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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I haven't updated. Last night I found some more babies, same babies for my third generation born with the other eight, I knew there ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 05-23-2013, 04:42 AM   #351
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I haven't updated. Last night I found some more babies, same babies for my third generation born with the other eight, I knew there were more, I couldn't catch them and kept looking but never found them...I never would have found them if I haden't looked to see what was sticking out of my juvenile swordtails mouth. >_>; Poor thing. The babies head was sticking out of his mouth, and the swordtail wasn't big enough to swallow it, I made him spit it out, and it was unfortunately still alive. >< It did not survive. =(

However, I found two more babies in the tank unharmed. I searched around and found no more, so I'm at ten. I think I now have an equal number of black ones and ones that are orange, white and black. Five and five. Well, two of the black ones have changed a bit. One is mostly black with a white...or gold face, not sure. And one has gained white and gold markings all over its body.

Now, I know those babies I found have been in the tank since the same day I moved the's plain to see how much better they do when in their own tank! The babies I had since they were born, are a good bit bigger than these babies. In the main tank they probably didn't get much, if any, food. So they didn't really grow. They're looking better now though.

As for the older babies, they're more than double the size of my newbies. Mollies grow so fast. :3 Haha, that didn't stop a couple of my black molly babies getting out of the net, they get right through it, but are just fine in the main part of the nursery. I just like to keep them in the net when there are so few so they can get up their strength and have proper meals for a few days. I was going to let the babies out today, but I have newbies in there and catching and moving them right would be problematic without dumping them ALL in or stressing them out with the turkey baster more. So eh, they're fine for now, I'll let the tinies catch up a bit before I let them out. They're too skinny and need it more than newborns.
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Old 05-25-2013, 12:44 PM   #352
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Hey, I found a couple little babies in my tank again today. I think they're guppies, but I'm not sure. The only pregnant fish I've had were some guppies and -possibly- my half black and half gold gold dust molly. But she only recently started showing and she doesn't seem to have thinned up. But yeah, they look like guppies to me, I got three or so. They're so small they're hard to find, I found them when I was cleaning under some driftwood that I moved and went searching. :3

My plants that I thought may have been done for from that ammonia splash a few weeks ago, as well as the meds and salt and heat, blah...and are still damaged from it, have sprouted an unbelievable amount of new leaves. Nice, bright, happy looking leaves! :3 Some still look worse for wear, but others are recovering and growing nicely, I can now clip off all the damaged leaves so the plants have strength for the new ones popping in without worrying I'll kill it.

So anyways, I have a bit of something to share today that's a tad off topic of my usual fish updates!
I met these two fellas today and we got to talking about businesses. I was discussing with him that I'd like to have a little business one day in educating people on care for animals, especially fish who are too often seen as decorations and not living things, and selling fish myself, as well as small animals like, of course ferrets, and other small critters. A little pet shop if you would. He told me that I should get in contact with him and he would tell me some pointers and maybe how to, or help with, getting started because he seemed to appreciate what I'd like to do, and what I try to do, and sat to speak with me for nearly an hour about it even though he had to be somewhere and ended up late! And having owned a few businesses himself, with help getting started, he knows what is what. He's invited me for coffee with him and his wife to chat about it.
I know I shouldn't get too excited about it, we don't know each other and there are all kinds of people out there, including ones who take advantage or only pretend to care to further their own game. But we'll see, I have gotten excited about it in spite of myself knowing about how people are and am very untrusting. lol
It would be SO lovely to have someone kind enough to help me get started. I hope I don't get disappointed and have a bit of luck headed my way. It's just so hard to get started when you don't know how. I've never really had anyone willing to listen or help me out. It's always been "Do it yourself" or "You'll never be able to!" From anyone I have asked about it.
Wish me luck! I may yet get to, or figure out how to, start my own little business. And of course...that means I'll have many tanks with fish and plants, and other critters to care for. lol And I may eventually earn some money doing what I love, and educate people who don't know better or follow old rules.

