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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I meant livestock or plant-wise. But either way. . . something seems to be going wrong over there, I agree with you. It makes ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 04-28-2013, 09:21 AM   #331
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I meant livestock or plant-wise. But either way. . . something seems to be going wrong over there, I agree with you. It makes me sad to see you having so many problems - it's never a fun thing. *sigh*
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Old 04-28-2013, 10:13 AM   #332
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Oh! With plants, yes. I have been adding plants off and on for a while, though I haven't added any new ones in the last month or two, nor have I moved any over or out, though I DID take them all out this time because of the salt. Mostly I buy plants in those sealed bags with gel, ones that are parasite and disease free. I thoroughly wash off all the gel first and then soak them for a few hours, or over-night, before adding them into the tanks. I haven't ever had any problems with those plants.

As for live-stock, the only fish added to that tank has been newborn babies since December. And other than that filter malfunction and adding in tap water conditioner(Which I think is what caused the last three problems since they were all the same and always hit when it was used, and not actually the filter malfunction), this is the only sickness I've had hit my babies and I have no idea what it even is if not ich. I've never had ich, fungus or parasites hit the babies or in the twenty gallon at all since it was re-done in December. I had a light case if ich go through the twenty gallon tank last year in...I think it was last July/August, but haven't had an issue with it in there since and it was brought in on two new platies and didn't get far.

Well, the upside is, I seem to have it under control now. I am thinking it was a very serious case of ich and I may not have added enough salt, or it was a massive case and it just couldn't die fast enough and looked like crystals when it died on the way out, or sploded out because of said salt...Dunno. Anywho, the majority of the fish seem to be healing now. There are three I am worried about, and I lost all but maybe five of my swordtails who seem to have been hit the worst. Everyone is now swimming about better, but still showing the effects of the nasty, a couple that had it bad on the fins have messed up fins.

Now then, I am gonna go to the fish store today and get meds for that. Last thing I want is them to get a bacterial infection or finrot, or god forbid a fungus from the damage. Something that is more potent that pimifix, but wont hurt the babies or the bacteria colonies. Something that can go in with the salt that I need to keep in for the time I have ich or whatever it is, the salt seems to be working and right quickly which is good.
What meds would you suggest if any? Just for the damage to keep infections and fungus at bay because some are VERY shredded in the fins.
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Old 04-28-2013, 12:04 PM   #333
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If what you're seeing is torn fins, and you are NOT seeing any signs of bacterial or fungal infection, I'd say nothing but super clean water and maybe melafix and pimafix. Be careful not to mix meds, though. . . if you're running anything else through the system, be sure that the water is cleared before doing anything else. Clean water is really all they should need, provided they're otherwise healthy and kept as stress-free as possible. I'm not there to see your fish, though - so you'll have to make that call. :( I'm sorry sadness is happening there again.
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Old 04-28-2013, 01:02 PM   #334
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Honestly I'm not sure what it is, so I can't say. I did notice it seemed to be a more solid substance, but it did leave behind tattered fins that are covered in white, which could be damage or fungus/bacteria/ich. The "Crystals" as I call them, they looked like tree branches. Man I wish I had gotten a photo! Literally looked like ice formations. It would fall off here and there in particles, and felt solid to the touch. I was thinking it may possibly have been a mass of dead ich dying and staying put as it spilled out, and slowly falling off the fish. It'd fall off and grow back smaller and smaller until it stopped popping up. In fact, many of the fish are showing no signs it was ever there in the first place, not even damaged fins. A few are still sickly looking.

As for meds, aside from the salt, there shouldn't be any at all going through the system anymore. There have been at least six cleans since there last was meds in there. Six weekly cleans with vacuum that is. I also change out about half a gallon of water every other day since it's the nursery and babies grow healthier with daily changed...I do them every other with new babies in because it really scares me. xD When babies are older I do smaller changes daily, no vacuum except once per week, or if I see some accumulation in the corner I put algae in for the snails and babies to munch on, they sometimes push it under the gravel, and I only put it in that one spot for this very reason. =p Otherwise it'd rot, yuck!

