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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Hehe, this was gold. Too bad they only gave me one shot before they moved, it came out smeared and I forgot to wipe ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 06-24-2013, 06:13 PM   #361
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Hehe, this was gold. Too bad they only gave me one shot before they moved, it came out smeared and I forgot to wipe the tank down last night too. >< But it's a funny photo of my frogs. And no, they weren't trying anything, they were just chillin out.

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Old 06-27-2013, 03:16 PM   #362
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Looks like, after so long without, I've got another re-bound on that skinny disease parasite nasty. It's taken my black molly, and it's now working on my gold gourami, who is just about out at this point and a silver molly. Be lovely if I could get a handle on it, nobody seems to have answers for me that I haven't already tried. X_x; I even tried QTing the sick ones and treating, but it seems treatment is a failure for internal parasites, at least with this one.

I suppose on the bright hasn't hit any of the fish I've had more than a few months, not even the little ones I raised myself. I'm thinking the REASON treatment isn't working, and the reason it only hits one or two at a time, is because those fish were not raised properly or cared for right before I got them. That's the only thing I can think of. If it hits any of my oldies, then I'll really worry. I already worry, it really sucks, there's nothing else I can do. c.c

Well, on a brighter note, I haven't had any other problems at all. No weird deaths, no other infections, injuries, or cycle problems.

Also, I have recently moved some of my babies into the big tank. Most are still a tad too small, but the adults are ignoring them because I've had youngsters in a net, or so I assume...I've been moving a few over at a time and the adults have let them be, so that makes me happy/ They're too big to eat, but small enough to bully. It's nice having little groups of babies hanging out in there, it looks neat. lol

Also, my rainbow guppy is getting huge! Slowly since I got her she's gotten bigger, but in the last four or five days she's really gotten big. I'm so excited. It's also one other reason I'm making room in the nursery, though there woulda been room anyways, I just wanted to eliminate the competition for food with the younger ones. I'm really, really looking forward to having colorful guppies like her! My gold dust female that keeps popping babies is also looking quite large, as is my creamsicle female...and my gold dust who is half gold and half black, the ones I have terrible luck breeding, is really huge too. My last female always ha small broods, and only two at that. Only a few survived. =( But this little female is getting to what I like to call "The Balloon" size, or Miss Golfball. :3

Speaking of Miss Golfball, I dunno if I told you that. I tried to give away ALL my guppies, including her, but I missed one. lol I couldn't find my male who had the damaged tail, I thought he may have died, but he showed back up again, almost fully healed and looking for girls, so I got one for him. >>; I figured if he wanted to stay I may as well give it another go...Miss Lunaball never did give birth either. =/ All of my guppies, as well as the platies, swordtails and mollies I gave away that day, went to a young boy who was into breeding them. I DID warn him about Lunaball, that she may never give birth since I think she was reabsorbing, but I also said she may just be holding, and it is a very real possibility she could die from it. He said he'd take good care of her. ^_^;

So yeah. lol Oh boy, my fish have really, really started going on the breeding! It used to be slow, but it seems they've decided to act like livebearers in the last few months here. You know I'm happy about it! I just wish I had another thirty gallon tank to use as a nursery with my twenty. Said twenty will soon be reformed into a tank for my Rams and Cardinals though. I haven't completed it yet STILL because my grandparents went on vacation and I dunno what grandpa did with my netting, I have looked EVERYWHERE. o-o;; And silly me, I keep forgetting to ask, I have it burned into my mind this time though, if they'd ever answer their darn phone I could complete my little project and tell you all how it goes! Well, either way, I may not turn it into a tank for rams right off...not with all these kids moving in, but a bit of extra baby raising space is always lovely. If my mother ever pops by, I may be able to talk her into a ride to the store, not only do -I- need food, but I'd like to give away about two dozen of those youngsters to make yet more room. It's a just in case, as it stands now I htink I have them divided enough for proper growing space, at least for the time being...but when new babies pop in I certainly wont!

Ah yes, my little orangey/red platy babies I got...they're not growing. o-o; I have them in the 20 gal with about 25 other youngsters who are also still small, so you know space isn't the issue and I'm a bit OCD with their care...I dunno why. Maybe it's because they're platies, or possibly platy/swordtail mixes. They HAVE grown a little bit since they were born, in fact they doubled in size within the first five days...but then they stopped. x.x I have an uhoh situation. I hope they don't stunt. I've had ten times that many fish in there before, well, not ten times, but 31 fish all together compared to last year when I had about 180 and they grew just fine for the first two months? Yeah, I don't like this thought. x.x They're bright, healthy looking and eating and swimming, I cannot see anything visibly wrong, and I've been making more room slowly for the last week and a half or so...T___T I hope they'll be ok and it's normal, they're so shiny and pretty....Yeah wish me luck. lol