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Old 06-01-2013, 10:34 AM   #353
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Well, I got three more babies a few days ago. =P I think they were guppies. I found one of my favorite females dead afterward. >< That's what I don't like about guppies, they die too easily. I've found their mortality rate during or after birth is about ten times what it is for most livebearers. She was the one with the black tail that had white markings on it, she was pretty neat. =(

Anywho, her kids were doing well last I looked. ^^; This is actually the first I've really been up in a couple days. I'm worried about the kids, but moving is "OH MY GAWD KILL ME" at the moment. I had a nasty stomach bug yesterday, and I have an infected cut on the inside of my leg that got so bad I literally can't walk on my own. Probably what caused the stomach bug... =-= I have bad luck this year, I liked last year more. I'm kinda a stickler about that stuff, I always wash and care for wounds no matter how small...and it still gets me. Damn cats! Well, whatever. Benni got freaked out and hooked me. He also got my arm and visibly got a vein and shredded my shoulder, but those wounds are healing, even though it's bruised. I have a four inch long infected gash you wouldn't think a cat could give you down the inside of my leg. He musta just been in something nasty to do that! A sweet little cat cripples me! How do you like that?! Bah! He's such a coward!! Sweetest little puddle of jello wouldn't normally scratch or bite, and a noise on the porch gets him freaked and he tries to kill me. ;_;

Well, once the painkillers kick in, I'ma check on my cute little babies if I can make it over there. I had my cousin and her friend feed them for me the day before, so hopefully they're just fine after only a day. I hate making babies fast. >< Last I looked, I had some nice bright babies that I'm very proud of. x) And aside from mama guppy, I haven't had any illness issues or sicklings. I am worried about one silver molly, she never did recover from giving birth, but I'm pretty sure it's a birth thing, that happened last time I had a silver Lyretail too. =(
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Old 06-02-2013, 08:49 PM   #354
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So today I took in some fish to make a profit, and ended up with nothing. LOL I had taken several of my guppies in, a creamiscle lyretail molly juvenile(I could only catch one, meant to give two), and a dozen calico platies and a few swordtails. I was going to get paid for them, but there was a boy, looked about ten-twelve, who had several tanks set up to breed livebearers. I ended up giving him the fish. We also talked for about an hour and a half on their care and needs, he knew what he was doing -mostly- but had A LOT of questions and needed advice on a few things, especially with raising babies. You know me, I'm happy to teach livebearer baby care. :3 lol Well, this way I didn't have to leave the youngest fry for free to possibly rot in store tanks, he's got nurseries. Down about two dozen fish, including a few adults, and up about five. xD So hey, got that done.

I also got one more cardinal tetra, I wanted a couple more to make my group whole, but they were out. I spotted one in the wrong tank and got her/him. I also...bought a rare guppy female that is pregnant, she has a rainbow colored tail, I've only seen them in photos. And a female gold dust lyretail molly(Also called a red panda molly) and...two blue ram chiclids. LOL I was not intending the cichlids! Not for a while anyways. But they had THREE set groups in a small tank, I couldn't resist, they were gonna fight. They were fighting. I figure if they don't do well in my community tank, which they should(I got one pair), they can have the twenty, I'll move the kids to the nets and make a bigger one for them to grow in. ^^; I couldn't resist, they're usually $35* when I see them, but these are younger and were only about six bucks a piece, so I couldn't pass up the chance. :3 We THINK one is a girl, it's larger and less colorful, but we're not tank is big enough for two territories though, so hopefully it'll work out. Otherwise they said I could exchange one. Currently acclimating them all. Doing so very carefully and slowly...I got them in the tank in the bag and am slowly putting a tad of water in from mine here and there, and will for at least another half an hour, that'll make it an hour. I usually do that with my fish for about half an hour, but the cichlids are a bit more sensitive. ;D I hope I do it right, that's how I was taught to acclimate...well actually I was taught to just acclimate to temp and dump them in, I started the drop thing myself. >>;