*EDIT* Ouhh, you know what I did though? About a week ago or so I moved babies to the main you think that...oh of course it'll slap me in the face later. If it can go wrong, it will. c.c

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Old 04-29-2013, 10:09 AM   #335
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I still think you should post in the diseases section if you haven't already. Someone may have dealt with something similar before. . . glad they're all doing better now, though. REALLY hope it doesn't spread.
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Old 04-29-2013, 08:34 PM   #336
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Well, what they have is Velvet, not ick. But when it's just starting it looks the same, white specks here and there and then bam. That's the "Yuck" I've been having off and on in my big tank that I thought was columnaris or something. And it apparently hates salt...and it spreads about as fast as Ich in heat.

As for the crystals...nobody can give me an answer, even at the fish store where I took one of the dead babies to be looked at to see wth was going on under a microscope. They'd never seen such a thing and we all just assume it was a rare and strange reaction to the salt and heat. As for how velvet got IN that tank, I can only's quite possible it was in the water transferred with the babies, and more than probable...but I was under the assumption I had fully gotten rid of this fungus weeks ago, and have since done a good bit of cleaning! Not only that, but all recent babies seem to have missed this nasty completely. The only "newer" babies that got sick, were the silver lyretails, I have discovered that none of the molly babies caught this like I initially thought. All fish in the nets missed it completely as well, which is surprising because I thought it was passed with the water or by touch, or both, but hey...counting my blessings. When I get new mollies in, something nasty happens, I got lucky this time.
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Old 04-29-2013, 11:46 PM   #337
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Silver linings. . . :)

Just like people, different fish will have different levels of immunity. I have no idea what that was, but I'm glad things are looking up :)
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Sylverclaws (04-30-2013)
Old 04-30-2013, 04:10 AM   #338
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Yes, those silver linings like to crash planes...or just ground them. LOL

Yeah, I seem to have it under control. Haven't lost any babies since the morning after the fun there, and the ones I thought were going to die are recovering. All but two or three of the babies now look normal, a couple have damaged fins, but otherwise seem active and bright. Salt and heat may kill this fast, but it unfortunately strikes and kills just as. =( By the time you see it and start treating, it's too late to do more than hope they pull through.
I certainly hope this means my mollies have very powerful immune systems. I HAVE noticed none of the babies I have raised through all this time have ever gotten sick. Aside from the babies I have gotten from mothers already purchased pregnant...and that was just the once. I've had tank incidents cause unfortunate deaths, but I can't recall any times when I've had sick babies that were from mothers I'd had a few months. I did have one instance where some babies got a light case of ich, only three of them, but they were from a balloon molly if I recall correctly...who had been ill herself, and pregnant to bursting when I got her, she died after giving birth. Also, all of those babies I have in there that did get sick, their mothers had been pregnant when I purchased her and given birth within three days. Aside from the Gold Platies...I think the ones I have in there at present were her second brood, and those seem to all be the best off.
Does this mean I've actually done something right, or just got lucky again? lol

In anycase, yeah, the only signs left of this nasty are a few tattered fins which I hope to take good care of. I am still worried about one of the few swordtails I have left, most look like they have a couple nicks, but this baby has lost most of his tail and I have to bring food to him. All of the platies though, only a couple have nicks, the guppies I rescued are the worst off next to the swords, I don't think I have many left. =( I had some that looked like they'd either be moscow's or neon blues. Always when I get some fancies, I swear. >_>; Guess I can't be too shocked. I got fancies from normal breeding, they get them from over-breeding, inbreeding and gene tampering. <_<; Mine may have taken longer, but I got the job done in a way the fish prefer.

You should see those babies now! I'm afraid they're going to get stunted at this rate though. >< I am afraid to let them out of the net! None got sick, none died...they're all safe and sound and energetic, but I fear if I let them out they'll all get sick. I am...still wondering if the net filtered out the nasty and protected them by some miracle and clinging to that. lol It's not out of my tank yet! Even if it is off my fish. >_>; I'm also worried about all those kids in there in a now unplanted tank. Too much salt for the plants. They may not fix everything, but they sure do help with so many baby fish.
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Old 05-04-2013, 01:36 PM   #339
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Well, lost one of my blue platies to the yuck. She held on for a while. =( I thought she was doing better. I also am unable to find my red-tailed black variatus who has been thin for a while.