I CANNOT WAIT...for my rainbow guppy to give birth, I only hope I can get those nets done before then, she looks like she may go any day now, and the creamsicle and second gen gold dust looks about to go too, they've been slower since the day before. But I'd like to have the guppy in a net, one of mine that is bigger so she wont get too upset, at least I hope she wont. If push comes to shove, I'll move her to the nursery if I think she'll go when I wont be here or something. The babies are too big for a guppy to eat in there, aside from the newest ones who will be in a net instead. Eh...I dunno if I will, I don't want her stressed with a move, but if I can get her into one of those cups and trick her, I will. :3
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Old 06-28-2013, 01:06 PM   #363
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Ah, I thought so! I got some more third generations last night. :3 I only found about eight or so of them. I am sure there are many more...but since I have a lot of babies in there and the adults are uninterested for now, finding is hard. >>; I think they'll be ok, because I put some younger than usual in and they've been let be, I think maybe possibly I confused a few fish and they may have a chance to get big enough without being moved to the nursery. All the same, I did move a few. Got another mix of calicos and black ones again. lol

Now I just need to grow a few of the kiddies and see if I can get fourth generations. lol I have my eye on at least one, maybe two of them.

My half black and half gold gold dust molly actually has me a bit worried, she's so huge she looks like a balloon molly. o-o She doesn't act as if she's had a problem, and her growth has been gradual. x.x Poor mama. She's gonna have a LOT of babies. She's bigger than miss golfball ever got by far.

OH YES, I finally, finally got a hold of my grandma and she asked pa where the netting was. So I'm gonna finish my nets tonight, or right now actually, and none too soon either, eh? lol No wonder I couldn't find the stuff, he had it put away in the rafters in the basement on a pile of old pipes and stuff, I never would have looked UP because I didn't realize we stored things on the ceiling. LOL

And bad news...Unfortunately my gold gourami passed away sometime last night after lights out or this morning. I knew he would be. =( He was not well. And that just sucks, he was gorgeous when I got him and he was growing good too! I was worried for a bit, but he resumed growth. He was smaller than a dwarf when I got him and then almost double the size of one before he died. Not quite, I'd say he hit three and a half inches or so. =( Once things settle and I am sure this nasty is gone, maybe I will find another gourami I like that gets along with livebearers that isn't a dwarf or a gold/blue. >< I don't like getting the same critters when I have a "Special" in there. It makes me feel bad to do that.
My silver lyretail is also on her way out. No others are showing issues, but that's how it goes, and she is still active and eating. I'm trying to keep weight on her, and failing as usual. v.v; I've got some ideas though, once I get a ride, I'm gonna find some internal parasite meds that can be fed and not added to the water. Hit the source, I say, let's hope that works. And someone mentioned to me it might also be flukes...don't flukes show up on them though? Every once in a while the infected fish does seem to itch, but it's not a common itch thing.

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Old 06-29-2013, 03:43 PM   #364
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So today I found more babies...again...except the three I was expecting them from aren't the culprits. lol My gold dust gave birth, the second generation one, two days ago...but today I found a whole bunch of little black baby fishies...Seeing as my black molly passed several days ago and wasn't pregnant, I was a bit confused. At first I though, oh, it musta been my dalmatian molly, she's been looking a little plump and has been mating with the dalmatian male for like two months. lol She's still plump and dalmatian babies, from my experience, all start out pure white like the dog counterpart, wasn't her.
And then I saw it...My marble molly, the sister born from the same batch as my gold dust molly...was having babies. :3 I thought she looked plump, but she's never had babies before and this was the first month she had gotten a bit of a belly. Woo! All of them are black as night though. Since she was from the same brood as the gold dust, I thought I'd get some orange or calicos, nope. But I will say this, if they come out looking like heir mom, they'll be beautiful babies. She's pitch black with sorta white lines and maybe a few spots(she does have a couple gold specks that show in the right light which is fairly pretty), a real marble.

So yay, confusion cleared up, nets almost done. Man, it takes two hours just to finish one side, I have two to go. x.x I stopped working last night after interruptions continued about ever five minutes, I hate needlework..I can't say I suck honestly, when I put it together it works, it just doesn't look the best, and I ALWAYS stab myself, got my mouth a couple times and my finger twice. x.x Bah, and now I have to stitch up my pants today too! I caught my pocket on, of all things, the doorknob and nearly ripped it off, it pulled the seam in half too. LOL I'll have the nets done...eventually. I'd like to say tonight, but since I'm house sitting, you just never know. You'd think having the house to yourself would mean you could get some quiet work done, nope. People calling, knocking on the door to sell things or ask questions, dog or cats always need something, ferrets are being nosey...>_>; Hehe. Eh, I like having the place to myself anyways. =P

Oh my, I forgot my blue platy was pregnant. So I have four expectant mothers right now, well five but I don't think my Dalmatian is wanting to have her brood any time soon, they're so picky!