I also got some new plants! ;D An Umbrella plant, the one I got died a few months ago during the flurry of nasties, some Dwarf Hairgrass, and an Amazon Compacta which I haven't heard of, I hope it does ok. o-o;

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Old 06-02-2013, 10:58 PM   #355
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Whoops, looks like I ended up with one older male and a younger one for the rams. I just found out how to -properly- tell them apart. They did have a female with a nice pink belly, I'll be exchanging one male for her tomorrow. ^^; We went by size and color, but it turns out females much resemble the males, and are in fact usually smaller, not bigger like we thought. Females also have blue spangles in their black spot and males -usually- don't, one of mine does but is very obviously a male, and females have a pink belly and a less extreme fluff on the front of their dorsal.

So hey, if nobody else knew that tidbit, there you go! =p I didn't get the pink bellied one I wanted because I -thought- it was a male with an injury. >>;
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Old 06-04-2013, 04:50 AM   #356
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Ok, exchanged a male for a female. Since I did that, my male has gotten a lot brighter in color, his new girl, however, is not happy at being in a new place. lol ^^;

Anywho, I've already started building my big net to make into my nursery, unfortunately after spending three hours building it, I found it was too wide by a fraction of an inch, darn it all! >/ Lovely waste of netting and blood, since I stabbed myself more than it with the needle, I suck at sewing...I sewed a mesh net to a container with holes too big so it'd have flow, but not let the kids out. Did that with white, undyed thread so it wont hurt anyone. =( So I'll be re-doing it tomorrow. Once I see that it's all settled, I'll move the babies to that nursery in the big tank where they can grow and not be eaten. Once that is settled, I'll be moving my cardinal tetras(and one neon...until I replace him, they grabbed the wrong fish! A day of mix-ups, yeup, my bad for not looking when she got it!), to the twenty gallon with the two rams. And that's what I'll have for that. Until I replace the neon anyways, I want five cardinals and the two rams. ^_^; That should be a perfect set up, everything is set in there, I just need to move the kids!

Speaking of kids, I told you guys I took in about two dozen of my adults and juveniles the other day already and got a red panda lyretail molly(Lyretail gold dust I say, that's what they look like! They're also called Gold Dust Lyretail mollies anyways. lol This is what they look like: ). Well, she gave birth about half an hour ago. ^^; I am hoping I just caught it, but I have a feeling I didn't, she's quite a bit smaller...I've saved three babies so far, and she -looks- to be going still. I have her in the bigger breeding net with a marimo moss ball. She seemed happy to be in there, my cardinals were eating at her backside....Brats, they're not usually nippy with anyone. =( Well, she relaxed in there and even ate some food I put in, I took that as a good sign and shut off the lights for the night.

Anywho, yeah, three little black and gold babies. Half black, half gold. I miss getting those. ^_^ They're good sized babies! I suppose I coulda just caught it...but I do doubt it. A few of my tetras look rather...bloated, to say the least. >>; And so does my male ram. -cough-

Speaking of my male ram..he's drop dead gorgeous. He went from hiding and sulking to hanging out with everyone and being bright. He comes over to the glass to look at me and follow my face. lol I need to think up a good name for him. =o I just don't know, he's flashy, it should be something flashy! As for his girl, well, let's get her story here...

Yesterday when I bought my first two thinking I grabbed a pair...they had ten. Today they had three left when I went to get my girl and exchange a boy. There were two females and a male, and the male had claimed one of the girls. The girl I got...was in the corner being pale and depressed, and I soon saw why...the other female was chasing her away and the male kinda half-heartedly helped. It was sad. ^^; But when I got her home, she brightened a bit, until one of my juvenile mollies took a whack at her, wholly unexpected since they're usually well behaved...and my male came to her rescue. I was kinda awed by it, they're so neat. He didn't hurt my molly, just ran it off and stood guard, bringing my girls colors back...and then they sorta investigated each other and haven't been apart since.

