, hopeful...but not that hopeful. ^^; I was actually starting to debate on getting a new male, but I like my frogs and decided against it. Not right to dump him because he can't hang on and give me tadpoles, that'd just be cruel on my part. lol I'll tell ya how it goes. I'll be moving a net over there if I find any eggies.

My largest female frog though...she's not doing too good. She's having trouble sinking and has been for several days and she's very bloated. I tried some peas, brine shrimp and a bit of epsom salts, nothing helping the poor dear. =( I think THIS time it's swim-bladder, but she is just so bloated I don't know. It's quite possible she has dropsy, though I wouldn't know why! That tank hasn't had a problem since last November when my other frogs were dying, they had no swelling at all though. I haven't changed my routines or anything either, so yeah, just no idea what happened here, especially if it's dropsy.

Bah, I knew I shouldn't get hopeful...Mister Frog held on for about half an hour and she finally got him off. e.e; Meh. Honestly I don't think she is up for mating anyways, she's fairly skinny. She is the one I've been hand feeding, she gained weight, and not she lost it again. I only hand feed her a few times per week, I'm gonna start doing it daily again. I don't think she gets a thing when I put food in and let it sink.

Ah yes, forgot...Spitfire the betta is getting on with the frogs just fine. I have a photo to put up later, he was actually sleeping on one of the frogs. They don't bite at the betta, they stopped doing that when I switched out Sirius and Jack, Jack being a Veiltail and Sirius being a crowntail like my current betta. Spitfire now leaves the frogs be too, I wasn't expecting him to, honestly. He no longer flares or tail-slaps them. He never did bite, but to see him asleep on one was gold, though he did move over when I took the photo. =( He was laying on his side sleeping on it. I thought Jack and Sirius were the only ones who slept like that, my other bettas never did.
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Old 07-25-2013, 05:01 PM   #382
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Down to one frog, not sure what's going on there. My tank parameters came out perfect, but the other two died. The one I have left, my little male, seems just fine, he's gonna be lonely though. But then, the others that died seemed fine too, except these last two. One had a leg turn red and looked to have a red mark on his side, not sure what happened there it didn't look like injury, the other looked like it got air under the skin and couldn't sink like the last ones, but this one swelled up and looked like a balloon...I thought dropsy, but she's done this before on several occasions and usually fixed up. x.x The ones before died of nothing I could see. Meh, I think I will go with loaches again, I did well with those. It'll be odd having a ten gallon planted tank with one fish, and I'm not sure what other options I'd have with a betta. lol
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Old 07-28-2013, 08:44 PM   #383
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:( I'm sorry about your frogs, hunny *hugs*

Sounds like the others are all doing well, though. . .
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Old 07-29-2013, 12:41 PM   #384
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Yeah, I put up a help thread and someone mentioned plant fertilizers and co2 boosts can kill them. x.x Explains why the skin turned red on one.

Yeah, the rest of my critters are doing well. Got some new babies again, just a couple...I think they're silver mollies. Finally moved most of my babies to the big tank...that is NOT going to hold for long, whew. >>; It's way too full, I'm gonna have to give some up again. If I ever got freakin paid I'd be in much better shape here by now. xD But I keep worrying I'm over-stocked, which I am big time, and giving them away for free. ^^; What I need is a second 55 gallon tank to raise the babies in. lol Two or three of them at that. >>;
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Old 07-29-2013, 12:59 PM   #385
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Yeah, live bearers will do that to you! 's why I stopped 'saving' them eventually. . .
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Old 07-29-2013, 01:48 PM   #386
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Well, I only save them to sell them. Problem is, I don't have as much room as I THOUGHT I'd have with a 55 gallon and a twenty. Used to be I only got babies in small handfuls every couple months. My livebearers weren't living up to their...calling in life. I get them all the time. LOL I'm gonna make a little thread somewhere, see if anyone has any safe ideas to help. Otherwise I'll be giving a lot away and making zilch back on all the care costs. ^^;
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Old 07-29-2013, 05:26 PM   #387
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Well, got some things settled now. I sold my cories and my frog to a shop today...well basically traded them. They said my frog looked great but was a bit chunky. LOL He was lonely by himself and I didn't want to do more frogs. I was going to get some crystal shrimp, but they were out. Not too big of a fan of amano shrimp(well I am, but I wanted something more colorful, I may get some of those eventually, they're nice, they're just not bright colors as I was looking for, and were more expensive than the cherries and my pocket was tight, I love the cherry shrimp though, nice bright red and they're cute), so I went with cherries. Shrimp are expensive! I only managed to pay for four youngsters. I'm going to have them in the ten gallon, but I'm gonna move the betta first or he'll eat them, he's already trying to through the bag. lol But yeah, I'm gonna do a shrimp tank, see about having my betta in a big net temporarily until I lessen the stock in my 55, and then we'll -see- if he does ok. I'll probably sell my new gourami's(or move everything to the twenty since I want them and they do well with my livebearers), first since you can't have betta with gouramis. The rest of my fish most betta would be fine with, but again, have to wait and see. I have my baby nets up, so if that doesn't work he can have the twenty with my cardinal tetras. For now he'll have the gallon net until the kids are big enough to be out of the nursery, then I'll switch to do it as it should be done. Kids in net, fish in tank. lol

