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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Well, three days ago on my last update, my variatus finally gave up the fight after I thought she was doing so much better. ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 05-08-2013, 09:10 PM   #341
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Well, three days ago on my last update, my variatus finally gave up the fight after I thought she was doing so much better. =( She'd been sick for so long off and on, I was kinda iffy on it, but I wasn't expecting her to crash quite like that. Poor thing.

Anywho, I haven't lost any other fish, adults or babies, since that. I still have three Cardinal Tetras I'm wondering what to do with, I think once everything settles I'll get two or three more after finding homes for at least five or six of my guppies. I'm thinking I'll keep one male and two females that I've gotten very attached to. lol And get those guys a proper school! To add to all of that, several platies and two mollies are just about ready for new homes themselves. It's going to feel pretty empty in there after that, even with a few more tetras. The few juveniles I had that looked skinny a few days ago no longer look to be ailing at all, and anyone who had velvet seems to have fully recovered from it, I haven't seen any spots on them in two days, and the skinniness that has plagued me for months seems to be gone. Seems to be...From EVERYONE this time. I am going to clean out the tank tomorrow, give it an extra day here, and keep a tad of salt in there until the next change, just enough to boost everyone and kill any ailing parasites that may have survived before they can get back in my fish. Hopefully this is gone and done with.

The three cardinals I have left seem perfectly happy and don't act stressed in the least...all the same, I'm doing what I can to keep it nice and quiet for them since I KNOW that can easily go the other way with such a small group. They don't pick on anyone, and nobody chases them, they even get into the swarm during feeding. =) I am thinking I'll find another store to get the rest of the group from, this way I may get some of the opposite sex, though I have no idea how to tell them apart, so if they DO breed, I wont have as much to worry about with inbreeding these delicate little beauties. I am going to try to QT them in my ten gallon when I get them, if that doesn't work out with the betta, as it can go either way with those types of fish(I hear they can go well with betta but as always with fighters, am wary about it), I may put the betta in a net or another tank temporarily. Last thing I need is another nasty in my tank! =p But I gotta get that proper group, I just need to wait a few weeks unless I notice they're too stressed. I'd liek to lessen my current stock and be sure the nasty is gone first, it'd be pointless to get them a proper group just to have them die again...especially since they're not cheap fish! Used all my extra money for the ones I rescued at about five bucks a piece...that was fifty dollars for the group, which I lost more than half of. x.x

So yeah, everything seems to finally be back in order! I may be keeping a few of those swordtail juveniles, my male is absolutely infatuated with two of them in particular..I hope they're females, and assume they know better, even if us humans can't tell at this stage. He's been a lone swordtail since Chelsea passed, and is happy to have them, even if they're juveniles. lol He's a sweet big guy, doesn't bother anyone after I got rid of the male I had a few months ago. Doesn't bother anyone, just kinda hangs out...except he does "poke" at the youngins, which is a mating thing...they're far too young. =o What I did see that shocked me, was the day before yesterday he was trying to mate with my gold gourami! That poor gourami, first a molly, now a swordtail. And it wasn't tail poking, but actual mating. LOL I wish I had females for him, but I haven't been able to find any! =( So he's just gonna have to wait two more months or so for those current ones to mature, hopefully as girls.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Grandma got me again, she said if I'm going to be getting tetras, she's going to pick a fish no matter what. At least this time she picked one that goes with everyone and is also a real beauty! She got a normal dalmation male...and he is stunning. I told her it may cause issues and I may have to get rid of him, and she said we'd see then...and he hasn't caused any issues. He's a nice dark male with white specks here and there, he is gorgeous. >>; I suppose you could say I didn't protest too much when she picked him because I also like him. LOL You should see him, he's not as flashy as my last dalmation male who I adored, shorter fins, but he's about the same color minus the blue tint. He didn't have a nick on him, shows no sign of illness or aggression either, so for once she really did pick well.

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Old 05-08-2013, 11:04 PM   #342
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Well, I tried to get some good photos of the male my grandma chose, but it's so hard! x.x I even tried video shots.