Well, my marble is still going, I see another kid I gotta go grab. :3 At least she's dealing with it well, I always worry with the first broods.
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Old 06-29-2013, 04:50 PM   #365
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Now my gold dust is having babies. LOL Two in one day? :3 Talk about babies everywhere. ;D I need a ride to the store and soon. I need to give away some of the older kids to make room even with the nets at this rate. lol
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Old 06-30-2013, 03:57 PM   #366
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Well, I got me about twenty little rainbow guppies to take care of. Yay. Mom ate quite a few unfortunately, but I did save several. It never fails, can't control hungry fish, and when they're giving birth, they're confused and usually extremely hungry, but I usually manage to get a few anyways. More than usual for once in this case! They're so small it's hard to count, but I DID count at least 15, and there are usually more than I can see. lol These are just SO TINY, it's difficult and I have to keep them in a different net from my other babies. Even my two-three day old mollies are big enough to eat them. o_o; I wouldn't even have SEEN the babies if I hadn't noticed some wiggly things behind the net in the big tank. And then I saw my rainbow guppy give birth and put her in a planted net, she was fine with it thankfully and gave me a dozen more babies. My step-father and mother dragged me out to lunch so she probably ate most while I was out. >< She was huge still, and she's not fat but done giving birth from what I can see, she was thinner when we left after about two dozen kids were born, so I KNOW she got a great many of them. x.x That's ok, it's natural, can't save them all. =/ I did get a lot to raise and I am thrilled about it!

I also got a ride to the store to give away about thirty or more of my older fry and about two dozen of the younger ones, so I'm set on space for raising them, and even have some spots open to keep a few. I was gonna give away more babies, including some older male babies I do not want breeding with their siblings and parents...but Steve(my step-father) was starving and kept asking if I was ready yet and they were too fast for me. LOL But that's ok, I made the needed room I wanted.

I still have one molly, the creamsicle, that may give birth sometime in the next week, as well as a blue platy I'm expecting from...been expecting from her for a while, she seems determined not to have many batches whereas the gold platy I've had only since January or so has given birth 8-9 times to my blue platies once...and I've had her since last summer! @_@ Ah well. In fact I only got one baby from her, and one from her sister who passed away a month or so ago, most of the babies got eaten by the adults. I have one left that ended up male, I think from the unrelated female that passed. She bred with my red tiger platy, the baby is mostly blue with the black twin-bar tail marks like dad had and a red dorsal fin with black stripes on his back, he's pretty. The female I kept from the other mom...I think I accidentally gave her away last month, but I can't remember...I haven't seen her. o.o; No wait I lied, I see her now in fact. LOL Hard to make out everyone when you have three dozen youngsters about the same size, but now that there is room, I found her. LOL Anyway, these seem to be difficult to breed. Anyways, she's big, she's been breeding with a red platy and a calico, so they should be interesting babies if she ever decides the time is right!

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Old 07-03-2013, 07:10 PM   #367
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Got one net done and in, finally. It works better than I thought it would. :3 I moved four of the platy babies and two gold dusts, as well as four new babies to that. I think those new babies are from my creamsicle, but I dunno. She's the only one I can think of with babies like that, but she's still huge. Maybe she's still going or she is growing more at the same time. lol

Anywho, can't say those nets LOOK nice, yellow on blue there...but they work right. :3 Plenty of room, I added a Marima Moss Ball to it, I hope to get a couple more, I think mine may be dying, it's been kinda brown green for a few months now, since I moved it to a different tank, but it could also be that it was in the sand tank for a year. lol

For the rainbow guppies, they'll have to stick in the old net for a while, they can probably get through the netting in my nets, it's very small holes still, but it's not quite mesh so they can fit through for the first week or so. I only have 13 left because somehow my net got knocked into the tank! =( Not the ones I made, I have them tied in...I -had- about twenty, down to thirteen though. x.x That's ok though, I keep saying so long as I get some. ^^l And I have room! I haven't had so few babies and room open in months. lol My nursery is no longer uber stocked, I'd say it's perfect for what I have for another month or so, and some of those babies are big enough for the big tank as is. But it looks good, and the main tank looks better with half the stock it had a week ago. :3
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Old 07-07-2013, 07:44 PM   #368
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That frog shot had me in stitches!!! OMG, love them!
Looks like you've been going through a rough patch - happy to see that's clearing up again.
And congrats on the new babies - of course, always, always, always new babies!!! ^.^
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Old 07-08-2013, 04:53 PM   #369
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Yeah, rough indeed. My silver gave up the fight, I made sure she went out with food in her belly though. I was hand feeding her for her final days. She gained a bit of weight before she died at least. I had her separated from the other fish, so I am hoping it stops here. No others showing signs of sickness as of yet, hopefully it stays that way. I think it was spread by others chewing on them when they died or before it. We'll see.