So yeah, got that settled. The cories will go to someone with a tank that can properly house them, I hope, and the frog is now with a bunch of girls at the shop. ^_~ Betta is currently all alone in the ten until I'm done acclimating the shrimp. Eventually, like I said, it'll just be a shrimp tank. Starting out small, what can I say? Better that way, wouldn't want to add too many at once anyways, and they can mix with crystals temperament-wise. Or so I've read. I'll have a mix of cherries and crystals, reds and blacks on the crystals, I'm very fond of those shrimp. :3 So freakin expensive though, but that's one reason I want them, breed and sell. xD
And they breed as well as livebearers, or so I've read. Their breeding rate is "High" if kept right from what I've read, and my planted, well established ten gallon with sand is perfect, the parameters are perfect too. I got fond of them when someone told me they go good with betta when I was looking for something that fit in a five gallon to help a bit with algae and such...I shoulda read on them myself instead of ended up being about a $68 breakfast for Mister President. >_____>; WOW. He didn't bug them right off, but about a week later he decided they were all food and he ate them, I saw him eat one, went looking for the others to rescue them, and he'd eaten most of the rest of them. So yeah, shrimp are my new project, I like them, they're cool, not too difficult to care for, and it was them or crayfish, and I was gonna get an orange and a blue crayfish, but I came up two dollars short, and I wanted more than two critters...still couldn't afford more than four. Oh well, like I said, nice start, let's see how it goes for a month or so, if I get a little money in the mean time I'll get three or four more and be set on cherries. My crystal shrimp project as to wait a while, maybe I'll ask for some for my birthday. They're really expensive! They're like $14.99 a piece for the blacks and something like $17.99 for the reds. And that's just here! I heard they can go for more than fifty dollars in some places. @_@ I initially had the reds...Good ones with very red red markings and white, not see-through white markings. Supposedly those are high ranked. Anywho, yeah, see I've been doing my research? LOL

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Old 07-29-2013, 06:35 PM   #388
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There we go, added in some of my baby fish to the ten so it doesn't look empty. lol I can do that, a few at a time until they're big enough to go elsewhere now that nothing is in there that will eat them. More room for the extras to grow as well, and having little colorful babies with cherry shrimp look good, dunno why I didn't think of that right off. ^_^

I'm pretty sure one is a male and one is a female thus far, and almost positive the third is female. The fourth I can't see well enough, she's hanging in the plant, but I THINK I see a yellow saddle, meaning it's female as well. lol That'd be perfect, but we'll see. I think they still have a tad of growing to do but the one I'm sure is female, she's pretty big...but then I'm also wondering if that female I think I have is actually a baby crystal shrimp, that'd be nice, they had some...:3

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Old 07-31-2013, 08:08 PM   #389
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So I have found a few of my baby platies look very interesting! You know how my blue platy gave birth to some orange ones that are really nice shades of the color, and some that looked blue? I thought that looked kinda purpley, and they're actually staying that color instead of turning blue. They're kinda a very light purple, definitely purple too, not off blue. They're really neat little fishies! Unfortunately they're still too small for me to get any video or photos of, though they have about doubled in size since birth. Platies start so small and they take FOREVER to grow! But I have noticed they pick up here and there. Some of my older orange babies have started to sprout. They're just gorgeous, I wonder if they'll end up like those orange platies or if they'll stay their sorta odd neon, BRIGHT color. I hope they stay that neon color, it's so interesting. So that's what I get from a red platy and a blue Some sorta purpley and some a really bright's hard to describe that color, calling it neon or bright just doesn't do it justice. I hope they stay that color so I can show you what I mean when they're older.

I also have some babies from my silver lyretail molly...and I'm positive they're muppies. In fact, I thought they were guppies with that shape of theirs, but they're too big and have molly shape to go with it now that they're bigger and I can see them. They look perfect...I had worried they'd be odd looking, but they look like mollies in shape now with guppy-long tails, one is...I don't know what color to call it, I can't tell if it's cream-colored and blue, or if it's red/orange and blue, it's very pale with a blue tail and half body, the sibling has the same colored body but the blue goes almost to the head. I'm hoping they stay looking healthy and perfect, I totally didn't expect that. The other three look half silver/blue and half black with gold tails. They're pretty neat.