I've got the general cure and pimafix going. It seems to be working its magic. Everyone looks a lot happier, but of course it doesn't CURE it overnight, it just seems to make everyone feel better until it does. lol

Ah yes, Chesh, I got more critters. They were actually THROWING away sick tetras. Cardinals(Which you know I've wanted forever anyway) and some I couldn't fully identify, I think they were those new blue stars or whatever they're called, they have orange stripes with a bright blue streek between them.

Anywho, it looked like they were having trouble swimming right, which I assume is a stressed tetra thing, and were skinny, they were just throwing them away, I was PISSED! I told them to give them here. >_>; Me and my big stupid mouth. They still made me pay for them even though they were dropping them into the trashcan, literally. I told them "If you were trashing them, why are you making me pay for fish that will probably die?" And they said they can't give me free live fish. e.e;; I got ten of the mix, unfortunately six died overnight leaving me with four normal cardinals. The four that are left seem fine now> They're staying in their little group in my big anubias plant and swimming normally. They're not twitching like mad anymore either. The type of twitch they do is apparently normal, it's a stress thing, or because they're trying to be still so predators don't see them. They're not doing it as much.

So what do I do with them? Are they even ok with my livebearers and gold gourami? I had read they were, but I want to be sure. They currently don't seem to have issues. The four left are nice and plump, brightly colored and active. And are they alright in a group smaller than five? o.o; I'm not exactly wanting to BUY them, I was only there to get medicine and give Cooper some fun, he absolutely adores a couple of the ladies that work there. >>; The lady that gave me the fish was also mad they were throwing them out, but she can't exactly yell at her boss and keep her job. I suppose I could replace one or two of the dead ones, they'll do that for free.

Ah, see there? See what I do to myself? And I wonder why I have so many problems!
I don't even know that much about tetras, it's been so long since I did research! >< About two and a half years to be exact. They're also omnivores, right? More veggies than meats like Mollies I assume? Would five or six be ok in a planted 20 gallon tank? They're bigger than neons, so I dunno if twenty gallons is big enough...Once I get everything cleared up in my big tank I will be giving all my guppies away. They've decided to not get along, and my blue male is an...>>; He's a jerk, yeup. He was just picking on the other male until about three or four days ago, now he's started on my molly, who fights back and has damaged HIS tail now. Guppies aren't working for me. =( So I'll have more than enough room for the tetras if they're ok with that tank and their mates...I heard cardinals are a lot less nippy than neons too. They also have short fins and seem to be well behaved...for now, they are new after all, I wonder if they'd get along with a betta...MEH! The things I do., v.v; -sigh- Yes, smack me. But I couldn't just allow that.

Oh hey, I see my variatus, she's SWIMMING! Woohoo. She was on the ground the last two or three days under the bubbler refusing to come up, but now she's swimming with the tetras. That's a good sign I hope. ^^;
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Old 05-05-2013, 07:12 PM   #340
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Ah, babies everywhere again. I thought my silver molly looked like she was about to blow last night, and she did. I got up to babies all over the tank and nobody wanted them. I accidentally over-fed them last night. ^^; I spilled the fish food, got most of it out, but they ate a good bit and are going to be fasted for another day or two. Well, it doesn't LOOK like any over-ate, but better safe than sorry.

There are still babies in there. I caught about ten and put them in the 20 gallon, the rest...I dunno...if I see them where I can get them I will. I'm trying not to stress out my fish right now because I have meds in there. Everyone seems to be doign better though, my variatus is bouncing around after food and other fish.

As for my cardinal tetras, one wasn't as well as I thought, he had a big spot where he had velvet that I noticed before, but I thought it was gone, which is going through all my tanks anyways. x.x He died last night, I'm down to three of them. The rest are nice and plump with no funny markings though, no tears, bright colors, swimming normal.
I dunno...three isn't an ideal group, is it? But do you think they'll be ok for a month or two? They seem happy to swim with my other fish and aren't hiding as much as they were day one. Like I said, it wasn't a planned thing, I wasn't planning any more fish for a few months and only after I found homes for my guppies. @_@;
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