That's the other reason I want them in the twenty. It'll just be them for a couple weeks, and then I'll add the tetras MAYBE. I know they're delicate and I don't want to shock them by adding in too many fish at once. But I may just keep the tank for them. Surely they wont get lonely, right? I may just have it be them and a few snails. For some reason, the water in my 20 has lower PH and is softer to boot, so it'll be good for either or all of them. I got some new plants in there too, it's looking like a proper tank again!

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Old 06-08-2013, 09:18 AM   #357
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I remember someone once saying to me "I wonder if it'd hurt if a ram cichlid bit you. They're cichlids, but they're so small!" They only get about two inches long, but they're thick looking to make up for it, they look bigger than they are.

Well, today I found out how it feels! I'm so used to hand feeding my slower critters like my frogs, betta and youngins or new fish too scared to fight the pack for lunch so nobody gets left out...and I didn't really think of it, I just noticed my cichlids, try as the male might, couldn't get in for a bite of breakfast, so I gave him a frozen(defrosted) bloodworm....he missed. >>; Well, no damage was done, and he's got another half inch or so to grow...but it felt like, you know how it feels when you put your hand on a thistle bush? That about sums it up. LOL Needle prickles that had a sharp hurt, but didn't break the skin enough to bleed. I'll remember that! Some people use tweezers, but that risks damage to them if they miss(I know of a guy whose betta slammed into them and ripped his lower jaw half off), so I use my hands. I forgot Cichlids have bigger teeth and stronger bites than betta, who can also give a good nip, but not one as sharp as that. Well anyways, I decided not to let the girl do that and released a bit in her general direction, she got it. She's not as brave as the male, coming right up first hand feeding like he did, that was too cool. I like that though, shows he's got fire!

Ah yes, today I intend to finish that net, and use the other two I already have to split the difference since it's not as big as I want it, but bigger takes up too much space when I can use smaller ones to make up for it(dunno if I mentioned here or on my facebook updates, forgot to check, I made the nursery net, but it was a fraction of an inch too big! So I have to start over after so many hours of work, and I measured too. ;_;).
After that, a little extra cleaning in the twenty and...I'm not sure who I'll move first. I think I'm gonna move the cichlids since the female is very timid around my larger fish, who leave her completely alone. I figured I had enough cover to make her secure with them, but I suppose not, poor dear. She's perked up since I got her though, just not as much as I'd like, the male fits right in. lol In one or two weeks I'll move the Cardinal tetras over. I've only got four and one is a neon so three, oops... That way I wont spike the acidity in the water too much and hurt anyone. It's easier to do that and cause damage there than it is in a big tank, but it's a problem to look out for in every tank no matter, especially with the more delicate fish I have now.
Tetras...they don't do well with the whole being added to a tank in numbers very well even though they require numbers to be happy...My very first tank(not the guppy tanks and bettas I had growing up), I got five neons...they died overnight because I added them and three platies all at once to a ten gallon that had barely just finished cycling, where neither type had any business being to begin with...But like most newbie aquarists, I didn't know that at the time and didn't think to do research. ^^; Ha, so yeah, lesson learned the unfortunate way! I'll not do that again.

Anywho, let's see how this goes! =) It sure wont look all that great, but it'll do the job for babies long enough for them to grow until they can go with the adults.

Ah, another, I haven't had any issues with my tanks since those last issues. I DID have one female guppy die of seemingly nothing though, I think she had trouble with birth. =( No problems since, no sicklings or odd marks, the cyst one of my cardinals had, and one one of my plecos had, have long since dried up and vanished, never to be seen again. :3 Let's hope things stay that way! The newer plants in my twenty are also blossoming wonderfully. I hope the rams don't do them too much harm. ^^;
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Old 06-10-2013, 05:08 PM   #358
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I haven't done a video update in a couple weeks, so here's one! =) Just of my nursery and all the kids before it stops being a nursery. lol Boy those molly babies grow fast, you can see I still have some older swordtails and platies in the mix, older by two months some of them, so you can see just how much slower they grow. And considering I only had about ten in there before the mollies were born, it's not the space that slows them since there was plenty at the time for the little tidbits, but that's not the case now, that's for sure. lol I will say this though, slow as they grow the first three or four months, once they hit that age they shoot up like weeds. The older ones born on New Years Day are now over an inch long, two are almost an inch and a half long, they absolutely sprouted in the last month or so! The platies however, don't do that, they take forever to mature size-wise, but I already have three males chasing the girls...I have to do something about that and soon...Probably too late, they're only four months old and already chasing girls and ou KNOW I don't want inbreeding if I can help it. Bah, used to only getting females, with my platies it's been more boys than anything though.
Mollies grow like weeds and only slow down once they hit the three month mark or so, then they start up again after a few weeks faster than before. :3