This first one is my video shot, he's displaying for my female. lol

This second one is godawful, but you get the gist of his coloring. lol One of these days I'll get a good one! I'm in love. ;D Grandma fell in love with Comet, my "Resident Peacock" that died when my filter malfunctioned last year, the male with blue on him, and that's why she wanted this one. As you know already, I did not want another because I really loved my Peacock, Comet and wanted nothing to do with anymore males like him. But this fellow has broken down that wall. I was unsure how it'd be with him even though I LIKE how he looks...but he comes over to the window and dances for me and tries to nibble my fingers, he's so cool. He got me. =) Now if I could just keep things going well! I hope grandma hasn't set us up for another whammy. I wish she had waited a few months, I'da let her pick one. It wouldna been him though, and like I said, I'm in love!

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Old 05-09-2013, 12:27 PM   #343
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Glad everyone is feeling better. I hope the new arrival does well, and nobody gets sick. A few months would have been best. *sigh* Your grandmother and her fish. . .
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Old 05-11-2013, 09:10 AM   #344
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True. So far so good though. I haven't noticed anything new, nor have I seen anyone continuing to ail from previous nasties. My young black molly, the one I got several months ago, seems to have constipation issues though. lol Poor thing. It'll be Spinach and peas for today, which they have absolutely no problem with. =p

It looks like my male is fitting in. No fights with the other male, they seem to leave each other be, and the new male has fallen in love with one of my silver lyretail females, who seems to love him just as much. She refuses to stay still for the other male I just call Muppy...he looks like a muppy, whether he is or not, that's his actual name I have decided.

Ah, almost forgot, the three cardinal tetras are also doing well. I'm still worried that will change since there are only three, but to my surprise, and happiness, they seem just fine. One had a big spot, which I think was a cyst like my gold dust female had, and it's dried up and going away. I can still see it and am keeping an eye on him, I'm used to those popping in from time to time and not causing any problems so long as they're treated. Usually a tad of salt and/or melafix puts it to rights within two or three days, but they always have a dark spot for about three or four more after that until it goes away completely.

But yes, my tank seems to be in proper order! Finally, for now...both of them. I have lost no more babies or found any sick, the ones who were are recovering nicely or seem to have fully. They act and look like it anyways. =) Boy do I have some pretty kids in there. I think some will be half black and half gold. I sure do like those. I wonder if those oddball colored ones, the calico's as I call them, will stay that way. That'd be lovely, having one that is white, black and orange. :3 I've noticed a couple of the black ones are either lightening up, or getting gold flecks throughout their bodies. One is staying black and has a white tail, and I think one or two are staying pure black. But I'm loving these "Black Gold Dusts" as I've only seen photos of them before.

This is one, I have ONE baby that looks like this, the rest have either more black, or more gold on them:

I would love it if some came out like gold-wag mollies like this as well, but figure the odds of anyone coming out like these gems. Gems to me, I dunno what others think of them, I find them gorgeous!
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Old 05-14-2013, 04:00 PM   #345
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Wow, I didn't think it'd been so long ago, hasn't even been a full month yet! My gold dust, the one who gave me some VERY pretty third generation babies, looks like she's about to explode again! I'll be keeping an eye out, but you never always with mollies. lol

Also, my blue platy seems to be acting laborey. That would be nice, she bred with my red tiger platy so I hope I get some if she is.
And speaking of, I think one of the babies I have that is a blue platy was also his. The other looks like a full blue MM platy( I did have two that were both pregnant), but this one who looks a tad older is getting some red. At first I thought it was injury or illness, but she/he has a red dorsal fin, and red along his/her back as well with some stripes. I checked it thoroughly thinking illness, but it's actual coloring. And she bares the same marks as my tiger platy, those stripes and his twin-bar tail, although she is blue like her mom for the most part. I hope she gets more red on her and darker markings, she's fairly interesting though I admit I thought it might make an ugly platy with a mix of those colors. I hold out hope on it being a female, hence me saying she more often, but it doesn't matter to me with these honestly, I have enough females for another male.
A fairly interesting baby, I look forward to watching it continue growth. It's already about an inch long, maybe not quite, and with the adults. Platies take so long to mature it's ridiculous! At this age, I assume these were the ones born around the end of the year with my other platies and swordtails, would be half grown were it a molly! The mollies from the same time period are double their length and almost double in width. The platy may actually be stopped up. It seems to happen when they eat flakes and no fresh greens added in. =/

Well, with the good news, I always have some bad. Yesterday I lost a frog, the overly speckled female. I know not the cause, as usual, she was floating the night before and when I touched her she shot back down but floated under a leaf. She had no swelling or injury visible to me. She was the one my male liked. =( They never did succeed.