Ya know, I've found a lot of people have crossbred them and gotten healthy muppies. I think that's all they need, and they do breed true as well. I dunno why they don't make a new fish. o-o; ANd it's a fancy fish they don't have to tamper with, it's naturally done by their choice in a tank without dyes and inducing breeding and such. And if you raise them right, it seems you have no bigger chance of disabled or fish with defects as you would with normal guppies. In fact I haven't seen any of my muppies have issues yet, but my goodness I've gotten in a whole lot of guppies with issues. Curved spines and such, I'm thinking they inbred before I got them. =( I try not to keep siblings or male kids around with moms, but shops don't seem to care. -sigh- Anywho, got a new male, one I raised my self from a tiny fry who is a red and blue Enlder's guppy to go with my girls and the new kids since he's fully unrelated. I say this a lot, but he is right beautiful. ^_^ Now that he is older I can see he is for absolute sure an Endlers...But I dunno for sure if he's got normal guppy in him, he's small, and just...

Ah, photos, but allll my other fish decided it'd be great to get in the way. But you can roughly see his colors. lol And one of my juvenile white calico platies he's buddied up with. I know, awful...but you can tell he's got Endler's in him if he's not a full one. The bottom half of his tail ahsn't gotten in its colors yet either, he's still young. I assume they'll come in, the rest still are coming n.

In this one he's submitting to my dalmation molly who really, really wanted attention, you can somewhat see him in the other photo, and the super spotted fish is his buddy the platy. lol

And this photo just plain sucks. LOL You can see his colors and markings a bit better though, but he's trying to turn sideways, which he does when bigger fish go by. ^^; And of course his platy buddy....they never leave each other more than a few inches or for more than a few seconds, it's kinda cute. The platy is also a male, I think, even though different species and also unable to interbreed, they're making a comfy bachelor group. It really is cute, I find myself going "AWUH MY SWEET BOYYYS! Every time I see them. I don't think I'll separate them. ^^; I don't have the male platies mom anymore either, so it should be safe to keep him.

I also got a photo of my betta and my big male frog before he found his new home with a whole bunch of girls. lol I dunno if I updated that I took him to a shop yet and got shrimp...I think I did. This was when I still had all of my frogs, it was feeding time and the betta BIT me and I dropped it. lol They all just left it there then. =-= But yeah, that was sad, they became buddies, they'd actually sleep next to each other. Unfortunately Spitfire woke up and looked at me for the next photo, the first smeared and I deleted it. ^^; But they didn't try to bite or flare at each other, just hung out all the time.
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Old 08-01-2013, 12:37 AM   #390
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I also thought you'd want to see one of my blue platy/red tiger platy with twin-bar tail mixes. =) I'm hoping any further mixes will have more red, but this was pretty cool. It's not a very good shot, as usual. x.x They NEVER hold still! But I did manage to get some better shots of my creamsicle/silver lyretail mixes. It's official, I have one male and one female. lol The male has only been interested in the dalmation female though, I hope it stays that way...I still need to find him a new home now that I have caught him mating. ^^;

Incoming photo spam. Got an ok shot or two of my male German Blue Ram too. lol I wish I could get great photos every time, wouldn't that be lovely for us all? :3

First up, my blue tiger platy. =P

And some good some bad of my creamsicle/silvers. This is my male, look at that tail!

Bit better one of the male:

This is one of my creamsicle/dalmation Lyretail mixes. He looks like a panda, I tried forever to get a good shot of him, he's actually black and white with a few gold specks, though this photo makes him look black and white/gold. ^^; He was foraging and just bouncing, never holds still.

This is my female creamsicle/silver mix named Koi. She's just gorgeous in my opinion. :3

Think this is the male again, named Specks by the way. lol

Both of them, had one of them with mom but it was far too smeared. The male has the goofiest look on his face...

Here's the female that keeps dropping all my third generation babies...can you tell? lol Her mom isn't doing so hot. =( She's slowing down and getting a bit of a curve to her, hasn't had babies in a while either. I am guestimating her to be about three and a half years old, maybe older. She was fully grown when I got her, and that takes about a year-year and a half for this type.

My buddy. lol

Few of my nursery, you can see it's not over-stocked anymore. lol And my big green umbrella plant I'm so proud of.

And of course my ten gallon tank turned into a shrimp tank. :3 The only fish in there are three or four platy fry and I think one molly fry...I moved the other kids out since I accidentally put too many in and a couple were too big. Also a few trumpet snails in there and you can see my big ramshorn. lol The trumpets have bred, I have several tiny little babies that hang out on the glass. I'm gonna move most of the adults to the big tank once it's no longer over-stocked. It'll JUST be shrimp and snails in there from now on, and maybe a few fry every so often temporarily.

Oh yes, and those snails I got in on a plant a long time ago, I thought they were I dunno if they are or if they're trumpets or something else. Finally got some good shots of one.

Better shot:

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