I got my nets going, have some kiddies in there and they're growing nicely. :3 Got my nursery all settled out as well, gave away many fry, it's perfect for what I have for now, some are more than big enough for the big tank, but I'm waiting to see if any nasties hit, and trying to find buyers for a few of my larger juveniles. I also thinned out the main tank of a dozen juveniles, and I'm going to get another filter next time I go shopping, the tank is long and I think a second filter, especially with livebearers, is needed. Just a light one for a bit of extra, I feel like only half the tank is being filtered and dirty accumulates on the other side whereas the filter on the other half takes care of most of it.

Ah, I should also mention that the algae that plaged my ten gallon forever is gone and has -mostly- stayed gone except for in the corner like in the frog photo. I think my cories did it honestly, I expect a return when they go. x.x

I do have some bad news though. My betta. The orchid. He hasn't been doing the best for a while now, I don't think he'll live much longer. He escaped with his life from finrot and velvet, finally identified his nasty though I don't know if I ever mentioned that. He's been illness free since then! However, I noticed when I got him he has what looks like a mole on his chin. I thought it might be a tumor or something, but it never did change...until about a week ago it started growing. He's really not been well, having trouble swimming properly and all. =( I think it may be cancer or something, but I don't know. Only today and yesterday did he start actually acting unhappy, and today it's pretty bad, he's been laying down a lot, swimming upside down or up top, the thing got so big it looks like he's having trouble getting his mouth open. >< I am debating on putting him out of his misery since I do not know how to do fish surgery or anything and he couldn't eat but the small food I put in for him today and yesterday. If it's not my livebearers it's someone else, eh? ^^; Poor guy, he had a spoiled short life though. I'm happy to give it to the very poorly treated betta!

His tankmates will be sold soon. I'm gonna sell my cories. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, but eh, I just can't seem to get a proper time to re-do a bigger tank for them, and I've let it go far too long. They're happy, sure....getting kinda fat and eat right from my hands. LOL But a ten gallon is way less than ideal, so I'll be selling them probably tomorrow. If my betta passes, the ten gallon sure will be empty looking. ^^; I'm liking keeping betta, I just need to find a good healthy one and keep it that way, which is easy if they're not sick to begin with! I'm thinking a nice white betta with my three frogs, we'll see though it depends who takes my fancy regardless of color. I feel bad thinking that way, but I want a betta in that tank, I think I'll get depressed without one. lol

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Old 07-10-2013, 02:45 PM   #370
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Well, I got the cories moved, tank cleaned up...and my new betta. They had two white ones, one had a bit of green, the other had two black spots...they looked so faded I didn't trust it. It took me about an hour to get my choices to three, I looked at them ALL except five or six that visibly weren't well, and about eight more in colors I don't fancy...I think I checked out about twenty. I finally found one that looked like a gorgeous, BRIGHT colored crowntail betta, no illness, at least nothing obvious, no marks on him aside from his chin where I'm positive he hit the cup, looked alert and healthy, checked me out as much as I checked him out which I liked...was teal and black on one side, blue and black on the other. I got him...turns out he wasn't that color. LOL They had him in that blue water....I put him in my tank and said WTH. o-o He turned RED and purple...he's quite pretty though not a darker fish I wanted once white was out. But wow, I'm keeping it.

Now I usually look them all over, I was wanting a nice crowntail since they get no attention from my frogs unlike veiltails, but I was checking them all anyways. In otherwords I usually know enough to guess what type they are unless really young, so I didn't look at the label. Seems I got a betta called a Dragon Scale Crowntail Male Betta. o-o Heard of them but never saw one. He just looks like a normal betta, though I admit his scales are a tad a lizards, and he's about half the size he will be, or so I think, do these get huge? He looks only about six months old or so. He's a bit young, but he's healthy looking. He's in a nice clean tank with a few trumpet snails and three frogs, he looks happy. lol I pretty much went over him with a magnifying glass, I see nothing other than what looks like a bit of an injury on his face, doesn't look serious or painful...just missing scales from hitting the cup I think. Clean water and stress coat I added just in case, that should fix it, but I'll keep watch. :3 He's so pretty, he kinda looks like a shiny flame. I wish they wouldn't use that blue water, you can't see their real color, and once I discovered that, I freaked wondering if I missed something ELSE. Well, either way, I woulda picked him even if I could see him properly. He's gorgeous. Truly pretty, I'll put up a photo some time.

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