Also, I lost one of my rubber-lip plecos. I think I have one male and one female left, and this one that died I also think was female. Which I was hopeful for, more males than females can be a problem. I will not be replacing her. Unlike the frog though, I know what got her. The salt. Plecos and salt just do not mix. Unfortunately the salt was the only thing that helped with the cyst issues I had on three of my fish, the general cure and melafix had little effect. I only had abut a half dose in there for four or five days, but that's enough for the poor things. =( The other two are ailing from it still, but seem to be ok. They weren't as bad off as she was.

Well, on a brighter note, I still haven't seen hide nor hair of that yuck that had been hitting my tank for a while, the white yuck which was velvet. However, I still have some skinny guppies and a skinny molly that have me worried. The blue male I have is now stricken with it, but I have a feeling it's not the dreaded yuck that's been hitting us. The male guppies are just not doing well in there, I need to separate them but I'm not sure how. They fight and don't eat, too busy fighting and trying to mate. All the skinny fish I had before that are perking up and quickly gaining weight. Just two male guppies seem to be skinny and dying. The skinny female guppy and young molly are rally looking better though! Not being listless and are eating and plumping up, and have been for longer than my variatus who passed, so I now have full hope they'll be good.

Who woulda thunk it! Two males in a planted 55 gallon tank with more females than they can pay attention to guppy-wise and female mollies which they also seem to prefer...and they STILL fight! -shakes head- I was debating on keeping the blue male as my only guppy since he treats my female mollies the same, but I am thinking of reconsidering now. I like him though, and a few of my females...I am going to keep at least three I have decided, there are three females I just cannot let go, they're so sweet and cool. Not to mention pretty. One has a bright green tail with specks of black designs, another has half blue and half green tail with a dot in the middle of each color like a yin-yang, and the third has a black tail, also with two black dots...or white ones, I am not sure. lol x) And also, I almost forgot Miss Lunaball. A group of four girls should be fine. Unlike the others, they don't nip and pester. And my Cardinals seem to like schooling with those girls. Of course I may not, but the one with the odd colored tail is just so interesting...

Anywho, I have a bunch of babies almost ready to go to new homes. I say it so often! I'm surprised how big many got. I'm going to be giving them several juvenile calico and gold platies, though the gold have a tad of growing to do yet, and maybe one blue platy, the one that isn't reddening. Also two or three of my mollies, two I am keeping, Koi and Specks. =) I may have to change Specks's name. LOL But it fits! They look like goldfish, they're quite attractive and friendly. I will be keeping a few swords for my male, he loves them. And needs them since htere are no others and I can't find any to buy. Must be a bad year to get them in, so I know the others I sell to the shop will go fast! Besides, they're pretty and you know I take as best care of them as I can, slip-ups or not. I've also decided I will keep a couple of the daughters from my calicos instead of them. I know, cruel right? >>; But their babies have more spunk than they do, they seem to be personalityless, and they also refuse to breed, they do not like my young red male. ^^; And they stick to only themselves mostly, they weren't so bad when I got them, I don't think they like or home. I really like one of them though. >< Just as with my silver molly that I'd had forever, when she stopped liking her tankmates, I let her go elsewhere and heard from the shop keepers she got a good home. One of them liked her and took her himself. lol

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Old 05-16-2013, 07:23 PM   #346
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Wow, I wrote a book last time. Not so much for this time. lol

I have no babies yet. From the ones I expect from that is, or any other adult. I have babies all over the nursery, as you know. =) They're growing like weeds.