Guppies do grow a bit faster though, I have already moved one of my lone survivors to the main tank, she's a pretty little thing, all a light gold color, she'll probably be a neon yellow but I'm hoping she stays that light gold/silvery color, I rather like it. I think I'll call her after a Champagne or something, that's what her color reminds me of. =p She's the lone survivor from that velvet and odd crystals outbreak for the guppies, the swords and platies and half the mollies here are also survivors, though the newest has been yuck free since I seem to have gotten rid of any and all yuck in all four of my tanks, thank the gods FINALLY. Haven't had any problems lately, knock on wood for me. :3

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Old 06-12-2013, 03:56 PM   #359
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Ah, people. >_>; I was trying to help someone out with stocking a new tank earlier...told him it has to cycle first, and then told him the only thing that can GO in a five gallon tank is a betta, and maybe a couple small snails...Literally nothing much else can fit comfortably in a five gallon aside from a few smaller types of shrimp and snails, sometimes smaller guppies do ok in a group of four, but they like groups of five and that's too small a tank for even four...betta are the only fish that can go in there properly, and it's just a minimum for the males as is...he said he's already GOT one emerald cory(they get about 2.5-3 inches long and need groups of five minimum in a 15-20+ gallon tank), one Otocinclus(they're small, but they need at least a ten gallon or more and a group of 2-3), one Silver Dollar(OH MY GOD! Those need a minimum of a 50 gallon tank alone, preferably a 75 gallon, and require at least a duo or trio+), and a single Neon Tetra(those must have groups of five, and fifteen gallons of tank per group). O____O; I'm not sure what to say to that. I mean really...and he WANTS MORE FISH, he wants to add in a BN pleco and some bards, barbs are nippy, BN plecos need 25+ gallons...I almost cried, dunno if it was out of sadness for the fish and their not so bright owner, or if it was just sheer shame about being a human being!
Aye, aye. v.v; He wont listen to reason, if only I could get my hands on him....I'd shake what little of a brain out of him that he might have! Right out his tiny, apparently deaf ears. x.x
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Old 06-14-2013, 04:52 PM   #360
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Yay, pretty babies again. I got some more platies, my gold platy seems to like being a mom. lol I got seven of them yesterday, I'll check under the logs again today to see if there are more.

They are GORGEOUS, really, really, really bright colored. I can't tell if they're gold or red, they're not like her first babies who started out nearly white. I'd say they're a bright gold with a red tint...I am thinking she either bred with my red swordtail, or the red platy male I have in there. I am hopeful of either. =p Either that or she just has healthier babies since I've had her for a few months.

Anywho, I still haven't made the move on the nursery...someone stole my basket and netting. =( I have to find something suitable, mom put chemicals and stuff in the basket I was gonna use, so I don't trust it even if I could wash it, I'll buy something new. The mesh, pa put away somewhere or other and forgot. @_@; BAH, my completed net was like a fraction of an inch too big, grrr...but that's ok, it was wider than I wanted, I wanted something longer over wide, that was nice and deep so it wont take over an entire half of the tank. lol Eventually I'll get it done, it was my fault anyways for procrastinating...I do NOT like working with needles. ><

Here's some photos of my new little ones. =) Only about 24 hours old. ;D

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