I have recently discovered that target feeding my frogs is nigh impossible. My betta has learned he can push himself in and steal the food, and he's none too nice about it! Sure, it's not as bad as when a bigger fish with teeth gets you, but having mini razors slam into your hands and scrape isn't too nice either! He even got so bold as to ignore my pushing him out of the way. He just goes around as I push like some martial arts master and snags food on the way by. Two of my frogs are doing great, the third one is looking very thin. I haven't been burying food in a while since everyone knows I used to, but I did today and fed the frog two good sized worms instead of one. I hope to fatten him up. I don't think he's sick, just hasn't been able to get what he needs. He's not as bold as the other two, and only recently got used to me hand feeding. The other two see my hands and pop right over. I think this is actually my other speckled female, not the male that is thin. =( How sad, I thought I was getting enough to everyone, but since he only in the last two days started trusting my hands, had been left to fend for himself. ^^; The other two are hogs. LOL But now that he's used to me I think I can fatten him up. It'll be tubefix worms and shrimp for a while, with bloodworms once per week instead of once per month. That should fatten her up. I just have to be extra watchful the worms don't cause any bloat! Maybe I'll give them a bit of greens the day after each bloodworm feeding, that's what I do with my mollies...they get peas the same day I give bloodworms. Bloodworms have a nice bit of protein and fat in them which my carnivores need, moreso than other protein foods I've found, aside from glassworms. =/
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Old 05-18-2013, 09:12 AM   #347
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Awww, Sylver. . . I'm sorry for your recent losses *hugs*

Frogs in community with fish can be so tricky to feed, believe me - I know! I'm glad that you noticed her slimming out in time to adjust your feeding routine, now that you've noticed, I'm sure you'll be able to help her out. They can be so skittish with the hand feeding at first. . . your poor hand! Naughty betta!!! I wouldn't recommend giving the frogs veggies, they're just not built to process those types of foods. . . do your froggums dig into the sand to eat like your loaches did? Mine are so daft at finding food, I can't imagine that working out in my tanks, lol.
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Old 05-18-2013, 06:58 PM   #348
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Sometimes they search for food under the sand, especially if I bury it in a place they usually hang out. They'll sit there for a while and then start biting air. xD Occasionally they actually find the food.

And I know frogs aren't built to handle greens, but it did save my females life that time she about exploded, remember how bloated she was? I had heard greens were bad and never gave them, but the pet shop guy said to give her a bit of a pea and see if that helps, and it did.

Well, no further problems really. I do have a rubber-lip pleco with what looks to be a cyst on his fin, but it's not bugging him. I'm not really sure what to do about it, salt, the very little I am willing to put in, hasn't done anything for it, which of course an amount that small wouldn't. x.x That is what I usually use for those(I've now had two mollies and a tetra with one, they go away pretty fast. Thankfully it seems to be rare and a small happening, though I know it's not uncommon for fish to get them here and there), I'm gonna have to get some melafix!

Ah yes, guess what? More third generations. Eight of them so far. :3 Five are black and three are black and gold. Well, one of the black ones has a bit of orange here and there.
I have a feeling I wont get many more, I think she had them last night. And the odd thing was, I had a dream my tetras were eating babies as I was trying to catch them and I was going "Nooo, awuh!" =( It's so weird, most days I get dreams like that, I know to look for babies and every time, but the once, I've found some. ^^; My early warning system, too bad it can't wake me up!

But hey, a few more cute little babies, I can't complain. =) I do find it odd so many are coming out black like that, her father surely must have been either my black sailfin, black molly or the dalmation male Comet. I have not had ANY solid black(or any with a lot of black on them for that matter), males in my tank since before she was even able to produce eggs. That's the only thing I can think of, it's gotta be her own genes even though she's all orange with a big black spot on her tail. I will admit, she seems to have a shadow in her form though, her mother is a nice solid orange with a few TINY specks here and there, and one black eye with one silver eye...but it's like her daughters insides are darker...hard to explain. lol But yeah, again, I can't complain, they're neat little babies. I've decided gold dust and creamsicle babies are my favorites. I've enjoyed raising them more than any other, but it's a pretty close match! ^_~
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Old 05-20-2013, 01:18 AM   #349
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Yeah, i think my camera is starting to never takes focused videos anymore even if I AM holding still. lol

But anywho, here's my nursery video, recorded just after the new babies were born on the 18th. Still recovering after velvet hit, I haven't added many plants back yet even though the velvet is GONE, I don't think I've gotten all the salt out yet...uh, I think I have to get new ones. ^^; The ones I did add back started dying and the ones I removed are also dying(coulda been the salt before I removed them, but they were only in it for a couple hours, which yeah, that'd do it I suppose, silly me!)...and in my best tank to boot. I hope they don't have some plant disease or something. x.x

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Old 05-20-2013, 08:16 AM   #350
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Aaaaaallllllll the little babies! ^.^ Make me happy!
I'm glad things seem to be settling down again. . .
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